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Emily's Log 11/15/14 Start


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Day -1: I made the trek to several grocery stores earlier in the week to restock my kitchen with staples that aren't filled with junk, so I was actually able to get a bit of a jump start and everything I ate on day -1 as I experimented with new ingredients was compliant!

Day 1: I learned the breakfast (or Meal 1) lesson the hard way on day 1. After a long week at work I opted to lounge in bed with my coffee (black) all morning. By the time I got up and moving and was getting started making, let's call it brunch, I felt TERRIBLE, light headed, shaky, etc. Clearly all those Saturday mornings where I had done almost exactly the same thing, just with sugar in my coffee, were fueled by spenda and bad habits. After getting some food in me it took a while to get moving again, but How sat with me and sifted through both Well Fed and Well Fed 2 to help identify some meals he was on board with too. By late afternoon I was off to the grocery store for a weeks worth of good whole food.

"Breakfast": Black Coffee

Lunch: Egg over hard; half an avocado; garlic whole 30 mayo; wilted spinach; roasted butternut squash

Dinner: Well Fed's Plantain Nachos (yum!)

I found myself roaming the kitchen from dinner straight through to bed time, but managed to stay strong. I made a cup of herbal tea with coconut milk and fell asleep right as I finished reading It Starts with Food.

Day 2: While I got a lot of prep work done yesterday, there was plenty left to do today. Plus I forgot all sorts not things while I was out running errands including the pork shoulder for tonight's dinner! My brain was VERY foggy yesterday. So up and at 'em today, because today also involves a more prep work! I know good and well that if I'm going to let myself down it will be on a day where I get home late and cooking takes more effort than I have to give.

Breakfast: Butternut squash and spinach Quiche; avocado; banana

Lunch: Leftover taco meat and fixings over butternut squash

Dinner: Well Fed's Citrus Pork Carnitas; asparagus; Japanese sweet potatoes

Two days down! I'm still feeling good about this!






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