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  1. How to quit caring how much I weigh

    Stop postponing life until you become that perfect number on the scale. Waiting for the ideal body to show up on the scale and rescue you from all of life's problems causes massive amounts of stress. Waiting for life and wanting to be 'there' with the perfect number on the scale is a cruel taskmaster. Judging yourself every single day by how you look in the mirror and what you weigh on the scale is postponing life.
  2. Recovery Warrior Let sleeping dogs lie They will awaken in time Bring life to the desolate ground That's now covered with snow There's no need to explain more Reading between the lines is enough to catch the flow And maybe you'll ride along And meet me where the currents collide
  3. 9 June Start

    Higs, it was the best.
  4. Whole 30 Gout!

    Gout and diabetes are related. There's usually a genetic component with both conditions. The W30 could've been the tipping point but it was already there, laying dormant or just ready to pounce on your joints. There's no such thing as one plan fits all. Food is not my religion and if certain foods are causing more harm than good - adjust accordingly. Uric acid is a waste product that is normally found in the blood. It comes from the breakdown of substances called “purines” that are part of many foods. High amounts of uric acid in the blood can cause crystals to form in the joints, leading to gout. However, only a small portion of people with high uric acid levels get gout. Research has shown strong links between uric acid levels and metabolic syndrome, a combination of medical conditions that are related to insulin resistance (the body’s inability to correctly process insulin) and increase a person’s chances of getting heart disease and diabetes. Studies in people with pre-diabetes and in the elderly have suggested that high uric acid levels raise a person’s chances of getting diabetes.
  5. One Good Whole30 choice I made today is:

    Much Love. Tanto Amore, Laurie. à bientôt.
  6. One Good Whole30 choice I made today is:

    There are days it's difficult to let sleeping dragons lie and not rekindle my thread. I see my words out there in the Universe and think let sleeping dogs lie and rest peacefully. Leave things as they are. It was a time within a time.
  7. One Good Whole30 choice I made today is:

    So who's going to make it to Day 30. Who's going to take the Slow Roll with you when you go? I'm laying back in the sagebrush, still reading the forum. It's so easy to miss the magic. The possibility of a real life change. Food Addiction Recovery is about no longer being a slave to a diet or impulsive cravings and being led around by the nose. Thrill eating is only going to put you deeper in the hole. It's the real invasion of the body snatchers.