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  1. Morning grogginess

    Hmmmm - If I think back when I did my very first whole 30 I did have some issues with this. I remember being fairly lethargic for a long period of time - well into days 20, and 21. How is your energy throughout the day? Does it improve at all? I will ask you for a run down on what you are eating - please give specifics like what types of vegetables you are eating and how much. Also let us know if you are taking any medications or supplements.
  2. Adjusting to no alcohol

    Hey There! I've never been a big drinker (except my 20's - that was a bit different), it appeals to me occasionally, but seldom. But my boyfriend would celebrate the fact that I would indeed drink - think a loud exclamation - of a whoohoo! She's having a drink! Now she's going to have fun! I wouldn't say much to him really, just politely nod and smile (usually it was around company). But then..... he would then see the after effect of the alcohol the next day. I would be miserable, cranky, anger easily and very, very short, on top of feeling like the proverbial bag of sh*t. So quite literally I was no fun. So now when I do imbibe - it's maybe twice, 3 times a year??? I usually get a comment of - you're having a drink? Cause he knows - it totally affects me and my mood.
  3. Constipated AF! Yep, I'm going there.

    Hi There! There are things at every meal that could be causing your issues. Some people have issues with nuts, avocados, eggs, etc. If you are super uncomfortable and not going - then it is worth playing around with this stuff. Stress can be a huge factor with bloating and gasiness. So if you are stressed - it could be working against you. And incidentally if you are not eating enough - you body is NOT going to make it a priority to get rid of stuff either. If you are interested in exploring the FODMAP issue - please read this excellent article by the Paleo Mom. Also I'm going to suggest playing around with your fat content. I know when I don't get enough fat in my meals I will have "issues" in the form of constipation as well.... I have the same thing with not getting enough resistant starch as well. Too much there are issues, and too little there are issues. Everyone has a "sweet spot" that works the best for them. I second the suggestion of magnesium - it helps you with sleep as well - so it's worth looking into. If this is an entirely new way of eating for you - you may benefit from a digestive enzyme to help things move along. Whatever you do - don't make all the changes all at once. Chose one from all the suggestions you have received and work at it. If you do more than one at one time - it could basically backfire and you will be more uncomfortable.
  4. Where can I find coconut aminos in Quebec?

    In a pinch you could use a liquid that adds an extra layer of "umami" aka deliciousness. The liquid saved from re hydrating dried mushrooms, a bit of balsamic vinegar mixed with some beef broth, a couple of mashed up anchovies in some beef broth - would all work in a pinch. (I have used variations of all of these or any of these with mixed success)
  5. Where can I find coconut aminos in Quebec?

    Hi There! I live in Montreal and I have bought from a place called Upaya Naturals. You still have to pay for shipping, but not if you order over $100. I have noticed that some Les Aliments TAU locations do carry Coconut Aminos - it should be in the section in which you find Soy Sauce. If you live in Montreal - there are a couple of independent health food stores that do carry it - but do phone ahead. Cause sometimes they carry it but don't have any in stock (past experience)
  6. Sometimes the best you can do, is the best you can do. When eating out at a breakfast place you can ask them if they have any sort of veg available that they can simply and quickly saute up in a pan. Also I have eaten baby food pouches if I'm in a veggie bind. Not great, have a tendency to be a bit fruit heavy, but it works.
  7. Polysorbate 80

    No. You didn't break any rules. But Larabars are HUGE sugar bombs. And although not strictly forbidden, they are to be used in case of emergency - such as I have been stuck on the highway in a traffic jam for 5 hours and I need something to eat now.
  8. Extreme brain fog

