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Tea sweetners


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I love coconut milk in a cup of decaf Earl Grey at night.  I have found that I do not enjoy coconut milk in most other teas though (rooibos, herbal etc).


You'd be looking for the same words as any other product (sweeteners, soy, wheat, sulphites etc) along with the word "candied".  That word "candied" implies a fruit that has been coated in sugar.  That's a no-no.  Vanilla is another one to watch out for because absolute Whole30 compliance would not allow vanilla due to the alcohol content.  And finally, things like "maple sugar pieces" would obv be non-compliant.


Not sure about your area but if you have a David's Tea (Canada) or Teavana or Teaopia or any other loose leaf tea store, they'll have enormous selections and you can sniff the tea and check the ingredients right there.  Most of the loose leaf teas I have found are blended so beautifully that they don't need sweeteners.

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