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  1. No. You'd still do Whole30 as outlined in the rules, and then do reintroductions, including reintroducing peanuts, either on legume day or on their own day. There are other nut or seed butters you can substitute, like sunbutter (from sunflower seeds), cashew butter, pecan butter, etc., or you can just not use nuts and seeds or things made from them.
  2. If the tomato paste had sugar, it would probably be listed as tomato paste (tomatoes, sugar) -- in other words, the ingredients of the ingredients are generally listed as well. "May contain" or "processed in a facility that also processes" type warnings are basically a company legally warning people who have very severe allergies that there might be some trace of those allergens, just to keep themselves from being liable for alleergic reactions. For Whole30 purposes, you can ignore them. If these are the only questionable ingredients, these are fine to have on Whole30.
  3. This is a good overview of the rules while you wait for your book: As far as breakfast, you can eat anything you eat any other time of day. Many people find it convenient to eat leftovers from the day before. If you prefer something more like a traditional breakfast food, something like a sweet potato hash is good:
  4. This is ok. The Contains sulfites part is on the next line. If the sulfites were in the ingredients, it wouldn't say contains, it would just list sulfites, or more likely something like potassium metabisulfite or some similar name that ends in sulfite.
  5. These look like they have molasses which is a sweetener, so they are not Whole30 compatible.
  6. Hemp milk is made from hemp seeds, and hemp seeds are fine for Whole30 (check the Can I Have list:, so assuming you find a hemp milk with no other non-Whole30 ingredients, or make your own, it should be fine.
  7. Zinc lactate seems to be a salt, from what I can tell, and should be ok to have. I don't know that these are really doing a whole lot, as far as the claims they make, and I'd be especially careful of the magnesium one, given that some forms of magnesium are useful for combating constipation -- I'm not sure the amount in one bottle would necessarily cause problems, but drinking multiple bottles could.
  8. These are naturally occurring sulfites, not an added ingredient, so it's fine to have for Whole30.
  9. There are tips here that may be useful:
  10. All ghee contains this warning, because it is made from butter. It is fine for Whole30. If someone had a severe allergy to milk, they would probably want to avoid ghee, because there is a small chance there could be enough milk solids left to trigger an allergic reaction.
  11. Hops themselves are ok, so as long as there's nothing else that would not be compatible with Whole30 rules, it would be okay, ingredient wise. I don't know about the SWYPO question. What I've read is they don't really taste like beer, but more like a flavored sparkling water -- if that's the case, it should be fine. Obviously, use your best judgment here.
  12. This might be something you want to talk to a doctor about just to be sure it's not a sign of something that food won't fix. That said, it could be a sensitivity to something you're eating more of now. Is there anything you feel like you've been eating more of than usual? It can be hard to track this kind of stuff down, unfortunately, since all you can really do is either cut out a whole bunch of stuff, and if that fixes it, add things back one at a time and try to find the culprit; or keep eating the way you are and keep careful notes about when symptoms are better or worse and try to fi
  13. Yes, you can eat fruit every day. Technically, you could eat nothing but fruit and still be doing a Whole30, but that's probably not a great idea. We recommend not having more than two servings of fruit each day, and eating fruit with a meal rather than on its own.
  14. Natural flavors are ok for Whole30. Tea itself is Whole30 compatible, but there are sometimes things added that are not, like stevia, soy, or even barley. Just read the ingredients, and if there's one you're unsure about, try googling that ingredient plus whole30, you'll probably find past discussions. Or come back here and post asking about that specific ingredient if you can't find an answer.
  15. Try to make all your meals match the meal template. So, have protein at every meal. Nuts and seeds are fat, not protein, for Whole30 purposes. Try to limit your fruit to a couple of servings a day. Increase your vegetables, including starchy vegetables like potato, sweet potato, turnips, beets, rutabaga, carrots, parsnips, winter squashes (like butternut or acorn squash or pumpkin), or plantains. When you have snacks, try to make them mini-meals with protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three.
  16. This is fine. You don't have to use low fat or fat free meats if you don't want to.
  17. Always take your prescriptions or any medicines your doctor tells you to take, doctor's orders always trump Whole30 rules.
  18. Yes, you can have as many vegetables and fruit as you want with your meals, although the recommendation is to not have more than two servings of fruit each day. You can download the recommended meal template and other helpful information here:
  19. Wheat is really one of the major things Whole30 asks you to avoid, because it causes issues for so many people, so you probably ought to restart, or add extra days to the end if your Whole30, so that you have 30 straight days of Whole30 eating before you start doing reintroductions, but it is always ultimately your decision. As for eating more calories while not eating larger servings, you're going to want to focus on calorie-dense foods. Adding fat to meals, choosing higher fat cuts of meat, having starchy vegetables at each meal. Though smoothies aren't recommended for most people, the
  20. Cottonseed oil would be like other seed oils, not ideal, but not banned, I think. It isn't mentioned specifically but that would make the most sense. You can read more about guidelines for various oils in this article:
  21. It's fine -- it's even mentioned in the official Can I Have list, though it's listed under vanilla and other extracts so it is a little hard to find, but if you go to that page ( and do a search on the page for yeast extract, you can find it.