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  1. So, I've been on the keto end of paleo with some riding of my own bike since I last appeared here, but a little more dairy and chocolate has started to take over more than their share of my diet lately, so I'm seriously considering a May 2021 Whole30 reset. Just wanted to pop on and see what's happening around the forum. See who's around and maybe in for a May W30. Every now and then it's so good to tighten the reins a bit and remember what it feels like to live our best lives, no?
  2. Day 100 (!) So, today would have been day 100, but I have ridden my own bike a bit over the past couple of weeks, as I suspected I might. But aside from the Against All Grains pumpkin pie for T-Gives and chocolatecoveredkatie keto chocolate cake for my birthday and a couple sips of wine to celebrate my own housewarming with a couple beloveds, I'm otherwise sticking to the template and doing grand. Oh, and I have stepped on the scale and discovered I've lost about 25 pounds since this all began September 1. More importantly, I'm feeling dang good, like I'm sincerely on the mend from a
  3. Hi, @littleg! Good to see you, too! It sure is a different place around here than when I used to be a regular years ago. You're a certified coach now? Awesome! Whole30 is still simply the best thing. I'm sure as more people copped onto it, the social media activity has shifted to IG and FB and such. But I still am fond of the forum and all it offered me when I was just a pup starting out. Good for you for coming back to being well fed and nourished in every way with W30. Enjoy!
  4. Day 77 I'm still in it, y'all. I am starting to get interested in the possibility of eating some chocolate again one day, though, I must admit. But the template is perfect eating. And so I shall continue. Though my birthday is next Tuesday and I am considering making a vegan keto chocolate cheesecake for the occasion. Not unhealthy, but also not Whole30. No interest in reintroductions or stopping, so if I do off road, I'll just get right back to Whole30. The days don't matter at this point. I just don't want it to become a runaway train. So, we'll see.
  5. Day 69 Big day of meal prep. I slept soundly through the night for the first time in eons last night, and I feel like I have a different kind of energy today--thankfully so, because I have a lot to get done! Including moving furniture so the last of the painting can be finished--yahoo! Then my aunt and uncle come next weekend to help me install a new floor in my office/yoga room. It's all getting to feel quite wonderful here. Like home, as they say. I'm also reintroducing increased fats after my doctor-supervised thyroid protocol has come to completion, and my oh my is it wonderful t
  6. Days 64-66 All is well in my world, though I'm exhausted and feel behind in everything. Oh well. That's just how it is right now getting unpacked and settled, teaching online full time, and doing my best to get my health together. Food is fine though still a bit meager at the moment. Pretty sure I've lost a significant amount of weight and it's time to start adding in more fats. This is part of phase three of my doctor-supervised thyroid tweaks, and I should have some thyroid and hormonal panel test results soon, so I'm eager to find out how things may have shifted since August.
  7. I like this one and will be making a batch for myself this weekend! I also love any variety of other pureed veggie soups like cauliflower or celery with spinach or butternut squash. If you sauté or roast the veggies in enough fat, all you need to do is add some protein and you have a delicious template meal that goes down easy in the morning.
  8. Welcome back! You can do this!!
  9. I hope you enjoy your dinner whatever it turns out to be. Congrats on your outdoor run, and hope you can get those allergies under control. That will help your performance infinitely, I'm sure. As for breakfast, one of my faves is soup this time of year. Once it's made just put some on the stove and heat it up. Very nourishing and satisfying.
  10. Day 63 Well, it's decided, friends, I'm continuing my W30 at least until it's a Whole90. Then I'll reassess and decide if I'll keep going through January 1 with a week break to reintroduce my beloved legumes and maybe a glass of wine or two. But other than that, I'm perfectly happy with this WOE for now. And after my reintros in January, if that's indeed the way it works out, I'll probably jump back into another Whole 30 that will likely be a Whole 75. I'm a planner, what can I say. Though I know the best laid plans can be derailed. Anyway, just wanted to put that out there. Con
  11. Three cheers for an already-longer Whole30 than ever! BRAVO!!! And you made it through Shabbat! WOOOOOT!! And passed on apple juice as a treat even though the sugar dragon was rearing its ugly head hard. Give yourself major credit, lady. These are all big things! For me, Michele Tam's mayo recipe using the immersion blender was a game changer. Make sure the egg yolk is room temp, too. I hope that helps. Having homemade mayo makes W30 infinitely better. And I'm not sure what to tell you about the coffee situation. You could try bulletproof coffee if you like. I think there's something
  12. Day 62 I got my kitchen unpacked this morning!!! Very excited to cook the first of many delicious meals in my new house today. That is all.
