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Embarking on my first Whole30, Aug. 22nd- Sep. 20th!

Caitlin S.

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Hello all!  ^_^ 

My name is Caitlin and I'm brand new to these forums, and the Whole 30. My "official" Whole 30 actually starts today, but I originally started on Monday (the 18th) and failed miserably. Maybe not miserably but definitely failed. So I'm looking at the last four days as my "test phase" and I'm determined to make it through the next thirty days with no mistakes!

What happened during my test phase? Lots of things. Well, to be honest, four things. On day three I went out with some friends to a hibachi steakhouse and to a movie. At the hibachi place, I thought I did well. I ate before going to the restaurant so I wouldn't be so hungry and only ordered a side of steak from the hibachi grill. I watched him make it and when he threw soy sauce on there I knew I had messed up. I'm a server, and I really didn't want to be "that person" so I just ate it and made a mental note to just skip ordering out in order to avoid being "that person" or making mistakes. Honestly, you never know what goes in your food unless you make it, even if someone assures you it's safe. My husband was with me and even though I told him he really doesn't have to do this with me he started with me on the 18th anyways, and on day three he broke a book of rules. He ate fried rice and noodles and drank. So he's out for good! The boy literally had cake for breakfast today. :mellow: I knew he wouldn't last. Anyways, the next day I had lunch with my friend and ordered some poached salmon from the deli counter only later reading that it contained butter (despite the deli counter lady telling me it only contained olive oil). Mistake numero dos. Then after my workout at the gym I got a smoothie with protein powder in it... I know, what was I thinking? Last night I had my first breakdown (from failing, not from the Whole30 itself) and ate a York peppermint patty (I love those things).

Soooooo, here I am, starting over, determined to make it through! I am doing this for many reasons, mostly to get fit and healthy (currently overweight at 136 lbs), but also to see if this helps my sleep issues (I have a hard time sleeping even when I'm tired) and to see if it clears up my skin (which is actually fine, but you know, your skin can never be too clear). I also have committed to running three miles 3x a week, strength training 2x a week, and restorative yoga 1x a week. I originally wanted to strength train more, but I work back-to-back shifts from Friday afternoon to Sunday night so I figured that is enough of a workout in itself.

Whew. Sorry for the essay!  :rolleyes: Excited to be a part of the forum and meet you all! Looking forward to learning a lot here.

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