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Kelly's Whole30 Log


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I've just finished reading It Starts With Food and Well Fed, stocked my fridge and pantry, cooked up a heap of protein and veggies and am raring to go! This is my first Whole30 so I am a little apprehensive, but very keen to give it my best shot. Its been just over a year since I was diagnosed with (and beat) ovarian cancer, but since then I have struggled with chronic fatigue and poor sleep, been diagnosed with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism and have gained weight. While weight loss is a goal, I am more focussed on improving energy levels initially as this has been the biggest hurdle for me.


Good start this morning with a 30 minute walk. I weighed myself and put the scales away - this will be interesting as I usually weigh myself every morning (bad habit I know!).


Feeling positive and determined to avoid bad food temptations at work by being prepared and having healthy snacks on hand if necessary. Will post Day 1 food log this evening.

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Thanks Ritzy!


Day 1 done and dusted. Not a struggle at all and I didn't feel hungry between meals. I also drank 2L water for the first time in ages and have been running to the loo all day!


M1 - 2 scrambled eggs with veggies and small amount pulled pork, blaukraut, mayo, blueberries on the side, short black coffee

Peppermint tea

M2 - grilled chicken thigh and salad of spinach, tomato, cucumber, snow peas, 1/8th avocado, moroccan dipping sauce, blueberries/strawberries (1/2 handful)

Peppermint tea

M3 - Hot Plate (Well Fed style) - pulled pork (from Well Fed, soooo good! first time I have cooked pork) and veggies (capsicum, green beans, broccoli, blaukraut) and a side of asparagus.

Herbal tea 


I'm eating at my parents' house for dinner tomorrow night for a big family function, and have decided it'll be easier for me to take my own plate - I'll do a hot plate of all my gorgeous protein/veggies that I have already prepared. Thankfully, mum is supportive, and keen to try the pork and blaukraut. I know I'll be pressured to have wine by others… but at this stage feeling confident I can say no!

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Day 2


Great day today, no sign of 'the hangover' - yet. Again, I didn't feel hungry between meals and drank my 2L of water. Didn't really enjoy my black coffee this morning though. Feeling a bit weary this evening, but that's normal for me and no worse than usual. Ate dinner at mum's place and no-one hassled me or tried to ply me with wine, so a win! I tend to fall apart if not organised so am putting plenty of effort into that. I've made the veggie part of my salad for lunch tomorrow, all need to do is add tuna and egg and decide on my fat of choice. Its great having a selection of protein and veggies in the fridge already cooked.


M1 - grilled chicken thigh and veggies sauted and one fried egg, 3x strawberries and a few blueberries, black coffee

herbal tea

M2 - small tin tuna and one HB egg in a salad of lettuce/cucumber/tomato/snap peas and homemade mayo

herbal tea

M3 - Hot plate of pulled pork, cabbage and veggies, with some sunshine sauce and a small serve of fruit salad

herbal tea


Bring on Day 3  :)

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Day 3


Another good day… where is this expected hangover I wonder? I'm starting to wonder if its because I have adjusted to always being weary and exhausted, and generally blergh, that perhaps this stage won't be so difficult for me. Looking forward to feeling some tiger blood at some point! Went for another walk in the morning, didn't quite have my 2L water intake today but came close. I was staring to flag a bit at 6pm, but pushed on as I had to stay late back at work to repair a dog fight wound on a dear little doggie. So glad all my food is sorted as no way did I feel like putting much effort into dinner tonight. Possibly getting the start of a headache? I guess I'll see in the morning if it turns into anything. I think 3 days is the longest I've ever been without bread, rice or cheese and not missing it at all.


M1 - 2 scrambled eggs with sautéed cabbage, capsicum, carrot and spinach with some mayo. 3 strawberries and a few blueberries. Black coffee.


