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  1. >THIS< is the absolute best list for low FODMAPers - scroll down the web page to see the full traffic light system list and eat off of the green section only. The Monash University have also developed a low FODMAP app available for download which a lot of folk find very helpful. Hope this helps.
  2. jmcbn

    Recent Total Colectomy

    I'd be inclined to say you should wait. I'm sure you are aware that over exposure to any food can result in an intolerance/sensitivity resulting in the need for elimination - this would only restrict your food choices further. Maybe stick with healing foods like bone broth for now and build up your options before starting... Hope this helps.
  3. jmcbn

    Help! Akward topic...diarrhea

    Can you give us a run down of what the last say 3-4 days of food/liquid intake have looked like for you? That way we'll be better equipped to help...
  4. jmcbn

    What's for dinner?

    Absolutely - it's the law!!
  5. jmcbn

    What's for dinner?

    King prawn coconut curry, with a side of roasted artichokes, dill pickles & a few cherry tomatoes - low key for the most part but the protein I'd planned ahead, which for me is usually enough to keep me from making poor choices....!!
  6. jmcbn

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    I think that provided you do the reintroductions as written, develop a food plan that works for you whilst sticking to the three template meals, and you don't go back to eating foods that cause you issue, that your hormones should continue to rebalance. The reintroduction phase is as important, if not more so than your 30 days. Good luck with TTC - I know what a minefield it can be....
  7. jmcbn

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    Unless you went particularly low carb & entered ketosis which can *sometimes* effect ovulation (although unlikely in such a short time) I'd say it's unlikely that eating healthy, wholesome, nutritious foods would prevent ovulation. Inflammatory foods, low fat low cal diets & random meal times play havoc with hormones. Whole30 serves to rebalance them. As you'll have seen in this thread & others Whole30 can & often does effect the cycle, but things do fall into place...
  8. jmcbn


    White potatoes are a nightshade and a very problematic food. Sweet potatoes are a FODMAP - totally different food group and more inclined to cause digestive issues rather than headaches. I'd remove the white potatoes first since they are often linked with headaches... Since nutrition is cumulative, and food sensitivities are often linked to 'load,' something like Whole30 (where there can be a vast increase in consumption of certain foods if there is not a lot of variety in meals from day to day) may result in 'over-exposure' to problematic foods - which then leads to symptoms such as this. Hope this helps.
  9. jmcbn


    This was my gut instinct when I read your meals. You're eating starchy veg at every meal, potatoes twice - that's A LOT. I'd start by cutting out the potatoes, and salting your food to see how you go from there. Nutrition is cumulative so it's not beyond the realms of possibility that it would take until now to manifest. Let us know how you get on...! ETA: The salt doesn't have to be iodised - I favour pink himalayan.
  10. jmcbn

    My sleep is totally messed up

    Be wary of taking melatonin long term as it can inhibit the body's ability to produce melatonin on it's own which is why you won't find us recommending it on the forums. I understand if you were feeling sleep deprived though - there's nothing worse
  11. Is it damp where you are?? I have arthritis in my right toe joint and right thumb joint and I find the pain flares up more when the weather is damp... Just a thought!
  12. I've always used my some of my previous brew as the starter for my next batch, and yes for my hotels too - I occasionally top up the hotels with fresh tea though.
  13. Yeah, I'd have expected to see at least *some* improvement in 30 days.... How's your gut health? Are you taking probiotics? Drinking Kombucha? Etc....?
  14. Personally I'd break them down @littleg In any food group there are usually those that can be tolerated better than others so you may be able to find some that you can add to your food rotation at least occasionally.... Potatoes I'd try with & without skins too as the skin seems to be an issue for some. Good luck!