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Starting my Whole30 today! 10-20-14!


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I am Starting my Whole 30 journey today and I couldnt be more excited!  Its getting close to dinner time here and I made it through day 1! Living with my significant other I am nervous about my cravings. As we speak he has a frozen pizza in the oven and I'm over here munching on veggies. So I hope I can depend on you guys to help me through it as I will with you! I am still a little fuzzy about the perimiters here and I have a few questions


1. I have a major sweet tooth so, what do you do when you crave sweets?


2. can you have a porkchop for a snack? -no dressings or bone.


Anyways, hello! thank you for being so inviting!


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Eat protein and fat when you crave sweets. Never eat anything sweet when you are craving sweets.


The best thing is to eat so much at meals that you do not want a snack. If you do get hungry and need something, a pork chop is relatively good, although it would be best to have a portion of veggies at the same time. 

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