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Cauliflower leek soup


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I did a twist on potato soup today. I needed something loaded with veges and filling, and I came up with this. Not fantastic yet, but I'll update when I make it again.

I started with 2 leeks and some garlic sauted in olive oil. Added about half a pound of pork bellies, which is all I had on hand. This wasn't enough to add the right flavor. Next time I might try pork belly and salt pork. anyway, crisp them up and then remove the pork from the pot. Add a medium chopped turnip, and sauté for a bit to roast the drippings into it. Then add a quart of broth and a head of cauliflower and simmer until veges are tender. Then I used my hand blender to purée it and I added salt pepper, and an all purpose seasoning mix that is organic and compliant. I added the pork back in, added a tablespoon of ghee, and a can of coconut milk. And some scallions.

It came out ok, certainly good for a new recipe with what I has on hand, but I think I would change a few things next time. Maybe the flavors will meld and it will be awesome tomorrow, I'll let you know.

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