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New Member, Jan 1 Start Date


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Greetings all!   I will be starting on January 1st and have been getting my cupboards and refrigerator ready with all the good, whole foods recommended for the Whole 30 program.  


I am both excited, and scared.   I really, really need to do this for my health, but I also have a small voice at the back of my head saying what if I can't do this?     My daughter and her husband will also be starting on January 1st, but my hubby has declined.   I'm a little worried about having to provide him with things that I need to say "no" to.   Regardless, I'm a "go"!


Looking forward to getting to know all of you a little, and hoping to be able to find lots of good recipes. :-)

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Welcome, and congratulations on taking an important step toward taking good care of yourself.


Check out this and this for top-notch recipes and helpful hints.


Also, do you need to provide your husband with things you'll be saying no to? Why not offer him the meals you'll be eating and if he wants something else let him provide it? Just a thought. . . . 

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