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  1. MeadowLily


    Great. I'm glad you enjoyed the Reintroduction Primer video. It's been around for a couple of years, I thought you might like it.
  2. MeadowLily

    Reintroduction Whole 30 Reintroduction Primer. ^^
  3. MeadowLily

    Life After Whole 30

  4. MeadowLily

    What is an InstantPot There's an instapot recall. Fire hazard.
  5. MeadowLily

    Dang Coconut chips

    These are toasted. It's similar to raw nuts vs. roasted and toasted coconut vs. raw-ish. They're going to be sweeter because they're condensed by the toasting process. You probably wouldn't overdo with raw coconut oil which is a better way to get fat into your meals.
  6. MeadowLily

    Whole30 Cooking Without Using the Oven

    A Whole 30 usually requires some cooking, no other way around it. Raw vege, could do but if you're washing them, why not throw them on the grill before or after the proteins. Google Grab-N-Go Whole 30's for other tips.
  7. MeadowLily

    Flavored drinking apple cider vinegars

    Have you tried Kombucha. Some think it tastes like vinegar, too. You could add ACV to your salad and your salad could have some berries or other fruit mixed in with the greens. Drinking fruit juices is not recommended even though a small amount of fruit juice is allowed for recipes. You can save these fruit drinks for post W30.
  8. MeadowLily

    Metamucil Dr Orders

    Metimucil isn't the only brand. NOW makes caps and powder, no added sugars or sweeteners either. Same ingredients, psyllium. Research sugar free psyllium products. No Artificial Color, Flavor or Sweetener, No Preservatives, No Sugar, No Starch, No Milk, No Lactose, No Soy, No Gluten, No Wheat, No Yeast. No Fish.
  9. MeadowLily

    Metamucil Dr Orders

    They make one that is completely free of all sugars and sweeteners. You can also get it the same way in capsule form, no sweeteners, no sugar.
  10. MeadowLily

    Nightshades and inflammation

    Not everyone has to walk a fine line with FODMAPS or AIP. Some choose to eat the same foods every day with no problems. The downside is missing out on nutrients that different foods provide. The greater the variety the greater bacterial diversity in your gut. Eating tomatoes, coleslaw and a protein at every meal may not heal your gut but on the other hand, fermented cabbage/foods could help. This isn't a weight loss diet but if coffee messes with your cortisol or blood sugar, leave it out. The guidelines cover the bases for the majority of people.
  11. MeadowLily

    Days 5-7 Lower Joint Pain

    Good one. Glad you already had an answer and an idea what to try next. For anyone else, most of these questions/answers can be found with a google search.
  12. MeadowLily

    Days 5-7 Lower Joint Pain

    You don't say where the joint pain is located but have you ever had a bout with gout?
  13. The W30 did help me see myself. I had a group leader who had a very good read on everyone in his group. He really cared, reached through the screen, tapped us on the shoulder and said, you've got to care about yourself. There was something extra special about that group, we all felt it and we still talk about it. I now know what that special factor was. It kept me going for a long, long time. It was a time to remember. There's much more I'd like to tell you but we simply haven't got the time. Oooo, and there was a special moderator who carried us through with that same quality and factor. Never going to forget either one of those men.
  14. No way would I judge anyone for completing 28 days or 128 days or 328 days. If I would point a finger at anyone, I would have 4 pointing back at myself. You have to do what's best for you. The greatest lesson that I've learned is that you have to declare a truce with your body. I've only completed one round of Whole 30 in 4 years. I won't do another one because I had to draw a line in the sand, declare that truce and completely surrender. That's when I turned my life around from a lifetime of binge eating and dieting and I had to reach out for some help.
  15. MeadowLily

    Continuing to Whole90

    I've completed one W90 and I did learn what I should do going forward. Many conduct consecutive Rounds of Whole 30's and some are doing W30 forevers. May your W90 be the ticket to food freedom and wellbeing.