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Sara's Miles: A Log


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November 6, 2014: Day 3

I've been writing in a journal, but am happy to have discovered this forum as a place to log my Whole30 experiences!  Today is Day 3.  To summarize briefly:


Day 1: Great!  Lots of excitement and enthusiasm about starting something new.  I loved the food I ate, and didn't miss the foods I eliminated.


Day 2: Woke up feeling rested and cheerful.  As someone who has long struggled with a "Wine Demon" ( sister to the Sugar Dragon) I am always revitalized when I take time off and don't drink at all.  I know it works better for me than trying to limit my consumption, count my drinks and stay ever-moderate.  There is a big part of me that knows I should give it up for good, forever.  Maybe my Whole30 could be the start of that.


Day 3: Today.  Woke up with a headache (didn't last) and have been a little cranky this afternoon. I ate happily:


Kale, spinach and broccoli sauteed in coconut oil  and tossed with scrambled eggs for breakfast. Coffee with coconut milk (which is surprisingly FINE!)


Lunch of leftover roast lamb and lots of roasted veggies.


Dinner will be roast chicken, a small baked potato and salad


I do have a hitch in my plans already.  I have my first colonoscopy scheduled for Monday next week, and I learned today that for the next five days I'm supposed to eat a "low fiber" diet! They're recommending staying away from raw vegetables , except for lettuce, and not too many of the higher fiber veggies.  What bad timing!  I do NOT want to delay my Whole30 now that I've started, so I guess I will have to be creative.


These are some of the issues I will be hoping to see improvement in:


Mood (low-grade depression at times, and some anxiety)

Energy level

Fitness "performance"

Cravings for alcohol and sugar


tendonitis/bursitis in my shoulder

unexplained knee pain


I am SO glad to be here!


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Day 4


Woke up feeling good today, and had lots of positive energy until about 3pm, when I felt a slump come on.  I am trying out just resting for a bit instead of having coffee to keep me going.  I am listening to my body


Breakfast today: Leftover chicken thighs cooked with tomatoes, garlic and olives


Lunch: leftover roast chicken, small white potato and steamed spinach


Dinner plan: Grilled sirloin steak, big salad, sauteed green beans


Not "hating all the things" yet...just kind of tired and sick of work.  I'm supposed to go to a book group tonight, where I will forgo wine, sweets, and cheesy creations.  I'll bring something Whole30 appproved.  I can think of all kinds of options, except for my crazy "low fiber" limitations!  Hmm...maybe I'll bring San Pelligrino!

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Wow. I didn't make it through day 4!  I caved in to urges and had 2 glasses of red wine tonight.  I didn't eat anything off the plan, but I had a strong craving for the wine and didn't listen to the healthier voice in me that told me to refrain/abstain.


Restart tomorrow.  :(

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Woke up early this morning, and have been thinking about my choice to drink wine last night.  I think alcohol will be the hardest thing for me to do without during this 30 day period, which is scary and disturbing to me. I am going to go back to Smart Recovery for additional support with that part of the process.  It's interesting to me to recognize the ways in which I use alcohol the way many people use junk food or sweets. It has long provided a brief form of stress relief, which is followed by regret and shame.  I am tired of feeling shame, and don't believe it has a healthy place in recovery from either eating or drinking issues.


I rarely drink more than two glasses of wine on a given day, and no one I know has ever told me I have a drinking problem, or even that I should cut back.  Nevertheless, when I feel a compulsion to drink it is very hard for me to resist that urge.  I get very stressed out, tense, irritable sometimes (I suppose just about everyone does) and when I am like that, my first thought is "wine!"  I really want to conquer this habit and pattern, more than I want any other experience doing the Whole30.  It would be great to lose weight, get my digestion working better, and increase my energy levels.  But more than any of that, I want to get beyond using wine for stress relief.


At first I didn't intend to include these thoughts or feelings in this log.  There is a lot of shame and embarrassment associated with drinking problems.  I know this isn't a recovery site, and I don't intend to use it as such.  But I am going to work on my overall health and wellness, and I believe that facing and changing my relationship with alcohol is an essential part of this.


Today is Day One, again, for my Whole30 and my recovery from alcohol misuse.

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Well, I would definitely not advise starting a Whole30 at a time when one has other dietary restrictions to contend with!  Today I was not supposed to eat any high fiber foods: no broccoli or other fibrous veggies, no fruit except peeled apples and bananas, no nuts or seeds...So I ate:


Breakfast: Two poached eggs atop steamed spinach and roasted sweet potatoes.

Lunch: Roasted chicken, baked potato, sweet potato, banana, peeled apple

Dinner will be: Grilled grass fed sirloin steak from Whole Foods.  Salad of baby romaine and avocado.  Green beans sauteed in olive oil. 


Tomorrow I can eat breakfast before 8am, but then I have to fast until Monday morning, when I have the a-hem...procedure.  (Colonoscopy). 


I have considered going ahead and having pasta or rice and starting my Whole30 after Monday, but I right now I feel so enthused about eating the right, healthy, nutrient dense foods, I don't want to step back, even though the timing's bad.  I think the variety of the Whole30 plan will seem luxurious compared to this combination Whole30/low-fiber diet I've been on for two days!

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I'm hungry!  I had to fast after 8am today.  Breakfast was three scrambled eggs and a sliced potato cooked in clarified butter.  


Fasting is a reminder of why I don't do calorie cutting diets!  I am looking forward to getting back to Whole30 eating tomorrow afternoon!

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No breakfast prior to procedure today...All went well and I was happy to come home and eat!


leftover steak

sauteed broccoli with cashews

potato sauteed in coconut oil


Dinner plan:

Large salad of romaine, spinach, peppers, green beans, olives and topped with steak tips.


Looking forward to a trip to Trader Joe's tomorrow, and getting back on track with my eating, uninterrupted by weird colonoscopy-prep rules!  I was able to avoid all eliminated foods doing the prep, though.  The hospital had given out a list of things to drink yesterday, including gatorade, soda and apple juice...but I stuck with water, organic chicken broth and tea.  

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Feeling good today!

Meal 1: coffee with coconut milk

             Sweet potatoes and kale cooked in coconut oil

              Two eggs fried in clarified butter


Meal 2: Trader Joe's Healthy 8 Veggie mix

             Grass fed beef chili



Meal 3: My own recipe spinach soup with cauliflower (spinach, cauliflower,onions, cashews, coconut milk, blended smooth in nutribullet, and heated.

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Well, I had to restart again, but I'm now on Day 9.  This is finally clicking.   The only thing I had off-plan was wine, and I had it last on Nov. 11.  It was very instructive to me to see that wine was harder for me to give up than anything else...actually it is the only thing I've had trouble giving up. I don't crave sugar, or cheese, or grains...but sometimes I do crave wine.  Choosing not to have it for the last 9 days has been great!  I feel good, and the cravings have decreased a lot.  


I'm really enjoying eating this way! I am having three meals a day that are so satisfying and filling, I don't feel the need to snack. Today so far:


2 eggs fried in clarified butter

roasted sweet potato

2 pieces of bacon, no sugar, no nitrates or nitrites

Coffee with coconut milk


Huge salad of romaine and spinach with:

roast chicken


raw almonds

dried, unsweetened cherries

olive oil and balsamic vinegar

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