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  1. ladyshanny

    Could I be sensitive to dairy?

    The only way to find out is to test it again.
  2. ladyshanny

    Day 22 - Fatigued and Mental Fog

    I'm pretty sure you are not eating enough overall which can directly cause the symptoms that you have explained. Eggs, as a sole protein, are as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping - 3-4 is a good start for most people. Bacon is a fat so doesn't count towards protein. Breakfast is the foundational meal and as you have likely been under-eating it from the start, the cumulative effects are starting to show. Up your protein portions overall, make sure to include a plated fat source with every meal, ditch the smoothies (highly non-recommended) and make sure to salt your food. If you are coming from Standard American Diet, chances are you consumed more sodium then than you are now. Sodium is essential for life so make sure you are salting to taste. If you do need to snack, the recommendation is to stick w/ a combo of either protein + fat or protein + veggies. Leave off fruits/nuts combo, they do nothing for you, can keep sugar-dragon alive and prevent fat adaptation in the early stages. (plantain chips are not compliant unless you made them at home)
  3. ladyshanny

    Protein Powder/Reintroduction Dilemma

    Hi @kellythomas710 - this phrase really stuck out to me in light of the fact that you don't necessarily feel you want to introduce protein powder and that the Whole30 has allowed your relationship with food to change. We cannot and will never give weight loss hacks on Whole30. You are free to reintroduce as you like and modify your meal composition and timing as a self experiment and see what results from from a physical and overall standpoint. Your comment about the protein powder filling you up with less calories is a diet mindset and we really try to avoid that on Whole30. Afterwards you're free to do as you wish but much of the relationship with food resolution is because we don't worry about calories, we listen to our bodies to determine what we need and how much. I'm sorry that you're struggling and I know my answer isn't what you likely want to hear but there is nothing we can really say that is going to do what you are after (shed a couple pounds by Sunday).
  4. ladyshanny

    Could I be sensitive to dairy?

    It can take some time for the body to process a reaction. given that you had a skin reaction I would say that it is very likely dairy caused. Dairy is notorious for causing and exacerbating skin issues such as eczema and inflammatory skin issues like rosacea. If you want to know absolutely for sure, go back on Whole30 until you are feeling and looking (skin) just as good as you were before you tried it and then try it again and see what happens. Might take 7-10-14 days for the skin issues to clear up. They can come on quickly but take quite a while to resolve.
  5. ladyshanny

    How many meals?

    Yep. It is about listening to your body within the general frame of the recommended meal template. If you find that you are frequently hungry 3 hours after dinner then look at how your dinner is composed. But these one-offs are fine.
  6. ladyshanny

    How many meals?

    As a one-off random day, that's probably fine. But do know that lack of appetite followed by light or non existent eating often breeds further lack of appetite. Your best bet is to create a template meal and eat as much of it as you can so that you don't end up in that nasty spiral.
  7. Haha, I've tried this one too. It's the same if not worse for creaminess but super you have to use a blender or one of those little aerolatte hand whippers. Sorry! I've been trying to find a powdered creamer that I could take on motorcycle trips rather than fussing around w/ liquid coconut milk and so far have found nothing suitable.
  8. ladyshanny

    Glute free fat

    "rapeseed" is another word for canola and no, this would not be compliant for home use. Canola is only begrudgingly permitted when eating out otherwise no one would ever be able to eat out on a Whole30.
  9. ladyshanny

    Fried shrimp

    You'd have to ask what the shrimp was fried in and what, if anything, it was breaded in. I would doubt it was compliant as most sushi uses peanut or soy oil.
  10. Yes, @Jen-Whole30 - this is Vital Proteins, a Whole30 approved partner. Just to note, although this is a "creamer", it does not make your coffee very creamy unless you add loads and loads of it....which I found to be cost-prohibitive.
  11. ladyshanny

    Green peas

    Hi @Joyls - snap peas are mostly pod, barely any pea. The only peas permitted are snow and snap and the only beans permitted are green beans.
  12. ladyshanny

    Rice Bran Oil for Cosmetics

    Yes, it's fine. Whole30 is only concerned with what you ingest.
  13. ladyshanny

    teen eating junk food when out with friends

    If she is in agreement that she's feeling poorly and her clothes don't fit and she doesn't like the brain fog, then maybe sit down with her in an environment not already charged about the issue (go for a walk, make a pot of tea) and ask her if she would be willing to try the Whole30 for 30 days. "What if we give it a shot, really put our effort in for 30 days and do it together and then at the end, let's add those favourite treats back one at a time and see how you feel. You might find that your brain feels less foggy and you have more energy when you avoid certain things. Then you can make better choices when it's treat-time that won't affect you so much." She's 14 - 4 more years and that kid is off to start a much more independent life. She's a child, sure, but she's also a burgeoning adult. Might be worth trying to treat her more like the young adult she is rather than just cutting off her money and restricting donuts to twice a year. Help guide her but leave the decision making up to her. Because sure, for the next 4 years or so you can Battle Royale it out over this but that's not your energy best spent. Help her learn how to determine what is and is not worth it here surrounding food - but that also plays out in other aspects of her growing life. What is and is not worth her money, what is and is not worth her time, what is and is not worth her emotional energy. You have an awesome learning/teaching opportunity here................. Disclaimer: I don't have kids.
  14. ladyshanny

    Newbie starting today June 4

    Weighing yourself is against one of the main rules of this program. Please don't encourage others to break that rule.
  15. ladyshanny

    Sugar cravings. BAD.

    Make sure you are eating enough protein, fat and veggies at your meals. Turn away from fruits as snacks or for cravings. It's hard to give anymore specific advice without knowing what you have been eating.