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  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Think about cutting out the fruit and the nuts.for a bit. They have been know to cause a lot of diggestive distress for many (including me) Also remember raw veggies (aka salads) some people have some diggestive issues. For instance my body cannot break down raw carrots. They come out the same way they went in (Sorry for my TMI). That doesn't mean I don't eat salads or raw carrots. I do - just not everyday. I also find I have to consume a huge salad (think entire salad bowl) in order to keep satiated for hours.
  2. I'm currently in mourning as I had to throw baby and mother out because of fruit flies and fuzzy blue mould - I was not a happy camper last night. Out to buy some plain GT's and start over.....
  3. Question - I will be going away in a couple of weeks time for about a week. How would I keep Scoby happy during this time. I haven't made up my mind to give it another batch to ferment while I'm away or just let it rest. I'm thinking that if I give it another batch to ferment it might go to far to the vinegar side.
  4. What I've read previously - it depends if you are doing a whole 30 or not. Vanilla beans if you are, and Vanilla extract if you're not.
  5. I was so happy to discover my little scoby last night had completely covered over the top of my jar and is thickening up! I think she's almost ready to go! So excited.
  6. Thank you PP! I've been reading this thread on and off a little and it looks like fun.... Now that I know things are "normal" I can relax a little. Now how big should little miss Scoby be in order to make booch? I would say she's a little smaller than my thumb at the moment.
  7. Hey There, After getting impatient and excited to try this I started to attempt to grow my own Scoby. I'm about a week in. I checked last night and there seems to be a delicate white type flowery blob growing at the top of my jar (it's rather shy and likes hidding) but I also noticed a darker fuzzy layer forming on the bottom of my jar. I was certain that the white thing was my scoby but now I'm not sure. I'm sorry I'm a little bit technology defincient and don't have something to really take a good picture with so this is the best info I give out for now. So question 1) I
  8. Nadia - Yes I drive mostly - but that thought made me giggle - I can only imagine..... Those teas sound phenomenal.... I have some wonderful Kasumi black and green teas that a friend of mine gave me. I am assuming that this would work well as a base?
  9. Hi There - I'm kinda late to this booch brewing party.... Been considering to start making Kombucha for a while. I'm still not convinced that I have enough room to making it.... But with all the fantastic flavours I'm seeing listed here - I think I could get very excited about this.... Nadia - I read in a much earlier post that you have some Scoby babies.... If I make the decision to go through with this project would I be able to get some from you? I have a bit of a nomad lifestyle and live between Toronto and Montreal. So I am in Toronto often enough (generally 2 weeks out of eve