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My First Whole30 - Game Changer!


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I'm on Day7 of My first Whole30 and I'm pleasantly surprised with how well it's going. I'm a 43 single gal, doing this solo and was worried about not having support, encouragement, or being accountable to anyone.


I cooked and prepped enough food my first week to last me well into my 2nd week. I'm loving everything!! I'm mostly using NomNomPaleo by Michelle Tam and Well Fed/Well Fed 2 by Melissa Joulwan.


After trying countless "diets", I feel like Whole30 is a complete Game Changer for me. I was horrified to give up my "boyfriends" cheese and pasta (I miss my lover, WINE), but this was just the cold turkey break-up that I needed!! I didn't tell my family at first for fear of failure or that they would roll their eyes out loud that I was dieting yet again.


I have been amazed at how satisfying all the meals are. I don't find myself going back for 2nds or 3rds. I don't have energy slumps in the afternoons either. All this after just 7 days! I've been posting pictures of my meals each day and I now have friends anxiously awaiting to see what I've prepared. AND people are asking about Whole30 too :).


My family is salivating over my pictures and they've asked when I'm going to cook for them. We're already talking about how to revamp our Thanksgiving menu.


I can't wait to see how the rest of this month goes!!

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