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  1. LadyM

    Sticking eggs: HELP

    Try lowering the heat and adding more fat. That should do the trick.
  2. LadyM

    Day 11: struggling with satiety

    Especially when you're eating leaner proteins, upping the additional fat may help with satiety without adding bulk.
  3. LadyM

    Feeling like a failure

    Can you trace back to what triggered the faceplant into a tub of ice cream and chips? If you suspect the culprit is hormones, perhaps adding more starchy veg in the week leading up to your period might help head off such an impulse. . . .
  4. You should definitely eat if you're hungry. Pre workout is generally smaller than what you ate. Did you work out for those 2+ hours immediately after eating? And do you always work out hard in the morning? I ask so we can help you troubleshoot meals and timing. It looks as if you probably need to eat more lunch--as well as have a proper meal 1 complete with veggies, not just pre-wo protein and fat--if you were hungry three hours after lunch. Ideally you want three meals plus pre and post wo food. Pre wo should be protein plus fat and post wo should be lean protein and a bit of starchy veg. Neither one needs to be more than a few bites unless you want more.
  5. The bloat may be from still clearing out the nuts from your system. Or do you feel bloated after eating particular foods? Are you drinking enough water? At least as many ounces as is half your body weight in pounds? Your meals look pretty good, though ditching the banana as a snack would help. It would be best if you could beef up your lunch to keep you sated until dinner, though if it's more than 6 hours between meal and you need a snack, it should look like a mini-template meal complete with protein, veg, and fat.
  6. LadyM

    Feeling like a failure

    We certainly don't recommend trying to eat W30 365 days a year. It's a surefire way to set yourself up for failure. How about just 30 for now? Best of luck to you! And, really, even with the known arsenal of treatments available, depression can be so incredibly difficult to treat; I encourage you to keep diversifying your approach until you find something that works. I know so many people who regret how long it took them to try meds because it dramatically changed their lives for the better.
  7. I made a compliant sauerbraten one Christmas, so I know it can be done. But it's not the same. It may be one of those things that's worth it every once in a while, like for a birthday dinner, to have exactly as you remember it. And I, too, support the decision to return to W30 until you feel more like yourself and to stay off the scale. It doesn't give you any information you don't already know and it only feeds the demon that destroys your hard-earned healing surrounding your body image.
  8. The upshot of ^^ comes at the end and answers your question: "To find out if you’re fat-adapted, the most effective way is to ask yourself a few basic questions: Can you go three hours without eating? Is skipping a meal an exercise in futility and misery? Do you enjoy steady, even energy throughout the day? Are midday naps pleasurable indulgences, rather than necessary staples? Can you exercise without carb-loading? Have the headaches and brain fuzziness passed? "Yes? Then you’re probably fat-adapted. Welcome to normal human metabolism!"
  9. LadyM

    Feeling like a failure

    Many if not all of us have been in your shoes at one time or another. Without the information gleaned from proper systematic reintroductions directly following at least 30 days of the elimination diet, it's really hard to move forward with any real confidence. That's how we generally come up with "a different set of rules" to "follow in the long-term." So, what I recommend, and a technique that has saved me many a time is to simply take it one meal at a time. One Whole30 compliant meal becomes two becomes a day becomes two, etc. Don't even worry about the whole day or a week. But this way you might end up stringing together enough days to feel really good about yourself. Even one meal can make you feel so good you want to keep going. But you need to give yourself a taste of how good it feels again and then see how you go. Ultimately, though, you'd need another 30 days to clear your system to do reintroductions for the real information about which foods you have a problem with and how you'd like to move forward. However, I think you'll find that taking it one meal at a time will help you feel good enough again to decide if you want to keep going or if you want to do your own thing without the information of reintroductions right now. (But FWIW, I've ended up doing W30s without meaning to just by taking it one meal at a time. Sometimes all the bells and whistles and fanfare of endeavoring to do a new W30 is counterproductive for me and just doing it under the radar for myself does the trick. But again, I don't set out to do more than one meal. And then they just stack up because I remember that I prefer eating this way--and that it is physiologically the healthiest approach. Then after 30 days or maybe more, I remember that it's not psychologically or socially sustainable forever for me to be so obsessive. And then I make choices about what's worth it based on the information I've received from reintroductions.) Well, that was a bit of a ramble, but I hope it helps and that you happily find your way!
  10. LadyM

    Feeling like a failure

    Overall your meals look pretty good. Though it looks like you could eat more veggies with every meal, and perhaps increase your starchy veg to see if that helps. Are you satiated by them, or do they leave you hungry? The book is titled It Starts With Food for a reason. Are there other ways you're treating your mood disorder? Meds? Talk therapy? Increased exposure to early daylight and cardio can also help tremendously with depression. As for finishing a complete 30 days, it might be worthwhile to ask yourself if now is the time to do it. Can you muster the energy and the fortitude it takes to dive in to 30 days right now? Or would you be better served to let it go for the moment and simply stick to the principles so you can feel like a success for a little while? Only you can decide. Some of us do much better with the formal guidelines that require us to abstain with very clear rules. But sometimes we need a break from rigidity. Of course the program is designed to last 30 days so proper reintroductions can inform us about how to move forward with eating for the long run, but if now is not the time, you can always try again once you get through this difficult episode. Whatever you do, please be gentle with yourself and seek real support beyond the Whole30. You deserve to feel happy and free.
  11. LadyM

    Feeling like a failure

    Please take it easy on yourself! You made it 24 days while in a depressive state? That's effing monumental. Seriously. Now, could there be any possibility in the universe besides your being a failure? Absolutely. You're not alone. I hope that coming here has shown you that. And you're certainly not stupid, clearly. What would help us help you is to give us a sense of what you've been eating, including approximate amounts, timing, water, and exercise on a daily basis. Then we can help you tweak it for best results. In my experience, there is a very real connection between mood and physiological factors. Often people need more starchy veg, especially at the end of the day, when they struggle with depression. Others need more fat, especially since that's what truly nourishes the brain. Others need both, and simply more food overall. Something else to keep in mind: even if you're bouncing around right now between compliant and off roading, you're learning. And in the long run, my sense is you know that nourishing your body with real food of the variety that your brain, especially, needs, and avoiding the foods such as sugar and grains that have been documented as having a deleterious effect in terms of both manic and depressive episodes, is good for you. Even practicing , if not perfectly, is good for you--and better than giving up. In other words, as long as you keep trying, keep reaching out for help, keep getting back on the horse, you're not a failure; you're a success!
  12. OK, given your hours--waking and work--I suggest eating within an hour of final waking, say around 7 p.m. Then eat meal 2 between midnight and 1 a.m. And have meal 3 around 5 a.m., giving yourself about 3 hours between eating and going to bed. Much like what you used to do except have meal 1 closer to your waking time to help balance hormones and add another meal midpoint between your first and last meal.
  13. LadyM

    2nd whole30-so disappointed

    Turn that frown upside down! You're not starting over, you're starting a new and improved true W30 with great feedback that will more than likely improve your experience!
  14. What's your sleeping schedule like? Getting that more consistent and with a big chunk of at least 7-8 hours might actually should be your priority.
  15. This helps explain your violent reaction to overdoing sugar, no? Take good care!