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Starting January 7, 2015


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I am starting my second Whole 30 on January 7. Anyone interested in joining me? My husband and I did our first Whole 30 last July and loved the results! My husband has Type 2 Diabetes and I have struggled off and on with my weight. I lost 12 pounds and felt great! My husband noticed a decrease in his symptoms and more energy, better sleep. I did a pretty good job keeping the weight off and making better food choices. However, the holidays have done me in so I am ready for my husband and I to get back on track with a healthier lifestyle.

I am a teacher and have two teenage sons at home so I am worried about food prep. Last time it was the summer so I had plenty of time to prep meals. This time, I am hoping to do all my prep over the weekend and freeze meals for use during my busy week. 
I would love support from others on my next Whole 30 journey. I would especially appreciate ideas for reducing prep time and recipes for Whole 30 meals that freeze well.

Thanks everyone!




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