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Day one, feeling great so far, but with some baggage.

Rebekah U

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I am a little nervous as I jump back into Paleo full force. I did it a few years ago and it turned dark. I was going through two back-to-back early term miscarriages and the horrible depression that went along with those. I ended up using the auto-immune protocol to attack myself and basically stopped eating. It was awful. Then I stopped all together and have eaten anything and everything since then. I tried WW for a while, but could not afford the meetings and was not really into it. I don't like eating junk food and calling it healthy as long as I'm losing weight. I am ready to focus on healthy foods, moving my body, and learning to appreciate all the gifts this life has to offer. If I happen to lose weight along the way, that's great. But to me, the focus is all about what I am gaining on this journey. I am working on increasing my energy. I am looking forward to learning new recipes. I already bought a new vegetable that I've never cooked before! I am increasing my organizational skills by preplanning menu ideas and getting lots of food prepped and ready to throw into a meal. These are all wonderful things that I know this program will give me. And that's what I need to think about through this process.

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