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did W30 in June. Paleo since


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I've not posted here in over a month. It was every day during my June Whole 30 experience and then I took a month off from posting. Coming out of Whole 30 had some 'fun' meals with out of town guests, 4th of July and that was followed by a week of vacation where the last day we actually ate ice cream for breakfast. Never did that before, but I knew it was vacation and that's not real life. Even on vacation I tried to keep at least 2 meals a day Paleo/Whole 30 and did so for the most part.


We took a cooking class in July and it was Paleo focused so that was fun. Got to learn a few knife skills, etc. It's helped in the kitchen. I don't know how much weight I've lost but even this morning my wife commented that I'm looking like I'm losing weight, so that's good. I know my clothes are loose. The biggest challenge now is that my wife is back at school teaching and so her time to contribute to cooking etc. is gone. Sundays are now about trying to make 3 meat dishes and some veggies dishes as well for use to reheat through the week. It'll be routine after a while but sometimes Sundays are busy and that cooking won't happen. We'll see. It took years to put this weight on and I'm ok with it taking years to come off, as long as it continues to come off!

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