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Jessica's Pre-27th Birthday Whole30


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Hi All!

I decided to start a Whole30 exactly 30 days before I turn 27. What better way to kick off my "late 20s", right?

(I made it to 24 days on the August Whole30 and now I am determined to get a clean 30 days. I also did a full Whole30 a few years ago and still feel it is the best thing I have ever done for myself)

I am going to use this thread as my log. I like keeping a log - not because I am a control freak or obsessed with the details, I just find it's very useful to look back and analyze if needed. (e.g. reading my log after a recent psoriasis flare-up suggested I was probably eating too much red meat and eggs)

Feel free to comment.

I plan to post starting stats later tonight or tomorrow.



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Day 1

B - coffee, coconut milk, homemade protein bar

L - tuna salad made w/ homemade OO mayo, roasted green bell pepper, lettuce

D - roasted boneless, skinless turkey breast, mashed sweet potato, some kind of veg

WOD - handful of cherries, lunch class @ gym (stations were sled, bands, push ups, ropes, ball slam, jump rope, rows, few others I'm forgetting)

I found it surprisingly difficult to turn down a piece of gum after my coffee this morning. Might try switching to mint tea instead.

Can't wait to pick up my CSA!

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Day 2

B - coffee, coconut milk, 2 egg scramble with homemade bruschetta

L - Aidell's garlic artichoke sausage and chopped apple

D - pork chops with creamy cilantro marinade/sauce, steamed mixed veggies w/ olive oil

WOD - rest day

Day 3

B - black coffee, 2 poached eggs, sauteed spinach

L - post-WO handful of almonds, black coffee

D - smoked salmon with capers, sole francaise (I am concerned that there may have been flour in the sauce but the waiter insisted there was not)

WOD - kickboxing, maxed out on pullups

Late night snack - almonds and apple

Day 4 (Sun.)

B - BP coffee

L - apple, almonds, tuna salad made w/ homemade mayo, green bell peppers

D - Salmon and cucumber salad

WOD - rest

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Day 5 (Mon.)

B - BP coffee, 3 poached eggs, steamed broccoli

L - Lemon Larabar. Not a good choice, I know, but I was pissed at BF and was so tempted to eat crap and figured this was the next best thing. At least they are a compliant.

D - nothing, really. Just in a bad mood and cooking up a storm, but couldn't bring myself to eat. Had some BLTs of homemade tomato sauce.

Excited for my order of Primal Pacs. Spent most of the afternoon/night in the kitchen. Made eggplant lasagna for BF(soooo wanted to try it - what is it about ricotta cheese???), homemade tomato sauce (quite laborious, I must say), grilled some chicken, cut up lettuce for lunches this week.

Definitely not a good day, diet or mood wise, but at least I stayed compliant. Tomorrow will be better.

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Day 6 (Tues.)

B - coffee w/ coconut milk, tea around 10:30

L - romaine, grilled chicken, 4 large olives, homemade ranch

D - broiled halibut (S&P, coconut oil) with summer squash soup and steamed green beans (S&P, OO)

WOD - pre-WO almonds and dried apricots, group circuit (push ups, burpees, planks, squats, lunges, jump rope, back press)

I was tired this morning but probably because I only got 5 hours of sleep. Randomly contemplating giving up coffee. It feels a little too habitual. Maybe I'll skip it tomorrow? I need to start getting my a$$ out of bed and cooking breakfast in the morning.

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Ugh. My coworker who is aware of my Whole30 asked why I won't even have artificial sweeteners (gum, specifically). She literally rolled her eyes at my answer, gave me the "are you serious?" look. For the record my answer was along the lines of... counterproductive against the breaking of bad habits, provides no nutrition or health benefits whatsoever, I really don't need to be chewing all the time, artificial sweeteners are chemicals and could possibly cause bad health effects, etc.

What is wrong with only wanting to put REAL food in my body!? Why don't people get it!? Is it so bad to cut out foods that were created by scientists in a LAB???

Definitely not helping my cranky mood today.

Ok, rant over.

