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  1. Great idea! Try this: Plant Based General Discussion - Whole30
  2. What do folks find at Trader Joes that fits the PBWhole30 bill??
  3. This is done as per request, you can see it here: Plant Based Recipes - Whole30 Thanks for the great idea!
  4. Hi @hollysmokes, Whole30 HQ here, sorry that we didn't get this answer out to you quicker! Vital Proteins sources it from sodium hyaluronate which is a naturally occurring polysaccharide found in connective tissues such as cartilage. Hope that helps!
  5. Hey! HQ here! We just discussed these egg-life wraps recently and as this brand is just egg with a bit of stabilizer and not egg + almond flour + cassava flour etc, we've determined that they are compatible with the program! We will evaluate other egg-wrap products on a case by case basis as some are definitely not compatible with reference to the pancake rule!
  6. ladyshanny


    As of December 16, 2021, MSG is no longer off limits for the Whole30. You can read more here: Is MSG Okay on Whole30? A Change to the Whole30 Rules
  7. Haha, well she is just a human person who makes errors just like the rest of us! Trust - we are not trying to lead anyone down the garden path.
  8. Hey ya'll - Shannon from Whole30 HQ here! Wow, this is an oldie screenshot! To be clear - artificial flavors have not now nor have they ever been off limits during Whole30. Would we encourage you to find something without them? Sure, if you want. But natural and artificial flavors are fine. And before you point to the screenshot from Melissa - I've confirmed with the Whole30 team and her response was incorrect. Maybe a brain-fart, maybe she was in a hurry, maybe she didn't clearly read what you were asking before responding. But rest assured, the answer "nope" to the question about c
  9. Oh, interesting! I'll talk to our IT team about this! @ShannonM816 - I've got this one!
  10. Nope, don't calculate based on grams's more fluid than that. For recipes, we don't necessarily write them all as template abiding - some are side dishes or protein mains etc. Given your lack of satiety I would add fat to your meals - it's really almost impossible to overeat fats - they shut the body off when done. The satiety also depends on your portion sizes. How many cups of veggies were in that stew - how many approx palms of protein? Now can I also say that the foods that some people were/are used to eating (not saying you but it's possible) are calorically dense but
  11. You sure can. Note that they are quite high in starch so the method you describe above is a great use for them!
  12. Interesting, @NSK, thanks for sharing!
  13. I don't know what "BC" is - but you can take whatever normal headache medicine you normally take. We don't want you to suffer.
  14. I had that dull throbbing headache on and off for a little more than the first couple weeks. Generally it's a hormone adjustment side effect - take a headache pill if you need to, you don't have to suffer. Of course I'm not a doctor so if you're concerned, seek out medical advice.