    This is an excellent article to make you think:
  9. Extreme brain fog

    You do know it's basically impossible to be lean year around, Right? I happen to know a couple of fitness models and even they admit what they do for a competition is impossible to maintain year round. Plus there is the hair loss, the messed up hormones, (these 2 I experienced first hand) and the loss of period. For me - as much as I would *like* to be lean, my HEALTH is much better where I am at today. Mind you I have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism (which I am super happy about as for years I was having symptoms that kept on getting worse, and Dr's kept on telling me that weight loss was the answer...... Grrr frustrating when the weight loss just made things worse for me.) The fact that IT IS out of whack, I blame sorta on the many years of diet cycling. Remember you are the same person 20lbs lighter than you are now or 20 lbs heavier. Losing weight does NOT make you a better person. The best person is accepting, and respecting who you are now. My skin glows, my head is clear (one of the many symptoms of hypothyroidism is depression and anxiety) I have energy to last the whole day long. These are the items I strive for now - not the weight loss....... Mind you I have spent a long time working on "body image" issues. SO that has helped.
  10. Extreme brain fog

    I have short fingers too Kirkor! As I recall - I think 1 or 2 were stacked, but it was mostly spread out like yours. I'm pretty sure my older brother could easily fit a cool dozen in his hand. Hmmmm I'll wonder if he would be game to check.... LOL!
  11. Extreme brain fog

    HI There FitBritt32, Wow! I'm positively starving just looking at your breakfast. You should be eating much more. Especially if your a 6'1" woman. (I'm 5'9" myself) I truly do recommend the pre workout meal - it does make a difference. It could be something as simple as a handful of nuts, some olives, or a boiled egg - something (preferrably fat + protein) to tell your body that you a up and you are ready to set your body into motion. The post workout should be a couple of bites of lean protein (chicken breast is ideal here + starchy veg). When eggs are your sole protein they should be as many as you can hold in one hand. Most women - that is 3 to 4. (As a joke once I wanted to really see how many eggs I could hold in one hand without dropping. Now they were really stacked etc - but it was 9. And I don't have crazy big hands. And no I cannot eat 9 eggs in one sitting. My standard is 3 eggs or 2 eggs plus alternative protein.) Sigh, as a woman who has been where you are I am shaking my head. 1300 calories - I can just imagine how hungry you were. Do you know that a diet of 1200 calories a day is enough substance for a 5'1", 21 year old women who is in a coma? Please I ask of you. Listen to your hunger cues, I mean properly LISTEN to them, and eat. Do not be afraid of nutritious whole foods, fats, and starchy veg. Many people (including myself) listened to the bunk that is preached and starve themselves. What did that do to a person like me? Well it made me sicker, and made me put on even more weight (I am naturally a stocky, muscular, larger woman). I didn't start loosing weight until I starting eating more. My body was literally starving for nutrition. I on average eat way more than my way of eating before and I have lost weight and kept it off for 5 years. Also keep in mind that just because you want your body to lose 10lbs, doesn't mean that's what's going to happen. Let go. Please for the sake of your health, let go. Follow the template and just let your body heal and do it's thing.
  12. Sorry you are feeling unwell. Headaches, loose poo, and overall just a feeling crumminess is not unusual, actually vomiting is not something that normally happens. It could be possible that you did catch a flu / bug. Somethings that have helped me with the feeling of nausea (I'm a migraine sufferer - so all too familiar with nausea/vomiting): peppermint or ginger tea - generally very soothing. If you can get some bone broth made and consume it - that will help too. Kombucha - especially ginger Kombucha (brand I recommend is GT's. many other brands contain sugar, stevia, or some other sort of sweetener) I find it helps settle the stomach. Things to eat - eggs are pretty easy to digest and sweet potato I find is pretty good too. Just eat what you can, when you can to work your way through this. I read recently that salmon (and foods high in Omega 3's) in the beginning of doing a whole 30 type elimination protocol will help with you feeling better.
  13. OFF track! Help!!

