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so erm..Hi :)


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Hi everyone 


I've just started with whole 30 (currently on day 4) having dabbled during pregnancy with paleo. It was during my pregnancy I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2. At first they thought it was gestational but testing after my daughter was born proved otherwise. 

I've always been big, always been unfit, always been addicted to food. I used to sneak slices of bread upstairs under my jumper so my parents wouldn't know i was eating it. (not candy for this girl. bread is my addiction)

I recently stumbled onto whole 30 via nomnompaleo (awesome recipes) and decided that at 35 enough was enough. I need to get my blood sugars under control, get off the meds and get the weight down. And then i'll tackle getting fit.


i'm based in the Netherlands so you Americans and Canadians might get confused by my silly reference to the metric system :D . I'll apologise upfront for that. And as i'm from Ireland, i might also throw in some imperial measurements also (but none that you will understand unless you're from the UK). you might also notice that my spelling will irritate you  :lol: . Again i apologiSe 



Look forward to getting to know you, getting lots of help from you and most importantly, reaching the end of whole 30 with a new attitude to food and nutrition.



Angell xx



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Hi Angell!


Greetings from Denver, Colorado!  I'm in a very similar position as you...Professional EATER!  


I'm on day 4 as well!  Woke up with a nasty headache and desire to go back to bed! But here I am at work in my sunglasses!


I think I have seen the nomnompaleo page, but I may be on google today checking it out!!!


Almost cheated last night but the reminded myself I AM WORTH ALL OF THIS and 30 days is nothing compared to the 38+ yrs of my bad eating habits!  Was kinda proud of myself for a brief moment!


Hope your day goes SMOOTHLY and keep in touch!



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Hi iris- their recipes are amazing and always look so tasty.

Cyndi you should. I bought her cookbook and haven't been disappointed yet. I haven't been tempted to stray ....yet but I'm also trying to stop smoking at the same time. May as well go big or go home right? I look forward to hearing how you get on

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