M2 - Salad (lettuce/tomato/cucumber/snowpeas) with a grilled chicken thigh, an HB egg and 1/8 avocado. 3 strawberries and a few blueberries.

herbal tea

M3 -  Chocolate chilli (spicy, so good on a cold night!) with roasted sweet potato and carrots, and raw spinach, 1/8 avocado

herbal tea


So far so good. I am getting the daily whole30 emails and loved the video of the rat on the cat on the dog, made my evening :)  

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Day 4


Another good day, in fact a great day!! I woke up and something felt different… I felt awake and not groggy, and ready to get up. Lately its been taking me up to 2 hours from waking to dragging myself out of bed each day, a real struggle. This morning within 20 minutes of waking, I was out walking again, that's 4x this week and my goal was 3x weekly, so am well chuffed. I kept expecting my energy levels to wane over the course of the day but it never did. I was in such a great mood all day… will this continue? I also easily drank my 2L water. My coworkers bought a heap of cupcakes today and they were all chowing into them, trying to tempt me but I wasn't at all interested.


M1 - 2 scrambled eggs with spinach, carrot, cabbage and green beans with mayo, 3 strawberries and a few blueberries, black coffee

herbal tea x2

M2 - raw spinach, chocolate chilli, carrot, cabbage and broccoli with 1/8 avocado, cherry tomatoes, 3 strawberries and a few blueberries

herbal tea

M3 - pulled pork sautéed with cabbage, carrot, beans, broccoli and spinach, a HB egg , 1/8 avocado and tsp mayo

herbal tea

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Day 5


So this morning I awoke at a ridiculous hour (was too scared to check the time, maybe 4am?) and couldn't get back to sleep. I was worried that I may crash and burn later in the day (this is what normally happens, and then I reach for the bad food…) however I made it through the day, felt good at work but tired tonight. Did my 30 minute walk this morning which makes it every day this week, and drank my 2L water.


I had an appt this afternoon with a dietician I have been seeing for about 3 months. I had a feeling she wouldn't agree with the Whole30, having a background in 'traditional' nutrition training, and I was right. I didn't go into details, just broached the subject and was shut down. I won't see her for another month and will be interested to show her my food logs and weight loss then! As part of that I was weighed… and I have lost 2.9kg already! I have been eating large, filling meals, and haven't been hungry at all, I can't imagine the results by the end of 30 days! I need to lose ~20kg (45lb) so its not as drastic as it sounds (but totally unexpected). I won't see her til after its over, so no more scales until then, I promise.


Finally, I went out for dinner tonight, and was very nervous!! It turned out fine, I had a steak, no gravy, no chips, and steamed veggies with lemon. I had half an avocado in my bag so added that to the plate. Unfortunately I have eaten all my homemade mayo, otherwise I would have had some of that too for the fat/flavour. Not an amazing meal, but completely compliant. I wasn't tempted by the white bread or garlic bread offered around, but boy did the wine smell gooood. Lol, I have never noticed how good an icy cold sauv blanc smells before!! Not worth it though.


M1 - 2 scrambled eggs with pork and veggies, 2 strawberries, a few blueberries, black coffee.


M2 - HB egg, tuna salad with 1/4 avocado and balsamic vinegar, strawberries and blueberries


M3 - Porterhouse steak with steamed veggies and half an avocado

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Day 6


Went to bed too late last night which has meant today has been a bit out of whack. I also used up most of my pre cooked vegies and meat so had to restock today. Tomorrow will be a big prep day for the week. Felt good again today, a little weary this evening but another day feeling refreshed. Loving this!

Drank my 2L water. Went to the movies and sat between my mum and aunty… who were enjoying choctop ice creams - I wasn't tempted tho. Their white wine when we got back to mum's however… just had to make do with a big sniff.


M1 - (using up what is left, which isn't much) sautéed veg (sweet potato, red cabbage, spinach, spring onion, capsicum, asparagus), a HB egg, tin of tuna in olive oil (didn't drain the oil as I had no other fat source), baby roma tomatoes, kimchi, 3 strawbs/blueberries, black coffee


M2 - Thai omelette with 3 eggs and spring onion/capsicum, cooked in ghee, green salad on the side


M3 - Velvety pumpkin (from Well Fed) on a bed of fresh spinach, topped with a grilled chicken thicg.

