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Whole 30 - Day 2!!


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Today is day 2 for me and I'm excited to do this again (last time was a year ago and it was amazing!).  


I knew my diet was pretty bad before I started this again, but does anyone know if its normal to feel crummy so soon?  Sugar cravings I could understand, but I am starving with no reason to be to the point of being nauseated.  Anyone else going through this?  


I know it will pass - just seems early to be feeling so rough.  

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If you're starving then eat more!

I was fine on day one, famished on day two, & learned my lesson on day three - I'm amazed at how much food I can put away in one sitting and still not feel bloated, so I'm guessing you're just not eating enough? Are you following the meal template?

Re the feeling crummy - the worse your diet was pre-whole30 it stands to reason that the worse the first few days will be for you as your body adjusts to the lack of sugar...

Stick at it - it'll pass!

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