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  1. Welcome back! You'll feel better soon and be so glad you recommitted to yourself. In the meantime, hang in there! There are a few of us keeping logs. I'm nearly on Day 50 of a W30 after many years away and now I can confirm it's like riding a bicycle. . . .
  2. Day 49 Looking forward to having some grass fed flank steak I pulled out of the freezer. I dragged my air fryer up out of the basement and made some cod in it yesterday, and I vaguely recall steaks are extra delicious made that way, so I'm going to give it a whirl. I still don't have much of a sense of smell or an appetite, but steak does sound good. That has to be a good sign, right?
  3. Day 48 Still on course, though the deviated COVID course, of course. I have never, and I mean ever, in my life lost my appetite the way I have this week. I'm still eating, but only one meal a day. Making it count the best I can. In addition to throwing away my old jeans, I spent some time trying on all my smallest jeans. They vary widely in size, with some 6s feeling bigger than some 10s (go figure, dang useless sizing), but the point is I can get them all on and zipped and buttoned for the first time in a very long time. That feels good, even if I have to take a nap from the ex
  4. Thank you so much @BabyBear! I've just been letting myself rest this weekend, but I keep thinking one box at a time, start small. . . . the good thing is I already have a lot of my packing done from when I had planned to move Sept. 1. It's mostly the kitchen and bathroom at this point. I might get started on the bathroom today. It won't take long, and it would feel like a major accomplishment. Thanks for the nudge!
  5. You look so beautiful and vibrant in your pic! So happy for all your wonderful results!!! (and yes, tomatoes/nightshades are commonly a problem for folks with autoimmune issues. Might be smart to do a stretch of autoimmune protocol at the end of your W30 and see how that goes for you. This is a good resource when you're ready: though there's also plenty of free info online. Having done W30 without AIP could very well be a good thing if you decide to go further, as you're easing your body into more radical changes and will lik
  6. I have a friend who says "Asking for help is inviting people to love you," and I try to remind myself of that because asking for help is something I really struggle to do. But I think you're 100% correct in your assessment. And creating the space and expectation that your kids make a contribution makes them a part of something larger in a very meaningful way--which no doubt helps build self esteem and teaches them major life lessons that will always serve them well. So I say throw that mom guilt down, lady! You're doing the best thing for everyone in "leaning on" others to make everything
  7. I'm so impressed with the way you're taking care of yourself and everyone around you. Mindfully. In alignment with that intention of yours.
  8. Thank you so much for your compassion--and the reminder to take it easy. I need that. Always. And yes, indeed! It sure does feel good to let those old things go. I'm really ready to move on from those old jeans!
  9. Good to hear how things are going @decker_bear, though I'm sorry it's been unpleasant! Very good information, though, and I imagine I would have a very similar experience. That combo of gluten and sugar is a truly toxic one for me. I'm hoping to not need the reminder, ever, but who knows. I know Melissa talks about how one of whatever her worth-it food is at the moment is generally her limit. Sounds like you've come to that conclusion, too, with your vow to go to the shop and just buy one donut next time. Enjoy your W10 or whatever you decide to do to recover. No doubt it will feel like a
  10. Day 46 No worse for the wear. Feeling like I'm recovering. In other good news, we have a closing date on the house: October 26! I scheduled movers for Oct. 30, so I have two weekends to finish packing. Even though I'm not 100% yet, I do think I can start packing some small bathroom and kitchen boxes. Just a couple a day will get me there. And I think I can make it the rest of the month without my full supply of spices. The Dude is super stressed about my COVID diagnosis and its implications for him and his mom in having been exposed. I feel so bad about having brought more stres
  11. Day 45 COVID test came back positive. I'm still fatigued and kind of feverish, but feeling better every day. I haven't taken any OTC meds or anything. I hope my body is in a good place to fend off this nasty virus! I also think the IF is probably helping. Fasting is the best thing when the body is fighting off the crud. Any energy that would have been directed to digestion can be directed to healing. That's what I've read, anyway. Who knows. I'm just going to focus on getting better. And I have no plans to change my diet from W30. Why would I?
  12. Day 44 Woke up VERY early this morning, feeling like I'm going to get better, and optimistic about life. Hooray for that! Feeling rather certain I'll be sticking to W30 through the end of 2020. I will have some social situations to navigate, but mostly folks coming into my new home, so I can much more easily control the food that's on offer. I just can't see myself really wanting anything off plan anytime soon. Why mess with a good thing when healing is obviously still underway? I don't want the added stress of reintroductions, nor do I want the added stress of feeling like garbage a
  13. What a journey! Thank you so much for sharing it with us, @Jennifer Jensen. I'm so happy you have arrived at this place. I know Whole 30 will only help further your path where you want to be.
  14. Day 43 I woke up feeling a lot better than I did yesterday, like whatever this crud is will pass. I'm still going to have my COVID test in an hour, but I'm not too worried about it. As I mentioned already, I see bone broth and greens in my immediate future. I also have my usual standbys on hand: baked fish with fennel and other veggies, shrimp and green beans with tomatoes . . . so there's plenty to eat. I'm craving grapefruit, though it's definitely best to continue to quarantine, so I'll just set that aside for the moment. However, I may go for a gentle walk in the woods later if I