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  1. MeadowLily

    Psyching up for a December W30!

    Right back at you and LadyLisbette, too. Melissa summed it up a short time ago. 'It's not enough just to do the thing'. That's it in a nutshell and not the whole bushel. Unless you reframe everything about food and what it can do to you, dieting the pounds away by remote control will never ever be enough. You have to unravel and unwind yourself. Go back to the very beginning where you tripped and undo every tangled web. A healthy relationship with food begins in the kitchen but transformation happens in the mind.
  2. MeadowLily

    Where have all the people gone?

    People still come and go. The half has not been told but I'm here to tell that this is one of the best run forums. You may have tried others but you won't find the same friendly discourse. No, siree. You'll find all kinds of snarkalicious snark and potshots. This place is downright user friendly. Kind. Good will towards others. I see some of my old group from time to time, I've heard some very sad news and some good news. The ebb and flow of life. So long now. The Dude abides.
  3. MeadowLily

    Rural area....

    Correct, I was assuming it was compliant bacon. Sugarcube, you look wonderful in that light.
  4. MeadowLily

    Rural area....

    Just take your share out and add the cheese for the kids. You like bacon. Fry the bacon and then fry your cabbage. Throw all of your vege on a baking tray and drizzle bacon fat over the top. Roast in the oven around 375-400 until done. Voila.
  5. MeadowLily

    Rural area....

    Do you like specific vegetables?
  6. MeadowLily

    Rural area....

    Go to one of Lady Shanny's replies. She has links to the most popular resources. Read through all of those.
  7. MeadowLily

    Rural area....

    You've struck a chord with many of us and that's why we're all trying to help you. We care. Within that Walmart and Kroger you'll find everything you need. Read the book if you want but all of the resources are in Lady Shanny's profile or signature. Your usual fare is vegetables and meats. The only difference is not using straight butter, you'll have to learn how to clarify it. You choose, you decide. Take a break or keep going. I'm trying to interpret your needs and goals for the Whole 30. Not sure if you're working with food sensitivities or allergies but it's a worthwhile 30 day experience for anyone, regardless. Even if we return immediately to our former ways of eating, we still learn something from the 30 days. P.S. We posted at exactly the same time. I had no idea you were right above me.
  8. MeadowLily

    Rural area.... This is my favorite Whole 30 testimonial. They did everything on a shoestring budget with no running water, no fridge and without an oven. They owned one knife, one frying pan, one pot, two plates and one mug. No one is offended. How are you eating now, how do you get by. I didn't order a single ingredient from anywhere. No fancy dressings or sauces. No bars or convenience foods. Those are all there for those who can afford them but not required. Don't overthink this. Just take it one step at a time. I didn't use ghee and I don't even like coconut oil. Start with olive oil.
  9. MeadowLily

    Rural area.... see the comments, too. Imagine you're camping or backpacking for 30 days. There are many Grab-N-Go Whole 30 ideas. Google search for those. The bottomline, you can do a Grab-N-Go but a certain amount of cooking will be required. You could live on canned fishes, dill pickles, boiled eggs all from the gas station. What's your end game and what kind of results are you looking for - beyond 30 days.
  10. MeadowLily

    High Cholesterol!!!

    You seem to have a really good grasp of what's going on. SugarCube is correct. You've got to find someone you can work worth, hopefully Nurse Ratched has retired by now.
  11. MeadowLily

    Day 30 and only lost 1 pound!?!

    Sojurabbit, Whole 30 is about getting rid of moral judgments about food. Good or bad, naughty or nice. My triggers are all artificial. They're not even real foods. They're highly engineered to be craved, purposefully made to sux the life right of everyone. Things filled with HFCS and really artificial sweetners. Worthless. Useless. Dieting books are virtual fountains of useless information. Part of my food addiction recovery homework was to toss all of them out. I did that and I wanted to hang onto them for dear life. My husband did it when I wasn't looking. Goners. It created a vacuum so that I could clean the slate and clear the decks. Clearing my head out for creating new habits and a sustainable, consistent way of living that I can do each and every day. Our mileage will always vary.
  12. MeadowLily

    Day 30 and only lost 1 pound!?!

    A self-induced Food Prison vs. Food Freedom Forever. The absolute best part of Whole 30 and Food Freedom Forever, for me, is creating a sustainable positive food management plan that I can actually live with for the rest of my life. Don't throw anymore money in the toilet on another diet. It dieting actually worked, it would only take one diet and one diet only to fix all of your problems with weight and food. You would conduct one diet, swish your hands together and walk away. Cured, healed and happy. Dieting doesn't work that way. There is no such thing as one diet that can heal everyone for the rest of their life. You have to create and find the foods that you like and can live with for the rest of your days. The best of the best, is allowing yourself actual freedom to include every food you like in the quantities that work for you. You create your own food thoughts, rules and recommendations. This is the launching pad and springboard that gives you permission to do that for yourself. You know the way. It is filled with gentle changes for the permanent WIN. Your way. Have it your way, not SPT's way or even Melissa's way but your way. It's all fun, really, creating your way.
  13. MeadowLily

    Day 30 and only lost 1 pound!?!

    Without a Reintro Phase, that's missing out on the most important part of Whole 30. Whole 30 and Reintro are mates like salt and pepper. I know, I know everyone wants the side effects of weight loss. Follow through with Reintro and you won't regret it. As long as I've been here, I've yet to see one person come back and say I'm soooo happy I never bothered with a Reintro. Those that do come back, regret that they did not strike while the griddle was hot and immediately follow through. We've watched them, try to conduct repeat Whole 30's without doing reintros and they end up walking away without one. They start over and over and disappear. Embrace the greater purpose of conducting a Whole 30. I've not ever seen weight loss permanently fix or change a relationship with food. Thoughtful decisions going forward will. A Whole 30 without a Reintro can come undone on Day 31. Eating all the things in one day. You don't want to do that and experience those consequences. A belly ache and misery. Take it slow and follow through. I promise you, you'll be glad you did.