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Day 7


Wow, can't believe I've stuck with this for a week! I feel so positive about it, feeling the effects and enjoying the food. My primary goal was to improve energy levels and I am there already, but I am also really looking forward to weighing/measuring myself at the end. It was hot here today, and I spent the day doing housework and food prep, so worked up a sweat. Drank my 2L water and more without a problem. I still feel bloated from last night's dinner and wasn't hungry for dinner, but made myself eat. I'm hoping when I start my daily walks again tomorrow (had the weekend off), I will start things moving again (if you know what I mean…!).


Today I cooked loads, all ready for the week. I'm going to mum's for a roast lamb dinner tomorrow, and will bring home leftovers too. All set for week 2!


M1 - 3 salmon cakes (from It Starts With Food) - omg, soooo good, and different to what I have been eating. We don't get canned sweet potatoes here so I steamed some fresh up, and have steamed more so I can make a double batch tomorrow, YUM!, with a basic salad (spinach/tomato/cucumber) and mayo; a few strawberries/blueberries with a tsp coconut milk and a few coconut flakes, black coffee


M2 - 3 salmon cakes with mayo and lemon juice on wilted spinach, cherry tomatoes and snow peas, a few strawberries/blueberries with coconut milk


M3 - sauteed braised beef (from Well Fed2), sweet potato, broccoli, capsicum, green beans, carrot and spinach with 1/8 avocado and mayo

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Well onto day 8 and I have had such a productive morning, I feel great! I haven't quite finished the day yet, but felt the need to post.


I went for a walk/jog first up (first time I have attempted jogging in > 1yr), then showered, had breakfast, did some grocery shopping, came home and cooked more salmon cakes, tidied up my 'junk room', ironed all my work clothes for the week (who is this person?!), brought clothes in off the line, cooked and ate lunch. All before I leave for work at 12.40pm! I also decided to order a 'paleo' box of organic fruit, veg and eggs, which will be delivered on Friday. Can't wait!


Is this the 'tiger blood' feeling? Whatever it is, I sure hope it sticks around, I feel like I am getting my mojo back!  :D

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Day 8 


My good mood continued throughout the day. I have been quietly on a weight loss mission for 12 weeks and have lost about 10kg so far. I've been doing well but until the Whole30 had ongoing fatigue (my reason for attempting the Whole30). I haven't had a single comment regarding said weight loss in that time. Nada. Until today! Not one but 2 work colleagues asked me if I had 'lost weight'. 

Easily drank my 2L water (its warming up here, going to be 37 deg C tomorrow!)


M1 - 2x salmon cakes, 1x crispy fried egg, sauteed veg, mayo, a few strawberries/blueberries with 1tsp coconk, black coffee.


M2 - 3 salmon cakes with mayo and lemon juice on wilted spinach and sautéed veggies, a few strawberries/blueberries with 1tsp coconut milk


M3 - At my mum's - roast lamb with veggies roasted in olive oil, 1/4 avocado, mineral water with lemon wedges in a wine glass so I didn't feel left out. Thanks mum! Plus I got to bring home the lamb leftovers, mmm.

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Day 9


Up at 0630 today, a record for me! Must get to bed earlier more often! Went to the dr to get my blood results today, some abnormal results but nothing that will be affected (or improved) with this program. I was relieved that cholesterol and glucose were normal.

It was hot hot hot here today so probably drank 3L water easily. Went for my walk this morning, was lovely to be out so early.