  13. Days 60 and 61 The move went well though it ended up costing almost double what I expected. Oh well. It's done. The painters should be done tomorrow if not today and I can begin unpacking in earnest. I'm not in a rush except for the kitchen. Once I can get the kitchen organized it will feel like home. I am so ready to start cooking here!! Yesterday I barely had time or energy to eat, though I did manage to literally eat with my fingers a little tupperware of chicken and cabbage I'd prepared for the occasion while crouching in an empty bedroom as the movers continued to work. You do w
  14. Day 59 I. am. pooped. But I'm ready for the movers to come in the morning, and I've successfully moved all my wall art (save one giant painting), food from the fridge and freezer, and lamps into the house. Just need to do a couple loads of laundry and pack up my bedding in the morning. EXCITED AND EXHAUSTED. That's my day. How cool that I'll be starting a new chapter of my life on Day 60 of this Whole30. I have no plans to stop at this moment. I figure I will when it's time and I'll know when that is.
  15. See the recipe above. It just uses cut up chicken with allllll the spices. No fancy meat on a spit . . . alas. . . .
  16. Day 58 I'm just about completely packed!! Kitchen, except for the stuff I need for coffee and to heat my food, is packed. I even took over all my stuff from the freezer, as well as much of my wall art, to the house. Getting there. Little by little. Oh, and the painter is making good progress, and I absolutely love the color I chose. It's a dramatic transformation already, and I'm thrilled! The noon yoga class I taught today went well, and I have a meeting scheduled for next week with a new studio owner to start picking up more classes. I'm thrilled about this, too, and it couldn't co
  17. Your food looks and sounds amazing! I love/hate Imperfect Foods so much. Such a bummer when it turns out you don't get what you ordered but you still have to figure out a way to procure it!! Oh well. First world probs. How's the chicken shawarma recipe? Not frequenting my favorite Lebanese restaurant is kind of the only hardship I'm having with my Whole30. I'd love to have some decent shawarma!
  18. Congratulations on making your way back in good timing and welcome!! I think it's great that you have such clarity about why your first Whole30 was a Whole5. My best (unsolicited) advice on the food prep front is trust the magic of the template and don't worry so much about fancy recipes. You know how you like to cook and manage your kitchen and food prep for a family and you know you can adapt that. Once you get in the groove it won't be that big a deal if you can get your mind right about it. And then as you get more and more comfortable with all of it, you may find you actually want to
  19. So very true. Love that you have your eye on this prize, for it truly is a prize, isn't it? I swear the longer I'm off sugar the less appetizing it is--and I can hardly remember the struggle, which is so. very. real. Not feeling addicted to sugar is probably my favorite thing about W30 and the thing that makes me most cautious about reintroductions. I was walking through a store yesterday and felt repulsed by all the bags of Halloween candy. Such a nsv to see that stuff as waxy nonfood poison this time of year. Really holding the intention to be mindful about sugar throughout the holidays this
  20. Day 57 Packing continues, but it's quitting time. I really do need to pace myself. And I'm very much on track. I may even be fully packed by tomorrow. Despite COVID, I've never had as stress-free time of it packing and moving. I mean, I hope I'm not speaking too soon--we'll see how it goes Friday. But it's like W30 helped tidy up my mind and my habits and for just about the first time ever I've done things bit by bit rather than stressing and working right up against a deadline. Feeling pretty proud of myself right now, what can I say? Again, food is fine. Spent a little time prepari
  21. Day 56 It's official: I'm a homeowner!! I closed this morning and popped over this afternoon to check on the painter. And this is hilarious to me: the first thing I moved into the new space was all my booze. I emptied out my bar and grabbed the boxes of wine from the basement and I had FOUR BOXES of the stuff, all of which I haven't touched in the more than one year since I moved the last time. The thing is, I'm a party girl. Come summer and come the holidays I'm kind of famous for being a good time and loving to have a cocktail or two. My people are from Wisconsin and Texas an
  22. Thank you so much! And yes, you and are absolutely on the same page--with coffee and figuring out that it actually doesn't take more energy or time to eat in the healthy groove once you're in it. I think it's a really good thing to constantly be observant and reassess our habits.
  23. Day 55 Happy to report I've made tremendous progress with packing. I think I'll likely pack all the empty boxes I have today and figure out how many more to pick up tomorrow from UHaul. I just might be done ahead of schedule! And I'm so proud of myself--and grateful to W30--for eating well throughout these stressful times. I don't think I've ever moved before without relying on takeout/fast food for at least a week of meals. This time I'm preparing wholesome foods for myself no matter what, and I think it's actually helped alleviate my stress level. It's the opposite of what I once t
  24. Day 54 Super low energy today, though happy to report I sold my dining room table and chairs. I wasn't in love with the set; it served me well; I was ready to let it go. It means I won't have a dining table in the new house until I buy one, but it will just be me there for a while, so a barstool at the kitchen counter will do just fine. It feels so good to let go of stuff and create space! I think i may need to give up coffee soon. I regularly go off it when I feel it's time for a break, and that feeling is nigh. It may need to wait until after the school term is over around Thanksgi