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finished - ready for surgery


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Hi folks


I had just typed up an amazing story of my Whole 30 experience and it didn't let me post!


Summary : My Whole 30 went well, in fact, bloody amazing.


I have Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2) Google it, it's really interesting

I have two benign brain tumours to be removed in Jan/Feb next year, when I was given the news I invited the Sugar Dragon into my home and she stayed for 4 months. I had a frenzied sugar festival!!


I eventually got sick of my own self pity, the sugar madness had to stop and I needed to focus on a healthy strong me to be able to cope mentally and physically recover from some very invasive surgery that will render me with some mobility issues.


Did it!!

My mindset was totally different, there was no question of failing. I like to think that I now have the knowledge to make amazing healthy choices in meals, food is now my friend.


I sleep better, I have endless energy, great hair, nails, skin and I'm starting a Kettle Bell class this evening.

I have lost some weight, my clothes fit beautifully but two of my coats are now too big. Shame, just going to have to buy a new one then!


The Sugar Dragon? Well, she will be invited in occasionally but this gal has bigger beasts to fight....bring it on...this gal is happy, healthy and as ready as I can be 

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samantha, that's awesome! What great results.


I'm very curious - did Whole30 help your neurofibromatosis, or was that at all a motivating factor for you doing one? I ask because my mom has an unusual form of it, and I've wondered if eating paleo would help at all with her NF, though I've never seen anything about a connection.

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There isn't really any food that 'helps' with NF, I choose a clean/primal/paleo eating style because it makes me physically and mentally strong.


My motivation was the fact that my first surgery for tumour removal is in the new year and I want to feel healthy and in control.


I needed to stop looking at sweet food as a crutch because it just gets in the way of positive thought for me and ends up being a false, short lived escape.

I would like a quick recovery after surgery and the best way to get that is to start off healthy and clean.


Does your mum have NF1  or 2?

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Thanks, samantha! I thought that was the case, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. Those are such fantastic reasons for doing Whole30 - I'm so glad you were so successful!


Mom has schwannomatosis, which doesn't quite fit into 1 or 2. Her tumors are all confined to one arm and hand. She had several semi-successful surgeries years ago when I was a child, but she doesn't want to risk more nerve damage, so she's just been living with the pain for quite some time.

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