    Hi There! Yes - I know exactly first hand what you are going through. You sound like you are going through the phase of "Why me"??? And it's completely understandable and yes it's frustrating as all get out. You sound normal to me. A bit of perspective from Robb Wolf here - You can cheat on a test, you can cheat on your spouse, but cannot cheat on your diet. There is no benefit to "cheat" on your diet. To "cheat" is to have have an unfair advantage. What's the unfair advantage of consuming a food that will make you quite literally sick? I pretty much react to everything on the whole 30 off list as well. Including FODMAPS, and AIP foods. But I have found that stress is an enormous factor when dealing with FODMAPs. (If I am stressed the bloating will be sooooo bad). So if you are stressed work on finding ways on de stressing yourself. (I've spent a lot of energy on this). Cauliflower, unfortunately is never worth it for me. However after eating this way (relaxed - but pretty whole 30 style) I have found my "worth it" items, and my no so worth it items. For instance most dairy (with the exception of organic heavy whipping cream, and cream cheese from Europe - very specific I know) is never worth it. Homemade bread slathered in butter - is sometimes worth it (slight IBS issues), eating a raw tomato is never worth it (causes psoriasis outbreak) , but eating white rice is sometimes worth it (no digestive upset, but constipating to be sure.) I relax totally around the sugar rule - sometimes I will add honey and maple syrup to things, and generally I will make a Paleo baked good / coconut ice cream once a month (The problem with Coconut milk is the Guar Gum for me, thankfully I have found a brand without). I don't go off the deep end so long as I give myself permission. What does that mean exactly? I never tell myself I cannot have something. If I want a chocolate chip cookie, I will have a chocolate chip cookie. But I always, always, always ask myself before I make the choice - is the chocolate chip cookie worth the consequences? Do I mind the rosacea outbreak? Can I live with the fissures that form on my hands? When you give yourself permission to eat whatever you want when you want it and embrace the consequences things change. Food loses power. I do this even on a whole 30. Resulting in some broken whole 30's, but hey that's my choice. In terms of living out of a hotel room - my suggestion is just to do the best with what you have. I travel sometimes for work and my emergency meal kit includes Epic bars, baby food squeeze pack, and a small pack of olives. I've been known to make "coolers" with a couple of grocery bags, and a couple of cooler bags so I can store a few items such as a store bought salad, some boiled eggs, store bought roasted chicken. Cans of tuna are great in these scenarios.
  14. Critic please!

    I think coffee just reacts differently in general in our bodies. Initially I questioned my Dr about it. I was allowed tea (not necessarily caffeine free) but no coffee. Apparently caffeine levels are far higher in coffee than tea, and for some reason coffee more readily affects hormones much more than tea. Also I have read somewhere that if you are gluten intolerant you may be consuming other items that your body confuses with it as well. Potatoes, Chocolate, and coffee were on that list..... which made me quite sad.
  15. Too Tired

    Keep in mind that 16 days is a mere drop in the bucket in the terms of long term health. So keep it going. Many of us don't see results until the 3rd or 4th week. Be patient. I too I am doing a whole 30 at the moment. (I think it's my 8th? - I dunno - I lost count.) I too am having sleeping issues as well. So it could just be part of the resetting of our hormones - that would be my guess. Also - do you have your period? If so how far away are you from your period? Usually before our periods - we get hungrier. Make sure to listen to those cues. Don't ignore the signals even though you might think you have eaten enough already. It's not unusual for me to increase my meal sizes by double. Make sure you are eating enough and as close to the template as possible. If you are not eating enough (many new people do struggle with eating enough) it will definitely cause some sleeping issues. Also as strange as this sounds - if you are eating too many nuts, it may affect your sleep. (I'm one of these weird people that has this problem). Also make sure you are not going too low carb - as that may throw off sleep patterns as well. Usually start with a fist sized portion of starchy veggies with your last meal. How's your knee doing? I tore my acl and mcl in a bad ski fall late last year. I hear your frustration and pain. Some things that will help you - Collagen. You can either make yourself drink tons of bone broth (excellent source of collagen) or get something called collagen peptides, or collagen hydrolysate. Magnesium - This will help you with sleep too. But it also helps with bone and joint support. Brand recommended around these parts is Natural Calm unflavoured. My Dr recommended to me a supplement called Recovery. It was originally made to be used on animals - but I believe it can be found for humans as well. (I just haven't found it yet).