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  1. jmcbn

    Rice reaction?

    Sounds like it's maybe oral allergy syndrome. It's not particularly common, but with a rice allergy/intolerance there tends to be a sort of histamine reponse like you describe. Did you ever get hives...?
  2. Nut butter as a preWO will work. Egg whites as postWO maybe on the days that you train if you're not eating them on other days....? Other than that for a VEGAN (I'm highlighting this so others don't think this recommendation is for EVERYONE!!) quinoa is a pseudo grain and unlike other plant based proteins is a complete protein so probably a good postWO option.
  3. jmcbn


    The recommendation is for a maximum of two fist sized servings per day, with, or immediately after a meal - primarily because of it's impact on blood sugar, and because it feeds the sugar dragon, prolonging cravings, and preventing fat adaptation when eaten on it's own. That said, this is a recommendation, not a rule - technically you could eat ONLY fruit for 30 days and you could still say you've done a Whole30.
  4. Hey @hma64 & welcome to the forums... Sorry to hear you've been having such a time of it. Hopefully Whole30 will help re-balance your hormones, but in the mean time can I suggest you give Dr Jolene Brighten a follow if you're on instagram of Facebook? Her work is primarily in helping women 'recover' after using hormonal birth control so she will definitely have some articles of interest for you to read. A big part of the Whole30 recommendations of eating x3 template meals per day, the first within an hour of wakening, will go along way to helping your body heal, as will good sleep hygiene, meditation etc so you've definitely come to the right place - and hopefully we can help you along the way...
  5. jmcbn

    19 days W30 and still hungry

    It sounds to me like you are sensitive to something you are eating - quite possibly the sweet potatoes and/or avocado... A common symptom is that of feeling full & bloated, but then soon after feeling hungry. Can you give us a more detailed run down of what you have eaten over the past 3-4 days?
  6. jmcbn


    Fruit, when eaten on its own, can negatively impact blood sugar. Many people choose not to eat fruit at all. What digestion issues do you have that you feel eating fruit in this way will benefit it?
  7. jmcbn

    Early morning workout foods

    Perfect. Honestly, don't over think it. Everyone's body works a little differently so it's hard to give specifics. I ALWAYS trained fasted but found I really needed something preWO about 2wks in to my Whole30. These days I train at least three mornings a week before work & rarely take a preWO unless I waken ravenous. I never skip a postWO though, or breakfast! (And yes, breakfast is in addition to the postWO) Let us know how you get on!
  8. jmcbn

    Early morning workout foods

    Remember that your preWO meal ISN'T fuel for your workout. Your body won't process protein & fat fast enough to use it as fuel so soon so it's really only a signal to your body that fuel is forthcoming and so it's okay for it to burn through it's stores. Sweet foods like fruit WILL provide an immediate source of fuel which is why you want to avoid them. PreWO is just about the only occasion I'd recommend eating nut butter off of a spoon - it's classed as fat for Whole30 purposes and is fairly easy to handle early doors. Be wary of portion control though, and leave it off the menu at any other time of day. It usually takes around two weeks to get into fat burning mode provided you're eating according to the template so it should be enough to just get you over that hump. PostWO protein is something you won;t want to skip on though in terms of recovery.
  9. I feel your pain. Hontesly. I ate low FODMAP for about six months and kept a log of my reintroductions on here, although it's a bit rambly... Take a look at the infographic about half way down >this article< and eat from the green section only for a week, then try adding back some of the amber to increase your food choices.... if you're feeling adventurous try out some of the red and see how you go. I'm back eating pretty much everything these days, although I seldom eat fruit/nuts, and keep an eye on my 'load' Hope this helps!
  10. Hey @RAB If this is a very typical day for you then it's understandable that you might have some bloating as the items I've highlighted in purple would all be considered medium to high FODMAP foods, which when eaten in volume (or in combinations in one meal, or a few times throughout the day) can cause serious bloating & gas. You could add pretty much all nuts/nut butters to that list along with avocado & garlic for starters.... You could try cutting back on the high FODMAP veg & subbing with low FODMAP (eg. zuchinni, parsnips, white potato, eggplant, garlic infused oils, bok choi, spinach etc) and see how you go. I suspect the bloating will subside... Hope this helps :-)
  11. The other natural remedy that works fantastically IME (although I'm not sure why) is cabbage leaves. Place raw cabbage leaves around the breast where the blocked ducts are & change for fresh leaves every 2 hrs or so. The advice is to stop the cabbage treatment as soon as the ducts clear as it can also halt milk production.
  12. jmcbn

    Day 12, still feel tired and apathtic

    It's difficult to tell from this but I'm guessing you're not eating enough protein, and not nearly enough veg. Can you give us a run down of 3-4 days worth of meals so that we're better equipped to help you trouble-shoot? How long are you going between meals? Are you eating within an hour of wakening? Are you including any starchy veg at all? Potatoes, parsnips etc.? Are you salting your food?
  13. jmcbn

    Bowel problems Week 2

    I'd start with just the one meal and see how you feel. Bananas are also fairly starchy unless they're particularly ripe. They're also high in pectin acts like a binding agent - they're the B in the BRAT diet often recommended for people with diarrhea so I'd avoid those too for a few days...
  14. Actually there are. I'm in Ireland, there's Brenda Heske in Holland, and Sigga Ingadottir in Iceland if I recall correctly...!! And VIP Coach Mel Joulwan in Prague... And yes, we all offer online coaching as an option.....