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Best doctor's appointment in DECADES


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Let's have a success story, shall we? (Previously posted to the January 1 Second Whole30 Group)


My doctor's appointment for my annual physical was 1/29, so off I went. Three years ago, when I started with this doctor, I was in terrible shape. My blood pressure was 200something/100something, I was easily 80lbs overweight, my cholesterol was off the chart, my triglycerides were over 200, and Dr E was surprised that I hadn't had a heart attack yet - and I wasn't even 40 years old. He put me on mega high blood pressure meds, mega cholesterol meds, and gently and caringly fussed at me about fixing myself.



BP 112/80

Tryglicerides 86

LDL (the bad cholesterol) 117 - still a little high, but way down from where it was

HDL (the good chol) 54, up from 32, so yay

My EKG is that of a healthy 18 year old

Weight is down 16 pounds (which wasn't a goal, but I'm sure contributed to the awesomeness above)


And this is all from doing a W30 in August, slowly reverting back to my SAD over the next few months, then my 2nd W30 in January. And I'm still the laziest person on the planet, so this is entirely attributable to the change in my diet.  Dr E said to keep on with what I'm doing, and in six months we may be reducing my BP meds, and after that, taking me off them altogether.


Can we say incentive to stick with the Paleo diet going forward? 


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