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August 1 start


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Hi everyone.

I am a 24 year old from Adelaide in Australia. Starting my whole 30 tomorrow. I think my biggest challenge will be working night shift. I do 14 hours and always find myself snacking on sugary foods around 3am to keep myself going.

I have also just joined a triathlon club and play sport to keep myself fit so hoping changing my diet will improve my performance.


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also, search the forum for "night shift" - there is one thread under Troubleshooting about night shifters too....


I work nights (12 hours) - was working 4-6/week.  This has slacked off some since we are now fully staffed.  I found the best thing for me was to pack plenty of things to eat (I eat all three of my meals on shift) until I didn't crave those sugary things.  Now, I have no trouble "keeping going" during the night and sleep better at home as well - things I can only attribute to w30.


Good luck to you!

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