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  1. I use a linen dish towel and a big ribbon. As for continuous brew, I generally bottle all but a cup or so of the fermented tea before adding fresh sweet tea to the original SCOBY batch. In the summer, it generally only takes about a week for the new batch to then be ready for second ferment. Though I've only ever used the taste test, no ph strips here. And FYI, I've enjoyed green and white tea best. Have fun!
  2. Looks like mold. I'd start over. I guess there's no harm in trying again with the same SCOBY, but if the next batch is moldy too, I'd throw her out.
  3. Well my resurrected fridge-hoteled SCOBY is working great. Also wanted to share that I finally tried adding a bit of strong hibiscus tea to the second ferment in addition to black cherry concentrate and/or pom, and it's resulted in a beautifully fizzy and dry booch. Really lovely! And I'd had trouble making my booch fizzy, which I greatly prefer.
  4. Update: my refrigerated SCOBY has come to life, made some good booch, and given birth to a brand new lovely SCOBY. I'm about to bottle and do a second ferment with pomegranate juice.
  5. Well, that advice, I'm afraid, is a little late for me, Vian. I read conflicting info last year when I chose to do it.
  6. Let us know how it goes! We'll have to compare notes.
  7. I'm thinking about trying out juice for second ferments when the time comes. I always used whole fruit to varying levels of success, and it seems juice leads to better fizz. And me likey fizz. It goes better in the champagne flutes that way!
  8. Hey gang! I've finally decided to get back to brewing. My enormous multiplied scoby has been in her refrigerated hotel for more than a year. Anyone foresee any problems with that? I guess I'll just forge ahead and find out. Any of the original gang still around? Have any fresh new flavors or other discoveries to share? So happy to be back. My GT habit was starting to break the bank again and I just needed a day off to get all my stuff together to make it happen. . . . Also, and I don't know why it only just occurred to me to do this, glassware ho that I am, but booch tastes so much bett
  9. Carlaccini, I've done this a couple times and what worked for me was to feed the SCOBY a lot of tea to which I'd added more sugar than usual, so it needed more time to ferment. Then I bottled when I got home.
  10. OOh, just cracked open a bottle of ginger-cardamom-apricot. So pretty! So delicious! These both were from my second second ferment attempt. Grating the ginger made a big difference in flavor (I'd just thrown in a hunk of fresh ginger in the first second ferments, and that did little to flavor them.) I need to bottle my third batch today but I'm out of bottles! Will it work for me to use wider mouthed jars, or will that kill all the fizz? Any experience with this?
  11. Just wanted to pop in and say hey, y'all. I have more booch than I know what to do with at the moment. My most winning flavor so far is cucumber mint lemongrass kumquat. Incredibly refreshing, subtle, and not oversweet. I feel so fancy!
  12. I get it now. I am totally obsessed with my own booch. Loving the results of my first bottling. All are nice and fizzy now--I think they just needed another couple days. The only one that's flat is the strawberry vanilla, so I put in a dab of honey and will check it in another day or two. Second bottling/second second ferment just happened and I'm having hella fun with the flavor. Can't even remember what I ended up with, but I used, in varying combos: cherries raspberries limes mint apricots kumquats (!) (my favorite!) cucumbers cardamom vanilla bean lemongrass
  13. Hey, y'all. Sorry I've been silent on this thread. It's hard to keep up with all the activity! Update: my homegrown SCOBY utterly failed. Guess I started with a bad bottle of GT. So I ordered one online and it's been going like gangbusters! I did my first bottling and second ferments over the weekend and drank my first bottle yesterday: strawberry vanilla lime. Mighty tasty but none too fizzy. It seems the sugar is the thing for fizz, right? Should I add a bit of sugar or honey to the second ferment or add more sugar to the first? Or bottle the second ferment sooner? Any of the above?
  14. KB, I think you and I started on the same day. We're in the same boat. No SCOBY sightings yet in my jar.
  15. Hi gang! I've hopped on the bandwagon and am attempting to grow a SCOBY in my pantry from a bottle of regular GT's and a cup of sweetened black tea. I feel like a kid again doing a science experiment. So fun! Though when I was in the fifth grade I never imagined I could have partners in crime from all over the world via the magic of the intarwebs. . . . Love. It.
  16. My period was five days late with my Whole30, and I've never ever ever ever in the 25 years I've been menstruating been late. Not through chemo, marathon training, nothing.