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  1. So Delicious Culinary Coconut Milk

    Often cartoned milk substitutes are non-compliant or hard to find. There are some that exist and you appear to have found one.
  2. Personalised reintroduction (feedback welcome)

    Ya, unfortunately you might be setting yourself up for a bit of a shock based on your outlined plan If I were you I would introduce the things you think are going to mess you up the most. And then leave 2-3 days in between. Then you could potentially reintroduce the less troublesome ones while on vacay (hummus or legumes etc). I would likely not do what you are planning above because written out like this it's: Your Plan Friday: peanut butter, hummus and some green peas Saturday: Whole30 Sunday: soy Monday: fermented dairy Tuesday & Wednesday: unfermented dairy Thursday: beer/wheat There are no significant rest days for your system in here. Tread carefully if you go forward this way.
  3. Good choice, @Giffs109 - I know it sucks but you made the right choice and we are SO here for you! Also, you shouldn't go through any of the first week nonsense as you're only restarting to give your gut the full 30 days of healing. Your body will still likely be on track with the normal timeline.
  4. The choice is ultimately up to you however the program guidance would be to restart, yes. Take a read of this article and you tell us what you decide:
  5. Raw Milk/Cheese

    Nope, sorry. It's all about how it works for you, how it affects your body etc. We don't make "less bad" recommendations. Not saying dairy is inherently bad but that anything off Whole30 plan is for you to test, research and try. In all my years here I've never seen anyone report back on raw dairy vs regular dairy so if you do end up doing some tests/research, maybe report back for the rest of us?
  6. Is this normal?

    Sounds like you're sick.
  7. Air fryer

    The moderator just two posts up clarified: If you're using it as an alternate way of cooking that does not use more oil than pan frying or roasting and you're not using it to prop up a french fry affliction or similar then go ahead.
  8. Meal times pre and post workout

    Sure, that could work. Pre-workout isn't always necessary so if you work out shortly after you eat a regular meal, that's fine.
  9. Compliant Deli Ham

    The only thing that would help determine if the ham is compliant or not is the actual ingredient list, sorry. If you can't determine what is in it, then it's out. Sorry!
  10. Meal times pre and post workout

    Post workout is in addition to your regular meals and is typically eaten within 30-ish minutes of the conclusion of your workout.
  11. Compliant Deli Ham

    We would need to see the ingredient list on this item. And as with all things, nuts are compliant if all the ingredients (ie, oils etc) are compliant.
  12. Snacking question

    I wouldn't put a set time on it but eat a protein + fat or protein + veggie "mini meal" when you feel you need it. By putting a timeline on it you likely remove your own feedback loop. Some days you might need it and some days you might not. I would also make sure that your regular meals have ample fat included as that is what gives you the duration between meals.
  13. Longer reintroduction this time around

    You can definitely extend your reintroductions in order to pinpoint sensitivities. To be clear, you mean to eat the reintroduced item for 2-3 days and then rest your system on Whole30 for a few days and then try the next thing? Often things are "dose dependant" so this is a good way of determining if you have issues that may not show up with just the standard reintro.
  14. vegetarian/pescetarian- protein needs

    Hi @Pam H - unfortunately we don't really make recommendations for plant based proteins. There's an article I've linked below about how to do Whole30 as a vegetarian but we don't make vegetarian protein recommendations because it's technically not the Whole30. The vegetarian shopping list leaves all the protein spaces blank for you to fill in yourself.
  15. Starting WHOLE30 tomorrow 4/15/18

    The only way to ensure no sugar added is to read the ingredients of the item you plan to buy, regardless of what store that is in.