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Alicia's Whole30


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Today is Day 3, so far so good.


Pre-WO - .5 HB egg drzzled with coconut oil (no appetite as it's 5am)


Run 3 miles


PWO - 1.5 HB eggs w/ .5 cup brussel sprouts/ butternut squash


Breakfast - 3 eggs over kale and sweet potato (couldn't finish eggs, only ate about 1/2 - which would kind of even out my pre and post WO meals)


Lunch - Ground turkey, kale, sweet potato


Feeling addicted to sweet potatos that past few days - hope that's ok???


Dinner - ground turkey with brussels sprouts and butternut squash, drizzled with olive oil, a frew olives and 1/2 an avocado


Been pretty pooped today, not sure if it's just regular-Monday blahs or I'm having some of the symptoms I read about. Either way, nothing too terrible. I may do a lower-key work out tomorrow morning and try to sleep more if I need it.


This is my first Whole30, my main goal is to figure out my food allergies. I think I've already found out that quinoa is not my friend. That was about the only grain I was eating before I started this and thought it was ok to eat b/c it's "gluten free", guess I was wrong. My digestive issues have gotten 100% better, so I'm excited to see what other things I discover on this journey.

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Feeling much more energetic today - yay!



Breakfast - 2 eggs, sweet potato, green bell pepper slices, drizzled with olive oil (not enough protein, I know, I'll do better tomorrow)



Lunch - Ground turkey, butternut squash and brussel sprouts drizzled with olive oil



Dinner - Beef with broccoli slaw, kale and green cabbage, drzzle of coconut oil and olives


Overall, hungrier today than previous days, I'm thinking I started my day with sub-optimal amount of protein and it's afftected my whole day. Can't wait to go home and make a big dinner.


Just got ISWF in the mail, can't wait to go home and start reading.

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Slept 8 hours, light kettlebell workout this morning.


PreWO - forgot - ooops, not used to eating so early, plus it wasn't that crazy of a workout.


PWO (remembered!) - ground turkey and broccoli slaw


Breakfast - 3 eggs, sweet potato, sauteed broccoli slaw and cabbage drizzled with olive oil (tbsp)


Lunch - ground turkey with roasted butternut squash and brussel sprouts and Tbsp coconut oil


Dinner - from ISWF - ground beef with cauliflower, carrots and coconut milk, maybe I'll throw in a sweet potato depending on how I feel


Felt good today, nothing new or weird. So far, so good.

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Slept around 7 hours (stayed up late reading ISWF). Good news - I haven't turned on the TV in my bedroom the pasdt few nights. Think I'm going to remove this weekend.

Breakfast - ground turkey and tuna with olive oil and kale


Lunch - Leftovers - ground beef with cauliflower, carrots and coconut milk and sweet potato sweet potato


Dinner - 4 eggs over arugula and sweet potato, with olive oil and apple

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Breakfast - 4 eggs over arugula with sweet potato and avocado


Lunch - Ground turkey with cinnamon and nutmeg, green beans and avocado


Dinner - not sure yet.


Been a little bit hungrier today than I have this past week, nothing major and nothing so bad that I had a snack but just seeems like no matter how much I eat I'm not really full-full.


Also, the past few nights I've been staying up later and don't really seem any more tired the next day. Usually I'm in bed by 8:00 or 8:30 every night (and up at 5:00). Also, I haven't been working out much this week. I have the energy but just feel like I'm "forcing" myself to do a workout I'm not really interetsed in. Planning on running this weekend so I can be in shape for my 5K this December - looking forward to that.

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Haven't tracked the past couple of days, but have been pretty much eating the same things.  Still on track though feeling really bored with eating so much meat. I'll have to try some new recipes this weekend when I go to the store. The recipes I picked for this week were all new but just kind of blah. Loosing some motivation too, just feeling like - why am I doing this? It doesn't seem all that great. Plus I think I'm gaining weight, so feeling like a puff ball never helps.


Todays meals:


Post workout (weights) - small handful cashews and an apple


Breakfast - egg frittatta with ground turkey, broccoli and onions with sauteed broccoli slaw and cabbage, drizzled with olive oil + .5 an avocado


Lunch - ground beef chili with sautteed broccoli slaw and cabbage, drizzled with olive oil and .5 an avocado


Dinner - 4 eggs, sweet potatoes and green beans, drizzled with coconut oil, also had a couple of cashews and an apple

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Breakfast - small handful of cashews (7) and an apple, egg, turkey, broccoli and onion frittata with broccoli and olive oil on top


Lunch - ground turkey with green beans, drizzzled with olive oil


Dinner - beef chili...

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Day 14... Feeling very unmotivated. Feel like I've gained weight, my pants are def. tighter. Not a ton of motivation and not really seeing why this is so great. Just feeling deprived. Not really craving anything, just feel like I miss all my normal foods. I thought this was supposed to be amazing/ magical... Not feeling it.

preworkout 2 eggs with olive oil, a few cashews

Breakfast 2 eggs, spinach sweet potato Apple

Lunch chicken, butternut squash and coconut oil

Dinner .5 avocado, chicken, butternut squash green beans

Going to avoid the nuts and apples thus week at the grocery store, from what I've been reading that could be part of the weight gain problem.

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