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  1. Ingredient Confusion

    MSG is not something they can hide, it has to be disclosed. If the ingredients list is fine the spice is fine. If there are no ingredients on a single item (eg; garlic), it's safe. If they add things to It, they have to disclose that.
  2. Pre/Post-Workout Meal Suggestions?

    Give it a try both ways. Try with a full breakfast and then try with just a preworkout snack. See how you do. Maybe your body will prefer one over the other. Hard for us to say. You can cruise around the athletes forum for lots of discussion about what to fuel with on longer runs/exercise - no sense us typing all that out again.
  3. Cabbage and brussels will cause gas. Maybe cut back on those for a bit.
  4. What email below? All I see is a screenshot of their offerings?
  5. I would think if you were sick last week then you might want to take it easy. It also sounds like you were quite reliant on sugars and junk so it could be taking you longer. If you would like us to help further, please open a thread in the Troubleshooting section of the forum and list out a few typical days of food including portion sizes, timing, fluids, stress, sleep and exercise.
  6. Meal Delivery? Cooked-Concerns

    I think they must be using the pictures from their standard menu and the descriptions from the Whole30 menu items because I clicked on the "Whole30 Shrimp and Chorizo Jambalaya" and the picture clearly shows it being served over rice but the description says "toasted veggie rice".
  7. So much gas. So smelly.

    Fats can cause pretty stinky gas if you're sensitive. Try sticking with one fat type for a few days and see how it goes. If it's cooking oil, make sure you use a lot. Nuts/nut butters can also cause digestive upset. If you do need to eat between meals, the program recommends to prioritize protein and fat, not fruit and nuts.
  8. So much gas. So smelly.

    Are you eating anything in excess that is out of the norm? Anything new you've never had before? When do you find you're getting the gas? All the time or after certain meals? As for unwanted weight loss, check out this article:
  9. Coconut milk - settled to the bottom?

    Yep! Maybe it was upside down in transit or before being shelved at your grocery store.
  10. Sweet vs Russet Potatoes

    Sure you can.
  11. Basic metabolism, bowels.

    Changed how? It's probably expected if whole30 is a large departure from how you normally eat. New intake = new output.
  12. Dizzy/Lightheaded

    Eat more.....add another meal, add another egg or sausage to your breakfast. Your body is clearly telling you it's not getting enough energy. More food for you. Four full meals is our recommendation for those breastfeeding.
  13. White potatoes? Compliant?

    Potatoes are fine.
  14. TOM Cravings

    These are excellent strategies, @chichi !
  15. What to Expect Calendar (Symptoms)

    It's impossible to give any specific feedback to possibly help you feel better without some information. Create a thread in the Troubleshooting section of the forum and list out your food from the last 3 days including exercise, sleep, stress, portions, fluids etc.