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UTI and unsweetened cranberry juice?


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In the past, whenever I felt like a urinary tract infection was coming on, I'd drink some unsweetened cranberry juice (often sweetened with enough stevia to make it drinkable). I never thought of it as a treat, and since it's really low in sugar compared with other juices, do you think it would be okay for me to have a glass a day for the next couple of days? I'm not technically in the middle of a Whole30 - I've been eating about 95% clean, and want to keep it that way - just want to consider possible consequences before I drink the juice.

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Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice sounds okay in your situation. It's more like taking medicine than drinking juice anyway.

I would imagine that eating cranberries might work too. During the season, I cooked cranberries down in a little apple cider vinegar and apple juice and then blended them with chopped apple to make a cranberry-apple relish. We always recommend whole fruit over juice, but I'm not sure you can find cranberries now unless they are frozen.

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