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  1. ^^ is exactly what has happened with me with doing the Whole 30 and why I stay pretty close to eating this way. I have dropped my long acting insulin from 100 units a day to 40 units a day, and my fast acting from 15-30 a meal, down to between 15 and 20 units a day, on a sliding scale. My ultimate goal (not sure if I will actually be able to do it or not) would be to give my insulin back to my dr and say thanks but no thanks. Getting pretty close though!
  2. Hi! I am a type1 and I have had the same wonderful results. I would experiment with bumping up your fats to keep you satisfied until your next meal. I keep to 1 or less servings of fruit a day -- typically berries or other in season fruits, nothing tropical. I would also look at bumping up your protein too and possibly try roasted veggies, as they will give you a more 'full' feeling than say eating just a salad. One of the reasons why I mentioned that I keep my fruit servings to 1 or less a day is that many people have reported hunger later in the day if they have fruit with M1. Play a
  3. Leftover pork chops. cut into bite size pieces along with scrambled eggs and zucchini and celery dipped into homemade vinaigrette. I had a whole zucchini and most of a bunch of celery for my veggies.
  4. Garbage breakfast today! It's payday and we will be going shopping after hubby gets home-- so it was clean out the fridge day for breakfast! 1 LARGE yellow onion, sliced up, an orange bell pepper, sliced up and sauteed with the onion in avocado oil, a meat patty and 4 HUGE handfuls of spinach -- the last of a bin of spinach -- that cooked down to maybe 1/2 a cup or so and a pickle. I also topped my burger with a scoop of ghee.
  5. It came out really fantastic Ladyshanny! I am thinking about putting curry in my next batch! Couse I do have some cauliflower that needs to be used up -- maybe I will do that one tomorrow!!
  6. Breakfast today was 2 BIG mugfuls of a variation of the gingered zucchini soup in well fed 2. I started out with green onions, 4 cloves of garlic, fresh ginger, 2 zucchini and leftover steamed broccoli from dinner last night. Cooked till the zucchini was really tender -- about 45 min then I added in 4 HUGE handfuls of power greens (chard, kale, spinach) and let them wilt down.OH and I cooked it in bone broth that I am still simmering-- just ladled out what I needed for the soup and put the lid back on the bone broth! Poured it in batches into my food processor and blended away! Chopped up a ha
  7. I like spinach and mushrooms in my scrambled eggs, and I typically use frozen, chopped spinach that I toss in the pan either frozen or, if I happen to think about it the night before, put some in a dish in the fridge. Lots of times, I don't even slice my mushrooms anymore, I just pop the stem out, break in half, and then break the cap into rough chunks. Add fat of choice (usually ghee with eggs) saute my veg until nearly done, toss in my eggs, scramble, scramble, scramble, and slide onto plate. Most times, I serve with a side of tomatoes or maybe left over roasted sweet potatoes, and some avoc