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Day 7

B - coffee w/ coconut milk

L - tuna salad made with homemade mayo, romaine, 4 greek olives, kiwi

D - ground turkey with homemade tomato sauce and mushrooms, cucumber salad with O&V

WOD - pre-WO - small handful of pistachios and 3 dried apricots. spin class (took it easy for recovery - actually kind of sore from my workout yesterday)

Got crazy lethargic last night around 9:30. Almost felt like a carb flu. Woke up feeling cranky this morning. Just ordered Lunch Bots. Super excited about those. I wish I could buy one of everything they have but I think I'll have to transition all of my storage containers to stainless steel over time. I like it because they have stainless steel containers with BPA-free plastic lock lids. Perfect. I wonder when my Primal Pacs will get here???

I recently cut out red meat and replaced it with fish (for my psoriasis). Is there such thing as eating too much fish? I opted to splurge and get the wild caught, sustainable canned tuna from Wegman's ($2/can, still cheap protein). It's pretty good but it's “light†meat and I prefer the solid white. Made more mayo last night. God that stuff is great. I don't know why my energy levels are so low today. I feel a little foggy. I don't see why I'd be getting carb flu. Maybe I'm not eating enough. Will pack more food tomorrow. Caved in and had a coffee with a smidge of coconut milk at 4:30.

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Day 8

B - coffee w/ CM. annoyed because I meant to eat breakfast (leftovers) and it slipped my mind because I was running late. I'll try again tomorrow.

L - lemon garlic chicken, romaine lettuce, greek olives, peach

D - seared scallops with tomato cilantro salsa, leftover summer squash soup, several bites leftover turkey meat sauce from Tues night.

WOD - small handful pistachios, 3 dried apricots, half sweet potato, lunchtime tone - class kicked my a$$

Ran some errands after work and got superrrr hungry, caved and had a mini Larabar at Target around 6:30.

Day 9

B - half sweet potato, 2 scrambled eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg on both

L - chicken breast, mixed greens, walnuts, shredded carrots, OO & balsamic, half peach

D - chicken shawarma with some kind of veg

WOD - rest

Decided not to put any salt on my breakfast, didn't miss it. Decided I might benefit from cutting back on salt in general. I don't think I've been using too much, it's just eye-opening when you realize how much salt goes into everything when you're adding it yourself. Although you have no idea how much salt is really in packaged foods, so I'm sure I'm fine.

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Day 10

B - ½ c. chicken salad with homemade mayo, half peach

L - 2 egg scramble with nutmeg, homemade tomato sauce

D - pulled pork over romaine salad with vinaigrette, half peach and macadamia nuts

WOD - kickboxing, pre-WO mini apple pie Larabar

My Lunchbots came!!! Yay. I absolutely love them.

Day 11 (Sun.)

B - spinach and egg omelette, tomato sauce

L - pulled pork over romaine salad with vinaigrette

D - chicken tenders with lemon sauce, caesar salad, apple with almond butter (from wegmans - to dieeee for)

WOD - 50 laps

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Day 12

B - breakfast casserole (sweet potato, ground chicken, onion, egg), 2 slices cantaloupe, coffee with coconut milk

L - salad with chicken, radish, O&V, black coffee

D - Broiled salmon, homemade “cream†of mushroom soup

WOD - core strength class, pre-WO mini Larabar

Where are my Primal Pacs!? Lunch really didn't tide me over. Mom jokingly asked me if I'm anorexic. I still felt a bit hungry right after eating, and now just straight-up hungry at 2:30 (only 1.5 hours later). Felt a little lightheaded at the gym. Definitely didn't eat enough.

Day 13

B - breakfast casserole with Frank's Red Hot, coffee w/ CM

L - tuna salad stuffed bell pepper, cantaloupe

D - chipotle salad with double carnitas and guac... yummm

WOD - PWS mini Larabar, circuit class

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Three words: "Ice Cream Social"

They have it every year in my office building. "Tenant Appreciation", they call it. I decided to go downstairs to the lobby today and check it out, innocently thinking that there MIGHT be some kind of fruit or nuts or SOME kind of real food. Part of me wondered if I would be tempted or feel left out in some way. I definitely was neither, not even close. Ice cream: Yes, it's yummy and I will be fair and say that I definitely would have enjoyed having some, but I'm already over it. What bothered me was looking around and witnessing what is so normal in the Standard American Diet, and taking another look at the "food" I never used to think twice about before eating:

There were...

