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Began my Whole 30 3 days ago


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My husband and I started this program three days ago.  It doesn't seem to be too difficult until I went grocery shopping.  I had to really focus on not buying the crappy foods I had bought before.  


We went to breakfast this morning at Eggspectation and we asked for no dairy in our veggie omelettes.  We heard the waiter go back into the kitchen and tell the cook "remember, no dairy.  They will die."  Then he looked through the glass, smiled and gave a thumbs up.  


So far, everything is ok.  I am a little confused on eating white potatoes or not.  The Paleo diet allows (in moderation) for it but I'm not sure if the Whole 30 does.  


I know this is a lot for the first post, but we are really excited about this.  I have also attempted to incorporate my oldest daughter into trying the new way of eating.  She thinks it's a lot of work but I have found its pretty easy, just takes a little planning.

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