M1 3 salmon cakes with sautéed veg, spinach, lemon juice and mayo, blueberries/strawberries, black coffee


M2 Sauteed braised beef and veg, 1/2 avocado


M3 Sauteed roast lamb and veg, 1/2 avocado, spoonful of mayo

Herbal tea before bed


Had a bit of a lightbulb moment tonight as I was packing my lunch for tomorrow. I planned to have salmon cakes with veg, reheated with some mayo, then I realised I only had 2 cakes left. This is not enough protein for me so I panicked thinking what could I have with it. Initially I thought of a can of tuna but that doesn't really go with salmon cakes, then I thought how about a hard boiled egg? So in no time at all I had 4 eggs in the saucepan, 1 for tomorrow lunch and the rest for later in the week. 2 weeks ago there is no way I would have been cooking eggs at 8.30pm as prep for the rest of the week! Loving it!

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Day 10


Good day again, I feel like I'm really in the groove of this and nothing will stop me. Up at 6.30am despite the noisy koalas grunting all night outside my bedroom window! I have started the 5K runner program again which helps you get to running 5k from nothing. I'll do it alternate mornings with a walk on the other mornings. I would LOVE to add swimming once or twice to my routine, and if I can keep getting up at 6.30am, I should be able to manage it. I love being active again, even though I have long way to go. I'm trying CrossFit next week, both nervous and excited. There's a group of new people going through the beginner's classes, 5 classes over 2 weeks.  I used to enjoy the gym, but got bored with it. This sounds perfect!


Got offered Rocky Road at work today but happily declined. Then later, I was bored (no more appointments for a couple of hours) and I found myself hunting around for something to eat. I looked at the Rocky Road but though better of it… then found some carrots in the fridge - a much better choice. But by then I realised I wasn't hungry at all, just bored, so didn't have anything and distracted myself, and the moment passed.


M1 sauteed braised beef and veggies, one fried egg, mayo, tomatoes, strawberries/blueberries, black coffee


M2 2 salmon cakes, a hard boiled egg, sautéed veggies, mayo, strawberries/blueberries.


M3 Roast lamb, sauteed veggies, avocado, mayo, cherry tomatoes.


Plenty of water today too.

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Day 11


40 minute walk and drank my 2L water today. Got sidetracked cooking chicken stew tonight then realised it was 9pm and I hadn't eaten dinner, aargh!

Quick entry tonight as its time for bed. No concerns. 


M1 3 scrambled eggs with spinach, a side of tomatoes, mayo, avocado (had mayo fail for firs time yesterday, ick! 2nd batch all good), strawberries, black coffee


M2 HB egg, tin tuna, sauteed veg, salad, avo and mayo


M3 2 egg omelette on sauteed veg with avo and mayo


Just realised I had 6 eggs today…. oops! Have made tomorrow's lunch of tuna, orange and parsley salad, looks delish. Also made mulligatawny stew from Wll Fed 2 which I'll have a serve for breakfast tomorrow. Might make it an egg free day!

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Day 12


Another day down. The last 3 nights I have slept very poorly, I have been to bed quite early, at a decent time, and too late (!), I am no longer watching television in the evening, I don't have electronic devices in my room, I have bought ear plugs (which invariably have fallen out by morning) and I am going to get an eye mask as I have a smoke detector directly above my head and the light annoys me. What else can I do?! I think the last 3 nights have been warmer, so I might pull out my fan and see if being cooler helps. When I don't sleep well, I feel weary in the afternoon, and I thought I had rid myself of that from day 3-10 of the program.


Still did my walk/jog this morning, that's week one of the 5k runner app completed, 7 to go! 5 walks/jogs this week. Also drank 2L - so easy when its hot out.


M1 Mulligatawny stew (WF2 - YUM) on spinach and cabbage, black coffee


M2 Tuna, orange and parsley salad, also yum


(Snack - my first snack in 12 days! I got a box of organic fruit and veg delivered and had to try an apple, so good)


M3 Mulligatawny stew and cauliflower rice. So impressed with the rice! Haven't got the cooking side of it down pat but the texture and taste was amazing.

