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I did it! And I'm not ready to stop now!


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Today is my Day 31. I want to go dancing down the street singing at the top of my lungs right now! And not because I am SOOOO ready for cheese, or pancakes, or a big fat ear of corn....but because i DON'T want those things! I haven't missed many things while on W30. In the beginning I missed Greek yogurt, but that was pretty much it aside from a couple of sugar dragon incidents. I'm not really even sure how to approach, or whether I want to approach, the reintro. At least not yet. I am thinking I may be one of those who sticks with it until there is something SO special, meaningful, or delicious that it is worth diverting from this way of eating.

But that makes me nervous that I will never learn how foods really affect me - because what if that delicious thing has peanuts and grains and dairy all in one?

Maybe do the reintro, carefully and slowly, and then jump back on W30? I would love to hear about others' reintro approach.

But mainly, today, I just want to celebrate! I feel free! I lost 4 lbs and almost two inches from my waist and hips, and it didn't even feel like I was trying! I feel like I have found the path back to normal eating without measuring and weighing and tracking and counting. I am not all-the-way recovered yet. But the path has been lit for me.


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After my first W30, I did (my version of) the standard reintro--dairy one week, non gluten grains the next, gluten grains, and finally legumes.  I never did reintro alcohol, soy or peanuts (and don't consume them).  I had reactions to dairy and gluten containing foods but thought I could eat them in moderation.  In retrospect, I wish I had listened to my body and eliminated those food groups. 


Good luck on your reintro!



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Congratulations on completing your Whole30!


Yes, reintro is the next step to determine how specific foods affect you. Here is the Whole30 sample reintroduction schedule: http://whole30.com/step-two-finished/


The general guidance is to reintroduce only the food groups you're either curious about (in terms of how you will react physically and/or psychologically), or foods that you'd like to eat again.  You reintroduce one food group at a time, at all three meals in one day, keeping all else Whole30 compliant. Then return to 100% Whole30 eating for two days, to allow for any delayed reactions. Then move onto the next food group to reintro, and so on until you're done. Once you reintro a food group, you don't have it again until all your reintros are complete.


To use your example, you'd have a legume day, a grains day (may be split in two phases: one day for gluten grains and another day for non-gluten grains) and a dairy day to see how you'd react to each, with at least 2 days in between each reintro day.

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