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whole30 'to go' food


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today is day 1 of my first whole30! i am super excited about it and the fridge is well stocked with semi-prepped foods to make this week!

my husband and i are going away for this coming weekend and i am of course a bit nervous that i will be "stuck" eating plain salad for 3 days ...we will have a fridge in our room but no food prep area ... we actually have a few trips planned in the upcoming months as my husband is dealing with stage 4 cancer and we are determined to play while he is strong enough to travel ... but i also need to care for myself so i can best care for him and i need the whole30 to help me fine tune my eating so i can be as healthy as possible!!

any tips or ideas on items i can take 'to go' with me? we will be driving not flying so amount of stuff is no problem ... i will bring my own veggie dressing and trail mix ... what else? i'm allergic to eggs ... thanks!!

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Sorry to hear about your husband!  Good on you for knowing you have to take care of yourself too.


There's tonnes you can make ahead and bring if you can bring a cooler and then also have a fridge.  Check this post from Dallas & Melissa to start with: http://whole9life.com/2011/07/whats-in-your-cooler/


I would recommend you take some homemade mayo, some cooked chicken, prepped veggies, some sweet potatoes, roasted veggies (b.sprouts, carrots, beets), scotch eggs, pre cooked and chopped up steaks.  There's also canned sardines (with Franks Red Hot, delicious!), canned tuna and salmon, olives, avocado, some fruits.  You can put together a lot of combinations with all of this.  And if you don't have a microwave I would just take out the things you want to eat a bit in advance and go the room temperature route. 

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