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Looking for some Bone Broth 101 tips...


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Question for everyone, I'm allergic to beef, suggestions for stock?


By all means, use poultry bones--chicken or turkey--or duck. You can roast the bones before making the stock and it will be just as dark as beef if you let it go a long time. I usually let mine go about 24 hours for a very dark stock. You can also use pork bones, if you are not opposed to pork. You can toss a trotter or two in your stock for extra gelatin if you wish. 

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I roast whole chickens and 'score' my bones from there. Any bone in beef roasts, again I save my bones, same thing with pork. But I do the best with the chicken, because I roast 1-2 whole chickens a week. Usually, I will roast the carcasses along with some veg -- carrots, onion, whole garlic, celery -- and roast away for about an hour. Dump the whole mess in my big pot, cover with filtered water, dump in a few glugs of raw apple cider vinegar, bring to a boil, skim the scum that comes up, toss in my peppercorns and fresh thyme stems and turn down the heat and let simmer for 24 hours or more. Sometimes, I might add in a package of wings or feet for gelation, but it is usually bones I have collected from my cooking. Total utilization.  

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