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Second whole 30, started August 18


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I did my first whole 30 mid april-mid may this year and it was great. I spent the summer going to a lot of bbqs, parties, camping, vacation, ect and eating whatever I wanted. It was creeping into my home life though too so when we got home from our last summer trip and I realized I had exactly 30 days until my birthday I decided it was the perfect time for another whole 30!


Second time around is way easier! I was hungry and craving chocolate a couple of the early days, but I just kind of fell back into it the second time. I know what I like and what to eat this time. Having the option of potatoes really helped too, although I only needed them for the first 5 days or so until my body got used to things again. 


As an additional challenge, I gave up facebook for 30 days too. It was taking up way too much of my time. I changed my profile and cover photos to tell people I was gone instead of deactivating and left my email address. I've enjoyed not having it, and not posting. I have been going back once in a while just to make sure I don't miss any 'real life' messages about plans (which happened... I guess the profile picture didn't work for everyone). I've found that as the days have gone on and i'm not getting those exciting little red boxes on my page anymore the addictive nature of it has totally died and I am over it. I love getting emails from my friends now, even though it's basically the same as a facebook pm, they seem to have more detail and be more personal.


Now the only bad habit I have left is buying the kids toys they don't need! Maybe my 3rd whole 30 will be a 'don't buy anything but food' challenge too!

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