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Starting October 1st


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Hi everyone!


Alright, so I was supposed to start on September 22nd, but had to postpone due to a bunch of big events and knew I wouldn't have been able to stick to the program.. So here is the beginning of round two!! I decided to start the program because I am a 3rd year university student who has gained a lot of weight due to stress and depression from the past 2 years. Now that I am finally  back on my feet and am getting back into competitive sports this year it's time for me to lose this weight and get healthy. 


I am looking forward to the next 30 days, and wish everyone good luck with their journey! 

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Hey Lysa,


Started yesterday, and in a similar position, gained weight due to stress of full time job and full time PhD plus looking after family etc, as well as a few personal issues, but have realised I now have to prioritise myself and my health over all these things, and really loving it so far! Even coffee with coconut cream is surprisingly okay!


There is another thread with lots of people starting on 1st, so maybe join in that one, hopefully we can all keep each other motivated!


Good luck to us all!



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