Sprinkles - aren't they made out of plastic?

CANDIED walnuts - why ruin an already-delicious thing? like... WHY?

Sweetened coconut flakes - same comment as above

Maraschino cherries - red food coloring and corn syrup? Yay!

Whipped cream - sugar, sugar, sugar (sometimes I wonder if they know how delicious it is without sugar)

When you really think about it, all of these toppings (except for maybe the sprinkles) are just a bastardized version of REAL food. Fake, tainted, processed, GROSS.

How freaking delicious would a bowl of raw walnuts, unsweetened coconut flakes and fresh cherries be? I would be over the moon for that right now.

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Day 14

B - coffee with CM, chamomile tea at 11am

L - breakfast casserole, spinach salad with O&V, 4 dried apricots, 6 walnut halves, 2 slices cantaloupe

D - bratwurst and sauerkraut, green beans

WOD - PWS mini Larabar, spin

I think the size of my lunch today was perfect. Trying to eat more during the day = success. I feel perfectly satiated. I'll try to note what time I feel hungry again. I am considering doing personal training at the gym... it's just so expensive. There is a 10% off deal right now, but that's not much. I'm not sure if it's the weather or what, but I just feel so GOOD. I have so much energy. I feel good about everything I'm putting in my body. Food should not make you feel like crap when you eat it. This is becoming so much more than just losing weight.

Day 15

B - peppermint tea and breakfast casserole

L - casserole and spinach salad with O&V, 4 dried apricots, walnuts

D - pork chops, roasted beets, peach, almond butter (aka CRACK), 2 dried apricots, 6 macadamias

WOD - rest

Felt kind of fat this morning. Probably all the salt from dinner last night. I did eat 2.5 brats after all. Skipping the coffee this morning to see how I feel. So far so good, but it's only 9am. I definitely need to spice up this breakfast casserole the next time I make it. Maybe crushed red pepper, different veggies. I purposely went light on the salt, but it's still just too bland. I also want to try to make homemade Larabars. They're just too darn expensive! Although I wonder if making them at home would even be cost-effective?

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Day 16

B - last of the casserole (thank goodness)

L - ground turkey stir fry (celery, onion, carrots, spices), peach

D - chicken thigh sauteed in olive oil, wilted spinach, primal pac

WOD - core class, no PWS

Feeling kind of bloated in the mid-section, not a feeling I'm used to anymore. More than half way through!

Day 17

B - egg scramble with peppers and onions

L - primal pac, half peach, half apple, chicken thigh

D - Greek restaurant - gyro over green salad, grilled octopus, both with lemon and OO

WOD - 8 mile hike

It felt good to eat dinner out. Not 100% sure if the gyro meat was compliant, but I doubt there was anything sneaky in it. I felt fine after eating.

Day 18

B - leftover turkey stir fry with celery and carrots, herbal tea

L - dried apricots, guac, spring mix, chicken leg, almond butter, half apple, green tea

D - turkey stir fry, romaine, O&V, 1 date, 1 fig, 1 piece watermelon

WOD - rest

Lunch was too much of a grazing situation - I should try to avoid doing that (old habits)

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Wow! Haven't updated this in a while.

Day 18

B - leftover turkey stir fry with celery and carrots, herbal tea

L - dried apricots, guac, spring mix, chicken leg, almond butter, half apple, green tea

D - turkey stir fry, romaine, O&V, 1 date, 1 fig, 1 piece watermelon

WOD - rest

Day 19

B - 2 poached eggs, smoked salmon, black coffee

L - romaine salad, chicken breast, 6 almonds, 2 dates, cantaloupe

D - baked mahi with garlic sauce (ghee, olive oil, hot sauce), steamed broccoli, half LB

WOD - PWS half LB, tone class

VERY energized this morning. Probably the coffee. Decided life is just much more enjoyable with coffee in it. Probably means I SHOULD give it up, but... yeah, not now.

