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How many fats allowed per meal??


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The general recommendation is 1-2 fat sources per meal in the recommended serving sizes per the meal template, plus 1-2 palms of protein and 1-3 cups of veggies per meal.

EDIT: When I replied, given this thread was created as a topic without posts, it removed the OP as the person who created this topic. Sorry, OP!

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Should I post questions as a topic or no?

Original Post:

Hi everyone. I am Jen. day 2 of 30 done

I wish there were a more precise answer as to how many or what is recommended amount of fats on the meal planning guide. The way it’s listed made me think I could have all of those things. It should be more clear. can I really have an avocado a handful of nuts and a handful of coconut flakes with every meal? Plus cooking oil? The way it's listed in the guide it says have these fats per meal ...but how many??

For breakfast I had two fried eggs, one chicken sausage and some vegetables prepared in olive oil. This was accompanied by a handful of coconut flakes and a small handful of macadamia nuts. I ate a whole avocado as well since I saw it listed. I’m a volume eater.

For lunch I had a chicken burger cooked in coconut oil, Kale prepared in olive oil and a handful of nuts.

Coffee with coconut milk on my way to work.

I’m at work now and starving so I got some almonds. Question: on the package says just almonds but then says manufactured in a plant where they process peanuts, wheat and soy. Is this a no no?

Dinner was a grass fed beef burger on kale with an avocado coconut oil and a handful of macadamia nuts. Maybe some coconut too;).

Is this too many fats? Trial and error I guess. Is the recommendation one cooking fat and one eating fat per meal or is this part of the experiment?

Also what is the main difference between this program and the palo in general? Looking forward to transforming my life!!

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Hi Jen.


You can post questions as a topic, but add an initial post as well to start the topic off and elaborate on your question.

No, it's not intended that you have all the possible fats in one meal. The listing in the meal template is to describe the recommended serving size, depending on which fat you choose. Satiety is your guide here. Maybe start with 1 palm of protein, 1 cup of veggies and 1 fat in the appropriate serving per meal, then adjust any/all of the components as you like until your meals satiate you for 4-5 hours. This will likely require some tweaking and experimenting - it's not one size fits all. You say you're a volume eater - I would try increasing the veggies before adding more fat.

Needing to snack in between meals can be an indication that your earlier meals are too small. Again, tweaking helps here.

The nuts that you had today are ok - that warning is on the package for people who are severely allergic to peanuts, wheat or soy and could be affected by cross-contamination.

If you are genuinely hungry in between meals (litmus test - you could eat something bland like steamed fish and broccoli), the recommended snack is to have a mini-meal containing protein, veg and fat. Nuts are a fat source on a Whole30.

The Whole30 program is a pared down version of Paleo. Other Paleo approaches allow wine, honey and maple syrup, for example, along with Paleo baked treats and preservatives that are not compliant on a Whole30.

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