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Day 3 whole30 with the hubby


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My husband and I started a whole30 on Thursday the 1st. So far, so good! I'm surprised how few cravings I've had. I have had periods where I feel listless, drowsy and hungry. It's nice to recognize an actual physical hunger instead of craving sweets or unhealthy fats even when I had recently eaten. I am having struggles with no cream and sweetener in my coffee! Just trying some compliant coconut milk and cinnamon. I won't say it makes it enjoyable, but it's palatable. Other than that, I'm having a great time experimenting with new ways to combine flavors (I'm a trained chef, so that is the fun part for me.) and, most importantly, incorporating veggies into every meal. Hope to find support here!

Anomaly (and Todd, the good sport who married me)

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