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1st week done! Critique, please?


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Hi -


Just finished my first week and I'm still not sure if I am eating the right things and amounts. So used to counting calories, points, etc. I feel a bit lost.


Here was my typical meals during week 1:


Meal 1: usually 2-3 eggs scrambled or in an omelet with veggies (onion, mushroom, zucchini, spinach, peppers) sautéed in coconut or olive oil.  Sometimes with a little ham or steak.


Meal 2: Spinach salad with onion, avocado, zucchini, protein (shrimp, steak or chicken) tossed with a whole30 homemade dressing


Meal 3: A salad like meal 2 OR potato with sautéed veggies, meat and whole30 dressing.  I also had two whole30 meals from recipes I found.  Some zucchini boats, and a taco salad.


I have worked out a few times, on those days, my Pre and Post meals were:


Pre - an egg

Post - some diced chicken with avocado


Does it sound like I am on the right track?  I haven't experienced some of the possible side effects. Other than a few headaches and some food dreams, I've felt pretty normal. Looking for the benefits to start showing in a few weeks :o)


Would love any input some of you who have done this a few times could offer! 

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You're off to a great start...I only have 2 comments: 1) Are you certain the ham is compliant? It's rare to find one without sugar. 2) The typical recommendation for a post-WO meal is lean protein with carbs...so you might want to replace that avo with some sweet potato. Fat slows the digestion and you won't make use of that protein as fast.


If you're following the meal template, and you're not starving in between meals...you're doing it right!

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Thanks!! I've actually been feeling full.  Thanks for the tip on my Post-WO, I got that mixed up :oP  and yes, the ham was ok....I double checked.  Having a hard time finding a compliant bacon though.  Would love some every now and them with breakfast.

Where did you find compliant ham? That's a real find - it's pretty much impossible to find in the U.S.

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