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Wynne's All New W30

Wynne Jones

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I surrender. I am bloated, my GERD has come back as well as my achilles tendonitis/plantar fasciitis, I'm low energy and anemic, and I've lost the ability to control my eating. I need to turn my will and my life over to God as I understand God. The best way I've discovered to do that is through the Whole 30. 


Going back through my old log it amazes me how little anything has changed. For that matter, going back through 20-year-old journals show me how little has changed. I have been at war with myself over food for far too long. I know the solution - eating a whole foods diet based on vegetables, high quality meats, a bit of fruit, and healthy fats, hold the junk. But I feel like my sugar dragon is a parasite - it resides within me and whispers all day about cookies and cakes and sandwiches. 


My 5 year sober anniversary is on Oct. 19, and my plan is to keep Whole 30 until then. I signed up for the daily emails, something I haven't done since my first W30 a couple of years ago. I officially start tomorrow, 8/18.


For the sake of comparison when I'm done, here are some stats as I begin: 

weight - 167

waist measurement - 36

hips - 42.5


Today I must clean my kitchen, which is a mess, and do a shopping. I'm also going to talk this over with my family so they understand what's at stake for me. 

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Day 2 meals:

M1 - veggie sausage scramble, coffee

M2 - leftover mashed potatoes, roast chicken, broccoli; banana

snack - hard-boiled egg

M3 - Cobb salad


low energy, my period started today and I have icky cramps/tummy troubles. I'm holding steady. 

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Day 4. Feeling a bit run-down, but otherwise good.

M1 - kale, ssg & veggies, 1/2 a sweet potato, coffee

M2 - steak, mushrooms and onions, leftover mashed potato (finally finished it), banana

M3 - big salad with chicken and guac, 2 dates, handful of cashews, tea

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Day 5 - I'm feeling good! I read up a bit more on FODMAPS. Very interesting and makes a lot of sense. I will be careful of onions and garlic, which I generally have in everything, and see if that helps. 

M1 - sweet potato fritters (made w/out onions), ssg, coffee; probiotic

M2 - sweet potato fritters, sardines, cucumbers

M3 - zucchini fritters (it was a frittery kind of day!), chicken, 1/2 avocado, fruit salad

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Day 6 - sleeeeeeeepy zzzzzz

M1 - kale, sausage & eggs in coconut oil, coffee, probiotic

snack - emergency Larabar! (trying to cut back. oy)

M2 - chili, 1/2 avocado, fruit salad

M3 - pulled pork, cucumber, banana


Goal for tomorrow - a LOT less fruit. Also, tomorrow I start back into a running program!

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I have reached the end of Day 9! Meal schedule was a bit off, but it all worked out.

PWO - chicken thigh

(ran ~3 miles, then 25 min yoga)

M1 - kale, tomatoes, ssg, fried eggs, apple, coffee

M2 - 2 chicken thighs, veggies

M3 - turkey burger, guac, lettuce, tomato, pea pods; sweet potato with cinnamon and ghee


Ad came on for a DQ Blizzard and I was filled with longing. Yeesh. I feel like I didn't eat enough today. I will do better tomorrow. 

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Day 10 and my first day back at school! I managed to navigate the pot luck luncheon.

M1 - kale, tomatoes, eggs, coffee, fruit salad

M2 - big salad with guac and pulled pork

snack - apple, macadamia nuts

M3 - 1/2 baked potato, chili, guac, applesauce

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For whatever reason, I am really mourning my old food tonight. Maybe it's just the Day 10 blues, maybe it's because this Whole 30 feels different - I think I really hit my food bottom this time, and I may have to say goodbye to my best friend sugar for good - or at least for a good long time. I've been romancing the thought of a Heathbar Blizzard all night, even though the last time I had one I got sick on it! 


So glad it's bedtime. My head is hitting the pillow knowing I didn't "slip" today. Hoping day 11 feels a bit better. Here's my vowel wrap up of the day - I usually write in my paper journal, but I can't find my pen ^_^

A - Yes! I abstained from all the things that harm me (alcohol, cigs, sugar & flour)

E - I walked my dog - too hot to run, but I got some exercise

I - I took care of myself by putting on the AC in my bedroom and resting, even though the dishes in the sink were nagging me. 

O- I was of service to others by reaching out to a sponsee who's having a tough time; opening up the door to a tough conversation with my daughter (she's not quite ready yet) 

U - I grew in my understanding by reading a few forum postings, and I started reading the book Eat the Yolks. 

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Day 13 - I went to donate blood today and they wouldn't let me - my hemoglobin was too low at 11.5 It's fairly common that I can't give, I'd say about every third time, but I've been eating so much good stuff I was sure I'd be good to go. I'm going to keep an eye on my iron levels. I have been feeling a bit light headed/dizzy. 


M1 - scrambled eggs and sausage, banana, coffee

M2 - salmon cakes, kale, dried fruit

M3 - pork chops, apple sauce, 1/2 sweet potato, decaf

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Day 14 - insatiable appetite today. Strong cravings, too, which made staying W30 a challenge!

M1 - ssg, 1/2 sweet potato, spinach, evoo, coffee

M2 - zucchini, salmon cakes, cashews, banana

Post WO - pork chop with applesauce

M3 - big salad w/ guac, crispy potatoes 

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Day 16 - New England is hot, humid, soupy, uck. All I want is a popsicle. 


M1 - egg, carrot, zucchini quiche, sausage, spinach, evoo

snack - hard boiled egg, watermelon

M2 - shepherd's pie

snack - frozen blueberries, apple, almond butter

M3 - grilled chicken (I brined it a la Well Fed. Holy cow, so good!), broccoli - just realized I had no fat with this meal, oops!

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Day 18! Oops, I skipped 17. Well, I am still truckin'

M1 - egg, carrot, zucchini quiche, a little leftover chicken, spinach, evoo, coffee

snack - hard boiled egg

M2 - shepherd's pie, applesauce, banana

snack - cucumbers

M3 - steak, salad with avocado dressing, sweet potato

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Day 19. Hot, hot, hot! Despite the heat I ran ~3 miles and felt great  :)  I was thinking about the cyclical nature of Whole 30. When I am doing W30 my achilles tendonitis goes away so I can run again. I can run again so I feel more fit and confident. I feel more fit and confident so I feel good about myself. I feel good about myself so I want to feed myself healthy stuff. All exactly opposite of the vicious SAD cycle!


M1 - egg, carrot, zucchini quiche, spinach, ssg, coffee

snack - cucumbers and cherry tomatoes with guac

M2 - shepherd's pie, applesauce, macadamias

Post WO - a little steak, lettuce, tomato

M3 - steak on a bed of spinach with a duck's egg on top. WOW, so good!

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