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Discovered a great new lunch/ dinner meal


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Hope this is Whole30 appropriate but I put together a great tasting mini bite meal using the following:


Organic Cucumbers

Guacamole Spicy Mix from Whole Foods

Sliced Organic Mango or Pineapple



1. Tuna Salad prepared w/ Paleo Mayo, grapes, hard-boiled egg and celery, or:

2. Prosciutto



Slice cucumber wheels.

Spread a small amount of the spicy Guacamole sauce on the wheel.

Top with your choice of either small mango slice/ pineapple

Top mango w/ Protein (either Tuna Fish salad, Prosciutto or other appropriate proteins)


I've finished it off with either a small slice of olives, pickles..


Very good and easy to make.






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