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Whole 30 in Wales, UK - back for another go - 21.07


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This is my third W30.  I had a really successful go in January and managed to keep to a mostly paleo diet for the next three or four months.  Since then though, I've been busy with exams and then really poorly with hay fever and my diet has turned really rubbish and I've struggled to get any exercise in. Thus, I'm back for another W30.  


I tend to go food shopping two or three times a week, so don't plan very far in advance.  We have a tiny refrigerator that doesn't hold a week's worth of food and as we don't have a car I couldn't carry that much food anyways.  Unfortunately, I have a month-long course starting next Monday which will make this the most difficult of my W30s in terms of logistics and organisation.


Day 1 

M1 (7:00): pureed vegetable soup (1.5 cups), salmon

M2 (1:30): chili w/ carrots, bell peppers & potato; blueberries

M3: (6:45): cinnamon beef stew, broccoli, carrot (& possibly parsnip) puree


Looking back, my meals were a bit light on the fats today. But, if the only purpose of fat is to keep you from being hungry between meals then I guess it was sufficient.


SInce I've been cooking mostly W30 since January I luckily had a few things in the freezer to start this one off with. (Thus, why I'm not sure what was in the puree).  

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Day 2

M1 (6:45): 2 egg omelet w/ peppers, mushrooms, ham; salad w/ carrots, cucumber, tomato & onion

M2 (1:30): leftover taco meat, kale, tomatoes, carrot & olives; blueberries

M3 (6:45): burgers w/ cumin & lime mayo, sweet potato, salad w/ carrots, tomato, bell peppers, cucumber & onion




I made a double batch of the burgers, so there's a meal or two in the freezer.  I went food shopping on Monday, but I already seem to be out of everything fresh. I've decided to splurge on Tesco deliveries for the next month, they're offering unlimited deliveries for any spend over £25 for £3/month.  And I just don't realistically have the time to fit shopping in while on a full-time course.  I'm not sure I'm that keen on the idea of letting someone else choose all of my fruit and veg, but I'll see how I get on.  And it means I can have as much fizzy water as I want, something that's usually too heavy to carry.

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Sounds like the free delivery is a good offer, but I'd share your reservations too! But upside is you can have a great browse of all the special offers online too....pity most of them are on processed items....

FYI the Tesco sardines in olive oil & chilli are complaint and very good,cheap too!

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Derval - Nice to see someone around that I remember from my W30 last year  :)  I still haven't tried sardines, but I should probably add them to the list.


Day 3

M1 (7:30): the last of some apple bumpkin bake that that needed using up, cherries, pork

M2 (1:00): tuna w/ mayo, carrots, cucumber, celery, bell peppers and olives; blueberries

M3 (7:00): salmon, salad with all the usual veg, sweet potato, vinegar and oil dressing




I'm actually eating a lot more fruit than I usually do, I usually don't have more than a piece or two a week.  But, it's summer and I love what's in season now.


I really wanted some dried cranberries on my salad tonight, but only have ones sweetened with sugar in the cupboard.  Personally, I'm not sure I see the difference between being sweetened with apple juice and being sweetened with sugar, but I can accept that those are the W30 rules.


Overall, I'm feeling a lot more committed to sticking to paleo eating for a good while after this W30, but that's easy to say on Day 3.

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I managed to cut my thumb yesterday while shredding swede, so never got around to posting yesterday.


Day 4


M1 (8:00): pureed vegetable soup, 2 scrambled eggs w/ peppers and sweet potato, cherries

M2 (2:00): tuna salad (tuna, mayo, bell peppers, carrot, cucumber, celery), olives, blueberries

M3 (8:00): pureed vegetable soup, chicken breast


I had a bit of a lie in, thus the later than usual breakfast.  I wasn't hungry at all in the evening, so just had a small M3 so that I wasn't going to bed hungry. Had a mild headache for most of the afternoon and have just been feeling a bit off, but I think it's due to the hot weather, rather than the Whole 30.

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