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Day 13


I've got a bit of a gut ache this evening and am not sure why. I also had diarrhoea this morning. Hmm. Is the coconut milk in the stew too rich for me? I also made oven baked banana chips and I had to put them away because wow are they good! But was very conscious of my sugar dragon whilst eating them. I will be taking them to dinner tomorrow night so other people can devour them as I don't trust myself with them. No exercise today. Easily drank 2L water (by lunchtime!)


M1 Mulligatawny stew and red cabbage, small banana (from my organics box), black coffee.


M2 Tuna, orange and parsley salad, one (rather large organic) strawberry


M3 Chicken breast on wilted kale and coconut cauliflower rice, some banana chips (see above)


I'm going to a seminar being put on by my favourite cook/naturopath/nutritionist tomorrow. She does eat soy and legumes, but no dairy or refined grains (ancient grains only). She doesn't eat meat but does have seafood. I love her cook books and am hoping to be able to cook from them again post Whole30. I am wondering if she'll have tastes tomorrow… and am thinking about if its worth breaking the whole30 and having to start over. I think I will make my mind up tomorrow when I see what (if any) is on offer. There won't be another event like this so I may well end up needing to start over… but if I do it will have been worth it - I won't be eating anything too disastrous and I was thinking about extending it anyway given the benefits I am experiencing. Hmmm.

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Day 14


2 weeks down! Went to Janella's seminar today and it was so inspiring. Makes me excited to get to the re-intro stage rather than being scared of it. No slips on Whole30 nutrition so I'm right on track. Dinner at my parents and dear mother made some modifications for me. There was lots I couldn't eat obviously (but what I had was delicious) and everyone was saying- 'you poor thing, you can't have this, you can't have that' - my reply was that I didn't mind at all, because I am enjoying what I am eating and I finally feel alive again and have energy, and would much rather not eat a few things that feel the way I have felt for so long!


M1 viet scrambled eggs (3), kiwifruit, black coffee


M2 in a rush! 3 salmon cakes and an apple


M3 grilled chicken, beef skewer, salad, mayo and a small fruit salad (banana chips, orange, watermelon)


Bring on Week 3!

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Day 15


Oops, forgot to post last night. Went to my first CrossFit class (doing a beginner's course over 2 weeks) and loved it! I am so ridiculously unfit but didn't feel too awkward. Boy am I sore today! Looking forward to the next session on Thursday.


M1 - 3 egg omelette with spinach, tomato and coriander, cucumber/carrot, avocado, black coffee


M2 - Salad with balsamic vinegar, pecans and coconut chips, 3 salmon cakes, one strawberry and some blueberries.


Preworkout - one HB egg


M3/post workout - Grilled chicken with spinach and cauliflower rice, ago and mayo.


Forgot to say that very soon after Day 13's kale/cauliflower dinner, I experienced awful gut pain - bloating and flatulence, I was in agony! I was reluctant to have more cauliflower last night and only had a small serve - but no adverse experience from it. I need to try kale again to see if that was the culprit. It may be that it was due to the combination of both?

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Day 16


Achy this morning so didn't go for a walk this morning. Making progress - my work vest didn't used to zip up, but I tried it today and is now loose on me!


M1 - 3 egg omelette with spinach, tomato and coriander, avocado, strawberry/banana, black coffee.


M2 - 3 salmon cakes with mayo and a salad with avocado, one kiwi fruit and a few blueberries (felt v full afterwards)


M3 - grilled chicken breast with avocado, baked asparagus and steamed broccolini with some mayo.

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You are doing so well! I love reading your meals, we have similar tastes :) I finally picked up ISWF and you've inspired me to try the salmon cakes. I think it's terrific that your family is supportive too.


Hope you're day 17 is great. You got this!

