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Inhale Whole30 Exhale Old Habits - Simple!


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Hi Healthy Travellers

I'm Shayleigh a budding Kinesiologist from Brisbane Australia. I am looking to realign my eating habits, educate myself on the benefits of this lifestyle, use myself as a successful case study to better educate my clients suffering nutritional deficiencies & allergy/intolerance symptoms.

I have recently turned 30 & am happy to call myself a "30 year old woman" Doesn't it sound so sophisticated, stable & rich with knowledge? ha yes I have hints of those traits but am looking forward to becoming empowered by the Whole30 Health Journey.

I am nervous as my will power for the 'right choice' has failed in the past when it comes to sugar cravings, so I am hoping with our reciprocal encouragement we can help each other achieve success!

Good luck & I look forward to chatting again a soon.

x S

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Hi Shaleigh, good luck with it all. I'm also from Brisbane and on Day 12 today.

I'm not too far ahead of you but if you have any trouble sourcing particular foods let me know and I might be able to help.


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