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Whole30 Buddy to start with ASAP

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Hello Ladies,

Im looking for a buddy to complete a whole30. I am currently breastfeeding and pumping while at work for my 7month old baby. I am hoping to get rid of very strong sugar/carb cravings (cookies, cake, etc.) I am also hoping that the whole30 helps me with oversupply and over active let down. I also have DMER (which is negative feelings right before let down bc of a drop in dopamine) because of low dopamine levels. I am hoping the whole30 can help to regulate my dopamine and therefore my DMER, which would help my cravings because of my low dopamine I crave the sugar rush. Wow who would think so much could be connected and regulated by food! I have tried a whole30 before but still snacked and made a few minor but bad decisions and used a ton of fruit to combat the sugar dragon. So I do not think I truly benefited from my first attempt. I am hoping to find a buddy to help me get through the 30 days and to help keep me accountable. I am hoping to start tomorrow. Please let me know if you are going to be starting tomorrow or sometime soon and if you would like to be in touch with me so we can help each other.

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