Day 20 (Tues.) 134.2

B - black coffee

L - tuna stuffed pepper, trail mix (6 mac, 6 almonds, 6 walnuts, 1 date, 1 fig), 4 chunks cantaloupe

Snack - LB

D - half sweet potato, 6oz. strip steak, half LB

WOD - rest

Day 21

B - black coffee

L - ½ c. egg salad, half roasted pepper, primal pac

D - broiled shrimp over caesar salad, watermelon

WOD - rest

Day 22

B - black coffee

L - romaine salad, grilled chicken, walnuts, O&V

D - pork pot roast, green beans, watermelon

WOD - PWS half LB, ¼ c. egg salad, lunchtime tone

Day 23

B - black coffee

L - romaine salad, grilled chicken, walnuts, O&V, apple, almond butter (aka crack)

D - slow cooker drumsticks, spinach, LB, pistachios, almonds, macadamias (kind of a nut binge... oops)

WOD - rest

Day 24

B - BP coffee

L - chicken tenders, tomato sauce, apple, almond butter

D - tilapia seared in coconut oil, garlic mojo sauce, mixed greens, 6 dried cherries

WOD - 30 min elliptical

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Jessica, I love reading your log. You are truly an inspiration. I really appreciate your comments about the Ice Cream Social.

But I have a question, and I really hope you will respond to it.

What are Primal Pacs and what is CSA?

I have seen people post about CSA but I have no idea what it is.

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Hi Nancy! Thank you so much for following my log!!!

Those are some really good questions.

First, Primal Pacs are these really awesome snack packs that are made by a company in Seattle. They come in single serving pouches and contain grass-fed beef jerky, nuts and dry fruit. They are Whole30 compliant, and absolutely delicious. You can only buy them online I think. Here is the website: http://www.primalpacs.com/

They are a little pricey, so it was a splurge, but I recently ordered 10 small pacs for $35. They are the perfect size snack for hiking or a meal on the go. I definitely recommend them!

I am also glad that you asked about the CSA. I actually have a website that is under construction, but I already wrote an article on what a CSA is. You can find the article here: http://paleodietandm...d-i-join-a-csa/

Once again, thank you so much for your support and calling me an "inspiration" - it means so much to me!

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask! I am sorry I didn't respond sooner.


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Day 25

B - smoked salmon, 2 eggs, half grapefruit

L/D - grass fed beef sliders with tahini sauce over salad, red onion, watermelon

WOD - rest

Day 26

B - pepper and onion egg scramble

L - chicken lime burger from Trader Joe's with tahini sauce, watermelon

D - pork chop, roasted cauliflower with OO, tahini sauce, unsweetened applesauce, handful pistachios, 3 dried cherries

WOD - PWS Larabar, core class

Probably ate too much fruit today....

Day 27

B - black coffee

L - chicken lime burger, salad, O&V, dried cherries, almonds, apple

D - roasted chicken, sweet potato, applesauce

WOD - tone class, pws half Larabar (gosh they are so good)

Day 28

B - black coffee

L - chicken salad with leftover chicken, homemade mayo, hot sauce, salad with O&V

D - broiled salmon, broccoli, pistachios, melon

WOD - spin, pws half Larabar apple

Day 29

B - half LB, black coffee

L - mixed fruit, salad with tandoori chicken, pistachios, dried cranberries, pears and grapes, coffee

D - chipotle salad with carnitas and guacamole

WOD - total body class

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I can't believe tomorrow is my last day!!! I honestly thought I still had a few days left, and ironically, the Whole30 Daily - Day 28 article that I didn't have time to read yesterday said "Three days and counting! Or maybe you're feeling so good, you've lost track of the days. (We hope that's the case!)"

---And it's true! My energy seems unstoppable these days. I really feel like this is not just 30, or 60, or X amount of days - I want this to be my lifestyle. I asked my BF - would you mind if we still keep eating like "this" - and he said "Absolutely".

I had a really important business meeting today for which I have been preparing for almost 2 months, so I had trouble falling asleep last night and had to get up really early this morning. We had lunch catered for the meeting and I managed to stay compliant and then work out after work - incredible! Any other time in my life - a busy day like this would mean making poor food choices and skipping the gym - but not today. The "boundless energy" claims that I've read about doing the Whole30 have really come true for me. I couldn't be happier.

Saturday is my 27th birthday and I couldn't be MORE ready and excited for the next year of my life.

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