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Feeling Full Faster - Can I listen to my body to define 'enough'?


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I have a question about how much I should be eating.


I'm on Day 8, and have been following the guidelines religiously.


I am no longer hungry when I wake up, even though my last meal is between 6-7pm.


I am no longer hungry between meals.


And for the last couple of meals, I am feeling full before finishing the assigned portions.


Is this normal?


I don't trust my body to tell me when I'm full, but maybe now I can, since I'm eating food that does a good job of communicating fullness to my brain?


I'm a little worried about under-eating, then getting hungry before my next meal.  But 'stuffing' myself just to make the guideline threshold, or to make sure I make it to the next meal seems like a bad idea.



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I recommend eating at least the minimum portions described in the meal planning template even if you feel full before you finish. If you are worried that is too much food, we could talk about how you are interpreting the guidelines. 


I would not trust your satiety signals at day 8. After 30 days, maybe yes, but not after 8 days. :)

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