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  1. Red Yeast Rice supplements

    I'm going to say no (unless this is prescribed by your Dr of course) Yes, it's been exposed to 'beneficial mold' but ultimately it's still a grain, which is off limits. Think of it in the same terms as greek yoghurt which contains beneficial bacteria but is still off limits because ultimately it is dairy. Hope this helps.
  2. Chia

    Chia seeds are fine, but as with all nuts & seeds should be eaten in moderation due to their skewed omega 3 to 6 ratios and their inflammatory properties. Try to stick to no more than a closed handful of nuts amd/or seeds every other day. Hope this helps :-)
  3. Headaches

    Hey @Amyemm - can you list out what you ate for the last 3-4 days to see if we can't help you out? Headaches can come from a number of things so it's hard to comment without some idea of what you've been eating. Please v=be clear about veg types, portion sizes of protein as they relate to the size of your palm, and how much fat you are eating at each meal. You say you are drinking a lot of water, but are you salting your food? How is your sleep? Do you have any cramps?
  4. Crockpot/Instant Pot Recipes

    Hey @skyhill412 - crockpot & instapot recipes have been discussed at length on the forum. The best way to search is via Google. Try typing 'Whole30 slow cooker' or 'Whole30 Instapot' into Google and see what you come up with
  5. I hit a plateau.

    One thing I'd add here - your work-outs, are they the same all the time? Because setting nutrition aside the body adapts very quickly to exercise which is why many coaches will work in 6wk cycles, maybe focusing on strength for the first six weeks, then switching to a more metabolic conditioning type of work out for the second cycle,. then maybe a third cycle of combining the two..... Just as you need variety in your diet in order to reach a full complement of nutrients, so do you also need a variety of exercise & movement in order for the body to feel the full benefits.
  6. Hey @libchick Can you list out 3-4 days worth of your food log to see if we can't help you figure this out? I'd be reluctant to start any reintroductions until things have settled down for you...
  7. Technically you don't have to have a separate day for the reintroduction of alcohol, although many choose to do so. The standard reintroduction protocol would be: Day 1 legumes Day 4 non gluten grains Day 7 dairy Day 10 gluten grains That said, even if you'd allowed yourself 15 days, and DID do a separate day for alcohol, you could easily have a reaction to any of those food groups & your reintroduction would have to be put on hold while your body got back to it's new 'normal'...
  8. Day 16 and Tiger TIRED...

    Hey @djmagain & welcome to Whole30 You look pretty low on fat to me. You need fat for brain health and often a lack of it can lead to headaches & a low mood. You also need fat for energy, so it stands to reason that a lack of it will leave you feeling tired. I always find the more solid fats work best for me, so maybe try adding a little more to each template meal, and then see if you can't ditch that mid afternoon apple which won't be helping with fat adaptation or energy levels due it's impact on your blood sugar. The additional fat will help with satiety & make ditching the snack a lot easier...
  9. Day 22 and Still Unsure

    The Whole30 lowFODMAP shopping list is really just a modified version of the original shopping list, and some of the items they 'allow' would be fine when eaten in moderation, but once there's an issue there they really need to be excluded to allow the gut to heal, and then reintroduced later down the line. I always refer people to >this list< (not the snapshot at the top of the page, scroll to about half way down the page) when they need to go low FODMAP as it breaks things down much more clearly. In terms of fat don't forget fattier cuts of meat such as brisket, and then you've things like ribs, chicken wings/thighs with the skin on, compliant bacon, clarified butter/ghee, and of course olives. If FODMAPs are the issue you should start to feel improvement quite soon after excluding them. If you don;t come back to us and we can take a look at your food again and see if anything else jumps out....
  10. Food that doesn't need Refrigeration

    So you'll be home in between each shoot? To be honest I'd think about actual meals rather than snacks - and pretty much anything will work, but espcially roasted chicken & roasted veg, or some cold meats & salad. I carry my food to work every day & it sits at my desk for a good 6-7hrs without refrigeration & without consequence - I don't even bother to reheat my meals either unless it's a soup. I can't abide cold soup Unless it's particularly hot where you are? But even then you should be fine with pre-packed meals in a cool bag...
  11. New to whole30

    Ok, so a serving of eggs when they are your only source of protein in a meal would be the number of WHOLE eggs you can hold in one hand. Most females can manage 3-4. Remember that the 1-2 palms is a range. If you're hungry, then eat more. Protein & fat are going to provide the best satiety so I'd start by adding a little more protein & fat to each meal & see how you go from there. Fat wise what you're using to cook with will mostly stay in the pan so feel free to add something extra to the plate - olives, avocado, a drizzle of oil/ghee, some coconut cream - a little of what you fancy - fat is your friend here Veg will provide bulk/fibre and help you to feel full so make sure you;re getting a good variety at each meal. And MANY people mistake thirst for hunger, so make sure you're getting the recommended 1/2 an ounce of water per pound of body weight daily. If those work outs are intense don;t forget to add in some additional postWO protein. Let us know how you're getting on...............
  12. New to whole30

    Hey @Tazzo & welcome to Whole30 How much protein are you eating as it related to the size of your palm? What are you eating in terms of fat? Are you filling your plate with veg? Are you active? And if so, are you including pre and/or postWO meals?
  13. What are you typically eating @52&needtochange? It's difficult to suggest any tweaks without knowing a little more detail...
  14. Electrolytes and Cramps

    Are you salting your food? Taking a magnesium supplement? Eating foods rich in potassium such as avocado & bananas?
  15. Headache for days

    How much fat are you eating at each meal? Are you eating a lot of white potatoes?