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I have two teens, 14 and 16. The 16yo is totally on board with paleo eating(Im not pushing her into whole30 but am happy she has picked up most of it) The 14yo is currently making smart ass comments about my rabbit food and asking where the real food is, by real food he means pizza and pasta.  BUT he will eat almost all fruit and veg, has a few preferences when it comes to meat.


My question......what do you put in lunches for teens? They have been making their own lunches for years but I am taking over in a bid to get them eating better during the day. My daughter can be fussy. Doesnt like cold eggs, doesnt like room temp salad.


So far I am planning on getting her a really good cooler bag and iceblocks(Summer in Australia is a killer on school lunches) . Mason jars for salads. Bento boxes.


The boy is going to get the same although his lunch will include items that I will slowly wean him dairy.



What ideas do you have for portable meals for teens?


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Go and check out NomNom Paleo lunch box ideas - she has many of them.


Find it here:


I am not a parent but I might suggest making them part of the decision making process.  Have them pick out foods that they might be willing or interested to try.  If they are part of the process, they might not rebel as much.


If your son like chicken wings might suggest these -  

They were my mainstay breakfast for a long while.

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