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  1. I don't want to setp on @ladyshanny's toes here but to answer your questions as she may be at work: Ketosis is not the aim of Whole30 - fat adaptation is. The difference being that when fat adapted your body can switch between burning sugars and fats for fuel. Ketosis is a whole different kettle of fish. Potatoes are not the enemy. In fact we recommend around a fist sized serving of starchy veg per day. However, it's always good to eat a variety of veg so sticking with potato is cheating yourself out of other valuable nutrients so we always recommend mixing the starch sources up - sweet potato, beets, parsnips, winter squash.... they're all good. Be sure to include plenty of other non starchy veg too though - eat the rainbow...!! HOWEVER, if you are particularly sedentary, or have issues with blood sugar then we'd recommend you restrict the starches to every other day as starch is another form of sugar and it may impact blood sugar and/or fat adaptation when eaten in volume. Hope this helps
  2. Good work on the planned & actioned tweaks... Just as an aside, even though these are compliant they are adding to your fruit intake and are about as close to candy as you'll get on a Whole30. Any type of bar like this should be treated as an emergency food, but in my mind if you can plan for an emergency you can plan to have real food - and protein & fat are always going to be your best option. Maybe boil a few extra eggs? Or have some jerky to hand for is you need something in between meals? Just a thought.... Let us know how you get on!
  3. Also this. A quick google shows me Kind contain soy, glucose, rice & honey for starters...
  4. Hey there & welcome to the forums... It looks to me like you're short on protein, short on veg, short on fat, and eating a lorra lorra fruit... The recommendation is for a maximum of two fist servings of fruit per day. Many people choose not to eat fruit at all as it tends to not help with cravings, and it certainly doesn't help with fat adaptation either. Protein wise, when eggs are the only source in your meal you want to be aiming for as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand. Three is generally a good starting point. I'm a 5'2" female and I can hold 4 or even 5 when particularly hungry! I'd hazard a guess that the reason you are not hungry is because you are topping up on the natural sugars contained in the fruit & bars you're eating between meals & throughout the day. And don't take this the wrong way but many people mis-read their bodies signals, especially in the early days - the fact you're not hungry could well be due to a hormonal imbalance which will only be perpetuated by not eating the proteins & fats that you need. You're also eating breakfast almost two hours after wakening. We'd recommend you eat within an hour to help kick start the metabolism & allow cortisol levels to drop which in turn will help balance out the other hormones. Is there anyway you can eat before leaving the house? PostWO you want to aim for a lean protein and an optional starchy carb depending on the intensity of your WO. Fats will slow down absorption of nutrients & prevent muscle protein synthesis so stick with the egg white but not the yolk, and ditch the orange which will preferentially replace liver glycogen when you want to be replacing muscle glycogen if necessary. Basically I think if the volume of your ACTUAL meals is bigger & closer to template, and your postWO is adequate, you'll not find the need for all that fruit which really is doing you no favours. Hope this helps
  5. Oops

    Go back to Whole30 eating until such times as any symptoms subside (although personally I'd wait about a week), then re-try the legumes - or even just the soy - and see how you go. Then if all is okay go ahead with the remainder of your reintros. Hope this helps.
  6. Evening Workout Routine

    Yeah, if I ate an egg 15mins before my workout I'd bring it back up again, but I suppose it depends on the individual. I'd be inclined to ramp up the protein in fat at dinner, and stick with non starchy veg, then maybe add some starchy veg in with the chicken postWO - depending on the intensity work-out - but it MAY aide sleep with the work out being so close to bed time.
  7. I'd stick with trialling the foods you know to be problematic, and not being too concerned with the others in that group if they haven't caused issue so far. Not everyone who is nightshade or FODMAP sensitive has issues with all foods in those groups. Bear in mind that very often the problems arise with 'load' so be wary of over-doing it with any of the problematic foods, or combining to many of them in one meal, or even in one day... Good luck!
  8. Hey there & welcome to the forums Can I ask what veg are causing him issue? Has he eliminated everything that he believes to be problematic? Is he keeping a food log?
  9. Historically days 9,10 & 11 are pretty tough and when most people give up. That said not everyone finds it that tough once they get into the swing of things. Instead of focusing on a day that you might find tough how about re-framing it and use this 'special meal' once you get through those days so you have something to focus on during the tough times? Just a thought... <shrug>
  10. legumes and insomnia

    Yeah, I'd always be inclined to recommend breaking down the legume reintro to allow for specific peanut & soy days as both are highly problematic/allergenic.
  11. 93/7 ground beef

    I assume the 93/7 refers to the fat content? It's not essential that you eat grass-fed meat, just preferable. When it's NOT grass-fed just be sure to cook off any fat as that's where any potential toxins will be stored, and then add another fat source to your meal. In short? Yes. Hope this helps.
  12. Coconut causing problems?

    Yep, there IS such a thing as >salicylate sensitivity< It's not beyond the realms of possibility that you have developed a sensivity, or were already intolerant... Hope this helps.
  13. Canola oil

    Canola oil is permitted for eating out so you're not completely restricted, but is out for using at home, so if you're buying a store bought mayo made with canola oil to use at home for instance that would be out as there are other, better options available.
  14. Is cornflour allowed pls?

    I'm assuming this is the coconut collaborative one if you're in the UK? Try CoYo - it's compliant - but more for using in marinades or making dips etc rather than eating with fruit/nuts. Hope this helps
  15. Popcorn

    Frank's Hot Sauce is Whole30 compliant and packs a fairly hefty sodium punch - great with eggs!!