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Thanks so much Snoodess! I'm thrilled with how I am doing, I really thought I would struggle more than this, and never imagined I would actually thrive. Lurve the salmon cakes, that's what I'm having for lunch tomorrow.  :)


Day 17


M1 - at a cafe, managed to get them to alter the omelette to suit me (no butter, no cheese, no milk, no sauce and some odd looks from the waiter!) plus my first long black coffee out of the house - a little daunting! 3 egg omelette with spinach and roast chicken, black coffee


M2 - grilled chicken breast (Crispy chicken from Nom Nom Paleo that had been brined the previous day in the technique from Well Fed! Actually dinner leftovers from last night and soo yummy) with sautéed cabbage, broccolini, asparagus and carrot, avocado, a strawberry and a few blueberries


M3 - 3 pork sausages with salad, oven baked asparagus and avocado. Dropped in at my parents after work and stayed for dinner so it was a bit of an odd dinner, just found things I could eat.


2nd CrossFit session tomorrow, I am still ridiculously sore from Tuesday night!

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Day 18


2nd CrossFit session tonight, just about killed me but loved every minute!


M1 - 3 egg omelette with spinach, avocado and mayo, small apple, black coffee


M2 - 3 salmon cakes with spinach, broccoli and cabbage, avocado, mayo, blueberries


(Preworkout: handful of nuts)


M3 - Crispy smashed chicken with broccolini, cabbage and sweet potato, avo and mayo


Got some stuff going on in my personal life, feeling a bit stressed and then came home after CF to find my rent is going up, really had to force myself to eat dinner tonight. I have been so positive since starting but after reading that letter I felt panic mode set in, and suddenly I was thinking that I don't have enough decent food to last me the rest of the week. Once I calmed myself down I feel a little better and I'm sure I'll manage. :-\

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Day 19


Could have easily gone off the rails today. I got called into work an hour early for a poor kitten bitten by a snake, and the phone call came just as I was about to make breakfast. I quickly packed it all up and took the skillet into work and made it in the few spare minutes I had. Thankfully I had already packed lunch. Shame about having to go to work in an unironed shirt though! Then it turned into a super busy crazy day, our computer system was down and it was really hot. My boss bought us all large frozen cokes… I had to say thanks but no thanks. At least I was too busy to dwell on it. I never drink that sort of thing anyway!


Then after work I was craving something sweet and had to go to the supermarket. I was actually just exhausted from the day. I walked out with the spinach I went in for, plus a pineapple, strawberries and a kiwi fruit! I didn't have any till dinner. Just pleased I didn't cave and get chocolate, and that I realised I was just tired and didn't actually need food.


M1 - 2 egg omelette, with chicken and spinach. Black coffee.


M2 - 3 salmon cakes, salad, mayo, avocado


M3 - Sweet potato hash with spinach, small serve of chocolate chill and a fried egg. Some strawberries and pineapple.

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Day 20


Ugh, not a great day. Stressed and worrying, no appetite. Before the Whole30 I would have binged on chocolate on a day like this. Anyway, must do better.


M1 - 2 fried eggs with sweet potato hash and spinach. Black coffee.


M2 - pineapple and apple, with some nut spread. 


M3 - Sesame cucumber noodles from Well Fed2

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Day 21


Better day today, kept busy. Went to the Farmers Market and bought a heap of veggies. Also found pepperoni that is compliant - haven't found any bacon yet.

Did a massive cook up: kalua pig, cuban meatballs, zucchini noodles, roasted carrots/sweet potato/beets/eggplant/capsicum/onion, and steam-sauteed cabbage/broccoli/kohlrabi/yellow and orange carrots/capsicum. Also bought radish and watermelon radish as something a bit different. My salad at lunch was so pretty -so many colours.


M1 - chocolate chilli, one egg, baby spinach. Black coffee.


M2 - chocolate chilli (getting rid of leftovers) and a side salad - baby spinach, baby cucumber, carrot, yellow cherry tomatoes, radish, watermelon radish, avocado, EVOO


Did some snacking on veggies and banana chips during cook up.


M3 - Cuban meatballs (needed sauce, was too tired to make the accompanying Lizard Sauce!), sautéed veg - a selection from the above.

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