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Confirming on right track - foodwise


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I've restarted another Whole30 after coming home from holidays and wanted to do a quick check to make sure I'm on the right track.


I'm on Day 13.


Meals look very similar to this:


Breakfast - roasted sweet potato and carrot, compliant beef sausage and avocado (1 small or half large)

Lunch - steamed broccoli and zucchini with ghee and minute steak, 1 mango (small)

Dinner - roasted pumpkin with beef mince, onion, garlic in a tomato passata


I have a variation of these kinds of meat/veggies each day. I did feel that I wasn't having enough fat so I've added that in (the avocado and ghee) to avoid coming home and wanting to raid the fridge. While I haven't had anything non-compliant I was having too many nuts/dried fruit.


Exercise wise I've been trying to get to 10,000 steps a day using my Fitbit I got for Christmas and I'm usually pretty successful. I take my dog for a walk each day or go to the gym, sometimes both. I drink a lot of water as I work in an office and deliberately bought a small bottle so that I have to refill it all the time. I would get around 2-3 litres per day if not more. 


Sleep-wise I've been averaging between 7-9 hours so I'm doing alright on that front as well. Yesterday I went to bed with quite a big headache and woke up with it as well, so not sure where that came from :/


Any advice is welcome :)

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Composition-wise, your meals look good. Can't tell the portions from your description, but as long as you're following the meal template, you should be doing fine. How are you feeling (aside from the headache)? Are the meals carrying you throughout the day, or do you get hungry at times? I did note that you adjusted with more fat, since you were getting hungry early on. Did the adjustments solve the issue? These are some of the things to gauge as you go along.


Activities, water intake, and sleep likewise look pretty good.


As for the headache, it could be from a number of causes: stress? perhaps some food items are not agreeing with you? continuing hunger? or maybe you're hitting the tough portion of the Whole30 -- the "hardest days" (see the timeline)? Unless the headache persist, don't worry about it too much. Just keep going, keep monitoring yourself, keep adjusting as needed. It does take time for your body to adjust.


Good luck! Please keep us updated on your Whole30.

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