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Day 31. Not the results on the scale that I expected. The measurements revealed a loss of 9.5" ! So yes, the scale is still an enemy and the measurements were the saving grace. Looking forward to continuing my lifestyle change with staying steady on my next W30! Off for another wonderful day...

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Woke up this morning and had an answered prayer... my 17 yr. old bread eating, sofa loving, no veg daughter declared her desire to be healthier and wants her athletic performance to be perfected by nutrition and training... pledged the beginning of her W30!

Breakfast: 2 eggs, asparagus, cantaloupe

Lunch: chicken breast, salsa, more asparagus, mache salad with shredded carrots, cucumber with a drizzle of Extra light olive oil & lemon juice. Few red / grenn grapes

Dinner: Pressure cooked whole chicken, more asparagus and more grapes.

water to drink... and few pecans and almonds for a quick snack.

I am concerned how to guide her while at school but need a good salad dressing to make for her so she can take some with her to school. Suggestions please...

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Lost count of my days so I literally counted on my fingers to figure it out... Day 56! I have accomplished 2 of my 3 goals...

1. Trying recipes. Being more creative and exploring new ways to cook veggies. ... Spaghetti squash and zucchini noodles big hits.

2. Started my 6-week groupon purchase of Crossfit fundamentals. I bought this for my reward during my first W30 but was afraid to start it.

3. BUDGET my costs and plan out my weeks so I can buy some treats without the financial burden.

Yes, #3 I did not accomplish. How can I budget better for my new wonderful lifestyle without feeling restricted or limited that would make me consider less quality food. I have a large family and we need quantity but I need some suggestions on how to pull this off long term with quantity and cost control. I am very open to suggestions.

I am working on my next W30 set of goals.

1. Budget food search and value deals

2. Train for a 5 k and do it!

3. Cook ahead for time savings!

Off... To research pressure cooker recipes.

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