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  1. ladyshanny

    I'm Freakin' Tired

    Hi @Tangentia - being tired in the first 5-10 days is pretty common. Maybe give us a more specific run down on some typical days of eating including quantities, protein and veggie types etc. We can see if anything stands out.
  2. ladyshanny

    RX Bars

    Snacking is discouraged, not outlawed. If people are in highly active professions or have super-long days or are nursing/pregnant, we understand that they may need to eat between meals. RX Bars, while delicious, are a less than optimal choice if you have the option of picking between that and a more Whole-Food style thing like hard boiled eggs and mayo or chicken thigh and avocado. Some uses that we understand for RX Bars are as "emergency" in the bottom of your carry-on in case your flight is super-delayed. Or a long hike. Things like that. To just eat them as meal replacements or to quell sugar cravings - no, highly discouraged.
  3. ladyshanny

    Help Picking A Coach Based On My Needs

    Hi @Dragonslayer - we aren't given any more detail or info on the coaches than can be found on the portion of the website, sorry! I would pick a few you think you could be compatible with and then send them your story and "interview" a few and see if anyone stands out.
  4. This sounds like a dangerous medical issue unrelated to eating protein, vegetables and fat. Please see a doctor, your issue is outside the ability of anyone on this forum to counsel you through.
  5. ladyshanny

    8/8 Starting my Whole30!

    Hi @Jothika - we understand the desire to go animal free - however you are actually in a perfect position to delay that for 30 days + your reintroduction. Here's why. Some of the common vegetarian protein sources are those that we eliminate during a Whole30. This way your system is completely reset and you can reintroduce those items and see how they affect you going forward. If you will continue to be an omnivore during Whole30, you are in the best possible position to create the perfect vegetarian plan for you.
  6. ladyshanny

    Anyone Experience This?

    Wow, that's not cool. I guess I would order club soda w/ lime just so that they had something to ring into the till. I mean............if you were monopolizing a table by yourself during peak time and not spending any money there, then sure...........but to be at a table with other people that are ordering food and beverages should be just fine.
  7. ladyshanny

    Anemia problems?

    There are iron supplements that don't have non-compliant ingredients. I take Feramax 150 which is OTC here in Canada. Works well! We aren't doctors though so always follow your doctor's advice. You can eat foods higher in iron as well, red meats, spinach, raisins, broccoli, sardines etc. Feel free to give a run-down on what your meals typically look like. We can see if anything stands out. Although you are on Day 8 and it seems like everything should be getting better, that's not always the way it goes. My first W30 I had a smashing headache for the first 14 days. Plus you're coming to the program already depleted due to your previous experiences. Take it easy.
  8. ladyshanny

    Prune Juice with coffee?

    Honestly, that's toeing the line of what would be acceptable. There are lots of folks who have had the same issue; coming from a background of liking sweetened creamy coffee. Some recommendations: switch to tea, try finding higher quality coffee beans, try different brewing methods, try iced coffee.
  9. Good Morning, sorry for the delayed response. I would recommend not doing soy and carrageenan at the same time. Carrageenan can be a very nasty additive with its own side effects. You won't know if it's soy or carrageenan if you have a reaction.
  10. ladyshanny

    Whole 30 Victories

    Excellent, those are some great rewards for your hard work!
  11. ladyshanny

    Feeling SUPER full

    What are you eating in general? Things like brussel sprouts, cauliflower, onions and peppers all can cause bloating which will limit how hungry you feel. List out your past few days of typical food intake and let's see what's going on.
  12. ladyshanny

    Whole30 and 2018

    Lovely! That sounds like an amazing intro to the program!
  13. ladyshanny

    Compliant Coffee Creamer!!

    Hi there, yes this item would be compliant to put in coffee.
  14. ladyshanny

    Can I reintroduce in this way?

    You have such a clean slate at the end of your whole30, it's the perfect time to test anything you might one day want to eat so that when that day comes, you know how it'll affect you. I would not do as you suggest above because even if dairy seems fine, if you have some reaction to oats and dairy day, how will you k ow if it's the oats, the dairy or the combination. Some people do ok if they have an item like dairy alone but as soon as they combine it, its overload on their system. You wont know that without testing each thing individually.
  15. ladyshanny

    Discouraged at Day 18 - Suggestions?

    Overall you don't appear to be eating enough. Eggs as protein are as many as you can hold in your hand - 3 or 4 for most people is a good start. A handful of sauteed greens cooks down to absolutely nothing so add a sturdier veggie to that - 2-3 cups. Add an eating fat to your breakfast (ie, in addition to whatever fat you are cooking in). Ditch drinking the almond and coconut milk all together - we do not recommend drinking any milk substitutes. Meals should be 1-2 servings of protein (either eggs as noted above or the length, thickness and width of your own palm), 2-3 cups of cooked veggies (greens would need to be far more just due to how compressed they get when you eat them) and 1-2 servings of fat that is not the fat you cooked with. If you need to eat between meals, prioritize protein and fat. Try the starch every day and for now, even two meals/day. Go with lunch and dinner rather than at breakfast.