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Round 2 - No scale, no measurements


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Last October I did my first Whole 30 successfully, and absolutely loved it! I have been wanting to do another one for quite some time, without ever finding the perfect time to start. Well, tomorrow is the day! I have a wedding to go to in October (day 24), that I will be off plan for, but then, it's back to Whole 30 day 1 again. 


I have found that finding excuses to wait to start has really held me off, so this is what is going to work for me this time around. 


One thing that has really resonated with me since my first Whole 30 is the weight. I did my first Whole 30 because I wanted to get rid of bad seasonal allergies (without any success) and somehow found myself obsessed with the weight I would lose. 


Well, I was really upset about how much I didn't lose, and lost the point. Now when I see pictures during my Whole 30, I wish I had seen the bigger picture at the time. 


I have since divorced myself from the scale. Measurements are important; however, I had them taken recently at a gym I joined, and I don't have access to them readily (so I can't just measure obsessively like I did last time breaking that rule). 


I don't know what I weigh, and I really could care less! It's been almost a year since I stepped on a scale. I know it's not about that anymore, and I'm really excited to see how much more I get from my second go around. Seeing the bigger picture, while I'm doing it!

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