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  1. Holiday Survival + Whole 30 Day Restart

    Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa - I snorted my coffee!
  2. Day 3 - Horrible Muscle Aches

    Hi there @Ellenst - intense muscle aches that disrupt sleep are not a symptom of eating protein, vegetables and fats. You might be coming down with something. If you are concerned, we would recommend you see a dr as no one here can give out medical advice.
  3. Scared

    You can start whenever you want. There are always people starting throughout the month.
  4. Scared

    You can totally do this. Remember that the reason that it feels panicky to change your eating plan is because those processed foods are engineered in a lab to MAKE you feel that way. They are meant to be addictive so it stands to reason that not having them feels scary. What a lot of people miss about cheese is the fat and the salt. You can get this from ghee and salting your food. Avocado/guac and salting your food. We don't want you to completely give up carbs, just switch to potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots etc. Our recommendation is at least one fist sized serving per day but at first you may feel better if you have it at a couple meals. Understand, you are probably going to feel like crap. Make sure you are eating enough food. Big meals. This isn't a diet. Drink water. Salt your food. Get rest. Be nice to yourself. And get a good dialogue going in your brain NOW to pull out when those addictive foods are calling. Here's a start: I deserve better than to feel like crap and these foods that were made in a lab make me feel like crap. I CHOOSE to move past my fast-food-rotation habit and that might feel awful at first. But I also CHOOSE to be nice to myself, to love myself, to speak kindly to myself and to learn how to properly take care of myself. I no longer want to be ruled by sugar/fast food/insert food demon here so I CHOOSE to make what feel like tough decisions now so I can reap the rewards later. Stick it out, come here for support, we've got your back!
  5. What about Gnocchi?

    If you were looking for an official ruling from the Whole30 powers that be, on July 22, 2014 they posted this on FB: We hear you all talking about gnocchi. Even though potatoes are now on the menu, this is still pasta and still falls into the #SWYPO category. Use that incredible sauce on some zoodles or a gorgeous piece of meat instead.
  6. What about Gnocchi?

    You're still using approved ingredients to recreate something that is normally made with wheat flour. Cauliflower "rice" is a way of chopping a vegetable. Nothing else is done to it. Zoodles is a way of slicing zucchini. Nothing else. In the case of gnocchi, you're taking a vegetable after it's cooked and mixing it with starches in order to make it do something it would not normally do. You want to rice your potato, fine. Want to cook tomatoes into a sauce? Go for it. But the SWYPO rule states that creating non compliant foods like a pasta would not be permitted. You're an adult, you can 100% do what you like and the "SWYPO" rule is at its very core, a bit of a grey area. If you come and talk about something here which is already over the years ruled out, the mods and advanced members will make corrections because it is for the greater understanding of the rules and the spirit of the program for anyone who comes along after. If you come onto the forum and make references to anyone in a racially charged way, your comments will be edited as I have done above. This is a family friendly, fully inclusive community.
  7. cream of soup alternative

    Have you tried googling different Whole30 shepherd's pie recipes? There are tonnes. That said, if you are looking for a shepherd's pie that you can cut into squares and have it not fall over on your plate, you're probably out of luck. Most of the ones out there and that I have made will turn more to "casserole" once you cut into them.
  8. What about Gnocchi?

    I just googled "gnocchi recipe" and looked at 10 links to recipes and every single one of them has conventional wheat flour in them and not a small amount; multiple cups. Gnocchi is out for Whole30.
  9. The only things that are actual RULES are the yes/no foods and not weighing yourself. The rest are just strong recommendations. The meal template and suggested meal timing over the course of the program is designed to help you get the most out of your 30 days. That said, a large/late brunch can be fine, you don't have to cram three meals in when you have this sort of situation. Our suggestion is to make sure that this is not an anomoly and that normally you are eating three meals 4-5 hours apart, the first one within an hour of waking. Otherwise, brunch on!
  10. What's wrong?? Day 10

    I'll be honest, I very much doubt any transient sugar in a deli sausage is going to cause sleeping issues. Especially considering that somewhat disrupted sleep is your norm and last week was the anomaly. What I would probably suggest is that last week your body was going through some heavy adjustments to the changes you made and was exhausted. How is Whole30 different than how you were eating previously? What are your sleep hygiene habits? Room temp, darkness, quiet, eliminating electronics, all-week sleep schedule etc.
  11. What's wrong?? Day 10

    Sleep disruption can be fairly common in the first couple weeks. It would be helpful if you could list out what you're eating (incl portion sizes related to the meal template, specific veggies, meal timing), fluids, stress, exercise and your general sleep hygiene. What are your current sleep issues? Not falling asleep? Waking up to pee? Tossing and turning? Or just not waking up energized?
  12. Day 7

    Read this and then decide for yourself how to proceed:
  13. Brussels Sprouts

    Moving this post to recipes.
  14. My face is a tomato

    If you think you are having an actual allergic reaction, go to a doctor. Strangers on the internet cannot diagnose what could be serious medical issues.
  15. do i need to start again?!

    Your start over decision is up to you. Personally I would probably just keep going and hold off reintroducing dairy until at least Day 36. More to the point though, why was he pouring yogurt on the baby?!