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First I'm not sure what subject to put this under so if it needs moved...?????

Today marks one week of the whole 30. Without any added sugar in my diet I can't believe already how fast my taste buds have changed. A couple days ago I shared a banana with my husband and I though WOW that's sweet. Have they always been this sweet?

The carrots I'm shredding into my they are sweet and good...the cantalopes, the yams...gosh these things taste good and sweet. I just find it amazing.

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I noticed this, too. I was eating a sweet potato, no butter or sugar (obviously) and realized it didn't need anything. A sweet potato is AMAZING without adding anything to it all! Sweet, slightly creamy--why do we add all that stuff to them?

And I agree--carrots, cucumbers, broccoli--all sweet. I never would have imagined.

Haven't tried a lemon yet, but I think I just might.

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