I'm getting held back!


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This is a lot! I'm wanting to do a whole 30 really bad but I want candy a lot more. I was ore paring myself for two days to start Nov. 1st day after Halloween really? Anyway I'm nursing my fourth child 4 moth old who spits up a lot his doc just told me I needed to supplement with formula to gain weight I did for little over a week. I'm recently trying to get my milk back and have been able to nurse more frequently. I have found I can't have certain foods while I nurse MILK is a big one he actually broke out in a rash the other day because I had a shake. Don't worry I'm getting to my point :).

He doesn't do good with sugar he gets a rash on his poor bum when I eat it well because I don't eat in moderation if I have a bag of candy I eat the whole bag if I have any sweets I will eat all of them. When he was 2 weeks old he got a horrible yeast rash blisters open sores it got bad. i had to go on a sugar control diet ( I was working with a doc) so it would clear out of his system since I was nursing I've had a hard time with this because I think as a nursing mom I know how the foods I eat will effect him and yet I still eat them.

I went to a RD after my third baby was born for compulsive eating I did ok I went for 9 mo I could go with out sugar for a few days then I had some then I wanted more I just couldn't shake that sugar. Last year I cut out sweets "Added sugar" I did good for 4 mo, my first trimester anyway I slowly sneaked back in sugar and couldn't take it back out finally got motivated found whole 30 I did at least for 20 days I was amazed I finally was able to stop eating when I was full. I get depleted easily of potassium and I drank some coconut water well needless to say it brought out the sugar demon and it was roaring I haven't been able to get motivated to do it again I have a day where I'm great but I've been bingeing buying lots of goodies, hiding them from my hubbs so he won't judge me. I'm already 50lbs or so overweight. I'm making myself sick and can't stop. I can't even get past one day. I loved how I felt on it but I find myself to addicted to foods or sweets to go very long or even a day. I'm kind of lost here

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It is good that you have worked with your doctor and an RD, in the past, but have you considered a therapist? You mentioned compulsive eating and it sounds like (not an expert) binge eating disorder, especially with you eating secretly.


It really sounds like you need to spend some time with a professional that is experienced in dealing with eating disorders to determine what is at the root of your behavior.

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