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A new Day 1!


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So. Thursday, I found out a major change is happening in my work world. Not the end of the world but it puts a temporary wrench in my monkeying, as it were. I went and poured out my woes (and two glasses of wine, and some olive tapenade that might have had vegetable oil) with a friend.

Note to self: wine+stress makes you wake up at 4 a.m.

Three strikes you're out. The other two were reported in my old topic. This third strike calls for a reboot of sorts. I'm not going to start my e-mails over, but I am going to recommit to logging for a while starting today.

My current goals are:

-- reduce fruit to twice a day or less, with meals only -- and don't overshop fruit to begin with

-- make sure meals happen at a table and not in front of the computer

-- keep trying one new recipe a week

-- put down the tape measure, which is as devilish as the scale

Day #1 of Whole 30 #3

WOD: 1 hr regular Zumba, and 1.5 hrs technique training

Breakfast: 3 eggs, handful of olives, peach, coffee with coconut milk

Post Zumba 1: chicken breast, almond crusted fried tomatoes

Post Zumba 2: grassfed beef liver, half of a white sweet potato

Dinner: grassfed beef rogan josh, half of a white sweet potato, cucumber and cantaloupe salad

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Thanks Derval. I've been pretty good about not internetting with my food today!

WOD: a short walk. Yesterday's Zumba wore out my legs!

Breakfast: 3 eggs with spinach and olives; small avocado; peach; coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: chicken breast; cucumber and cantaloupe salad

Dinner: handful of pistachios; fried tomatoes; grassfed beef liver; half a sweet potato

I also cooked up a couple of excellent beet salads for the next two days, and made a pot of beef rogan josh, which is my new favorite food.

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Oh by the way, my starting stats for this new 30 are:

Weight: 173.0

Suspect Tanita scale bodyfat %: 35

Waist: 30

Belly pudge/navel line: 33

Hip: 42

I seem to be losing around 2 pounds per Whole30. I've lost a couple of inches off each of these measurements, too.

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I'm 5'7". The lowest weight I've ever achieved as an adult is about 159. Bodyfat calculators often give me the result "your BMI is too high, but your waist to hip ratio is normal, you must have an unusual weight distribution". My sister is like this too, we joke that we have white dwarf star bones. I really want a Dexa scan to find out what's in there.

Day 3, here. WOD: 2.7 mile walk, 1 hr "Dance Impact" kickboxing style Zumba class

Breakfast: 3 eggs, avocado, sweet potato, coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: Salt roasted beet, spinach, pepper and walnut salad (delicious); rogan josh (also delicious)

Snack pre-Zumba: chicken, peach with coconut milk

Dinner: 2 riceless "sushi" rolls a la Well Fed, peach. I was ravenous and could not resist that peach, even though there was already mango in the rolls. Oh fruit, why can't I quit you?

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Day 4. WOD: 1.74 mile walk, 4x20 flat knee raises, 3x10 shoulderstand squats, 5 min headstand, 2 min shoulderstand

Breakfast: plum omelet, avocado, coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: Beet salad, rogan josh

Dinner: grassfed beef liver, sliced tomatoes, small handful of pistachios, peach

Post-dinner: Crio Bru with coconut milk

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DAY 5. WOD: 2.74 mile walk, 3x25 short bridges, 3x10 straight bridges, 5 min headstand, 3 min shoulderstand, evening Zumba

This much Zumba is fun, but I think not good for me. I'm going to do finish out this discount class card and then go back to 2 times a week or so.

Breakfast: 3 eggs, avocado, 1/2 sweet potato, coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: rogan josh, 1/2 sweet potato, apple

Pre-Zumba snack: smoked salmon, peach

Dinner: beef liver, fried tomatoes

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Whoops. Logging failure. One of my Ph.D. students had her dissertation proposal defense on Friday and I had absolutely no free time for a couple of days. What I was eating got a little sketchy during that time -- both in timing and in optimal proportions. I stayed compliant, but by last night I was THISCLOSE to making a "paleo" chocolate chip cookie recipe I saw on someone's blog. Didn't do it though because I am badass.

According to chains.cc I am on Day 10 right now.

WOD: 2.74 mile walk.

Breakfast: 1/2 of a ribeye, avocado and tomato salad, coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: pan-fried flounder filet, steamed asparagus, peach

I'm off to the store to stock up on ghee and coconut oil...

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Day 11. WOD: 2.7 mile walk, 4x15 supported squats, 3x25 one-armed vertical pulls

Post WO: a few bites of leftover steak

Breakfast: 3 eggs, avocado and tomato salad, coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: chicken livers, salad with mushrooms, peppers, asparagus and mache

Snack: blackberries, tbsp of coconut butter

Dinner: citrus-rubbed pork tenderloin, banana (I had reached my salad limit)

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Day 12: WOD: 2.74 mile walk

Breakfast: coffee with coconut milk, plum omelet, avocado

Lunch: pork tenderloin, 1/2 sweet potato, blackberries, giant salad with asparagus, olives, cucumber, and tomato

Dinner: ribeye, tomato salad, peach, crio bru with coconut milk

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Best fail ever: I just ate two Russell Stover dark chocolate coconut cream pumpkins. I don't know what possessed me, but they were tasty. OK, I know what possessed me -- RS coconut creams are a personal favorite, I eat one or two every season and then I'm done. I actually feel very sugar woo-woo right now. So, I guess technically I did a Whole 20. I'll reboot...but maybe not until after Saturday, when I have a work/social event that might be easier if I'm not being pure.

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Yeah, so that much sugar = immediate belly bloatage. Not helped by the fact that I had a morning meeting with a seminar speaker today and had a Panera bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. I have a lunch meeting with a colleague tomorrow, but after that I think I'm going to basically do a Whole20(ish) until my sister gets here for a visit in October.

In the long run, I know I want to keep eating Paleo, but sometimes I won't, either because I just want to have something I like, or to be easy company in my professional life. I need to find a strategy that keeps me mostly Paleo while also allowing me to be a little flexible for social situations. I'm thinking about what a workable rule would be -- I think I could say, keep non-Paleo "incidents" to two per week (and by incident I mean a meal where I eat a little something off, not a whole day of total bad eating) or less. If I exceed two incidents in a week then I do a Whole15 (or a Whole30 if warranted). And when eating out, I won't worry about trace elements, like if my steak encountered a swipe of butter on the grill, just about deliberately eating a macro amount of some non paleo food.

I'm going to see my doctor in about a week, and I'm going to tell her that I would like to be sent for comprehensive allergy/food sensitivity screening, since something I cut out in Whole30 was clearly responsible for my asthma, bouts of burning/itchy eyes, bloating, gas, fatigue and general malaise. That should let me know what foods I need to be religious about avoiding, and where I can let go of worry about trace amounts.

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Augh. So not worth it. Last night I had a bunch of pizza and a beer. During the night I had:

Stuffed-feeling belly

Felt overheated while sleeping even though it's no warmer here than last night

Inability to stay asleep

Cottony mouth and stuffed nose while sleeping (a symptom that I ALWAYS had pre Whole30 to the point I didn't even think of it as a symptom except when it came back)

Again, still don't really know if it's the wheat or the dairy or just the overindulgence (the modest-sized breakfast sandwich on Friday had both cheese and bread but did not leave me feeling this way). And the pizza, while OK, did not taste as fabulous as I remember pizza tasting.

I'm going to take a restorative day of drinking bone broth and minimal eating today, and then it's back onto the wagon tomorrow.

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